Sam’s Club Membership

Sam’s club is one of the most popular warehouse retailers in the US. Sam’s Club sells most of its products in bulk to the customers, and Since Sam’s Club is a members-only retail warehouse, you need Sam’s club membership to enjoy shopping benefits and other perks at Sam’s Club.

Sams Club Membership

Sam’s club membership is cheaper than its rivals Costco and BJ’s wholesale. It is necessary to shop at the warehouse, but membership is not required at Sam’s Club cafes, optical centers, and pharmacies because of federal laws in place.

Membership at Sam’s club

  1. Sam’s club-standard membership at $45 per annum.
  2. Sam’s club plus membership at $100 per annum.

Standard membership benefits

It is suitable for families. You can save by purchasing in bulk and also enjoy other benefits that include:

  • Sam’s Club membership at $45 per year+ 8 add-ons, where each Add-on costs $40. An add-on option allows you to add your family members too.
  • Instant savings on member-only prices.
  • Sam’s club Matercard allows you to save up to $5000 per year. You can earn a 5% return on gas and 3% on dining and travel if you shop with Sam’s Club MasterCard.
  • Get discounts on gas with members-only prices on fuel.
  • Free tire repair, battery testing, and free wiper-blade installation for members.
  • One free household membership on every sam’s club membership card.
  • Same-day delivery option for all members.

Plus membership benefits

Sam’s Club Plus membership is a suitable option for businesses because you can get bulk products at discounted prices and other perks such as free shipping and much more.

  • Plus membership at $100 per year and One free complimentary household membership with 16 Add-ons options at $40 each. Remember, the add-ons are not plus membership they are club-only membership.
  • Free shipping every day.
  • You can earn cash rewards up to $500 per year.
  • Shop as early as 8 am from Monday-Saturday before the crowd to get the best deals.
  • Savings on member-only prices.
  • Sam’s club MasterCard benefits (Same as a club-only membership benefit)
  • Exclusive discounts at Gas stations.
  • Exclusive Plus-membership discount on drug prescriptions and glasses at the optical center.
  • Free tire repair, battery testing, and wiper-blade installations.
  • Free same-day delivery throughout the year.

How to apply?

It is easy and instant to get. At the Club, you can apply for it online at, or you can visit any Sam’s Club location to get your membership card instantly.

  1. Create an account at online, apply for a membership, provide your details and become a member.
  2. Go to a Sam’s Club location, and you can apply for it at the desk and become an instant member.

How to shop without it?

Sam’s club is a members-only retail warehouse, but there are few items and services which Sam’s Club provides for everyone. So, even if you are not a member, you can enjoy shopping at Sam’s club.

  • One-day free pass: You can get Sam’s club’s one-day trial pass at any Sam’s Club location and enjoy shopping, but remember, you need to pay a service charge of 10% on all your purchases. You don’t have to pay service charges in California, Newyork, or San Antonio because of federal laws.
  • Alcohol, Prescription drugs, and optical services don’t require membership. You can enjoy these without being Sam’s club members.
  • Sam’s Club hosts an open house every year where non-members can shop and explore at Sam’s club. You need to inquire at your nearest Sam’s Club location or check online to know about an Open house. 
  • Ask a friend or a family member to add you as a complimentary member on their card. Every Sam’s club member can add one person to their card for free.
  • Shop at, you need to pay a 10% service charge for non-member online purchases.
  • Shop with a friend or family member who has a Membership-card. You can get your items billed with them and avoid service charges.

How can you save money with it?

  • Shopping in bulk helps you stock up and save money as bulk items are cheaper than individual items.
  • Use Sam’s club gift card to shop and save.
  • With fuel prices soaring high all over the world, with Sam’s club membership you can save a lot of money on fuel.
  • Buy member’s mark products at Sam’s club to get more discounts.
  • Free shipping every day.
  • If you dine out regularly, then use Sam’s Club gift cards to get discounts and dine out cheaply.


Sam’s club membership helps save money and buy products at your convenience. If compared with Costco and BJ’s, Sam’s club is cheaper and provides more perks. But if you live in Washington, Rhode Island, Alaska, or Massachusetts then, it is not worth the purchase because Sam’s Club locations are not located in these states. 

Frequently asked questions

1. What is Sam’s club membership for college students?

A. You can get a free $15 ecard when you join in it as a current college student.

2. What is Sam’s Club Military discount?

A.  All the US retired or current military personnel or their spouse can enjoy a $10 gift card when they join Sam’s club membership.

Sam’s Club Membership

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