Does Walmart Rent Floor Scrubbers?- Price of Floor Scrubbers


In this article, let’s know ‘Does Walmart Rent Floor Scrubbers?’

According to the reports, Walmart will not rent floor scrubbers in 2022 since so many of its items are offered for home use. According to my study, commercial scrubbers for floors and domestic items are available both online and in stores. In-store purchasing ranges from $30 to $5999. If you want to know why Walmart doesn’t rent scrubbers and where else you can get rid of them, read on.

Does Walmart Rent Floor Scrubbers?

Are you considering hiring a floor scrubber? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you where you can find it. So continue to read it.

If you don’t want to commit to a full purchase, you can rent floor scrubbers from Home Depot for roughly $30 per day. Floor scrubbers are also available for hire from Kwipped, Tennant, and Karcher. Steel scrub brushes are available for hire at Menards for $10 for the first four hours and 50 cents for each additional hour.

Price of Floor Scrubbers

Alternatively, buyers can rent a variety of floor scrubbers from specialty store Herc Rentals:

  • $135 per day for a 15-inch floor cleaner
  • 32-inch at $275 a day
  • 36-inch at $525 a day
  • 40-inch at $540 a day

Customers interested in low-duty floor scrubbers should expect to pay between $30 and $300. Third-party vendors provide industry-standard floor scrubbers for between $2,600 and $5,999.

The floor scrubbers sold by Walmart can remove filth from brick, carpet, ceramic, concrete, cork, hardwood, laminate, linoleum, marble, polished tile, rubber, slate, terrazzo, and vinyl surfaces.

Is it worth it to buy floor scrubbers from Walmart!

Yes, Walmart floor scrubbers are typically well-liked by customers. Customers have expressed their delight with the cleanliness of their houses after using the Ewbank Ep170 All-In-One Floor Scrubber, which is one of Walmart’s top sellers.

Another client favorite is the BFGS 5000 portable floor cleaning equipment. The machine’s ability to tackle grime on concrete, tiles and waxed floors has been lauded in reviews. You’ll get an extra set of cleaning brushes and pads for $259.78 online.

Walmart Doesn’t Rent Floor Scrubbers now

Walmart does not lease floor scrubbers to persuade consumers to buy their range. Go to your local shop or to locate a large selection of hard floor cleaners, including cordless, electric, and tiny floor scrubbers. While Walmart doesn’t rent flooring scrubbers, consumers may hire a carpet cleaner from much of their shops nationwide.

How convenient would it be for us to hire a floor sweeper from Walmart?

I don’t think it’s always practical to hire a floor cleaner because the expense of purchasing one is so expensive. On the other hand, while we are in use, we can rent a scrubber. By examining if it is in good shape, you can determine whether the cost is worthwhile.

By the way, we need to make it easy to buy and return the floor cleaner without causing any damage to it. Furthermore, getting a new scrubber will only last a few years before we need to replace it. So, if a floor cleaner is required, I recommend that you rent one.

Meanwhile, while hiring a floor cleaner, ensure that you hire the correct product and that it is not damaged. It is easier for us to purchase a floor cleaner from Walmart; nevertheless, this service will be unavailable at Walmart beginning in 2022.

Advantages of buying a floor scrubber from Walmart

1. A powerful walk behind a flooring scrubber can remove difficult filth, oil, and grime practically immediately. At the very same time, it must be dependable in terms of leaving a beautiful shine.

2. Shorter drying periods Before acquiring a business walk behind a floor cleaner, you should conduct an extensive study.

3. It is simple to use.

4. A machine that is simple to construct

5. Effective and efficient

6. It has a powerful motor.

7. Has a better power handling capability.

8. It has a strong motor.

9. It is built with a greater cleaning capacity.

10. The equipment is both efficient and effective.

11. A long-lasting machine

12. Stable control is provided by the sturdy build.

13. It has a high level of performance and durability.

14. It has a strong scrubbing action.

15. The machine features an ergonomic design that allows for simple mobility.

16. A floor scrubber that is low-profile

17. Completely detachable solution tank

18. Batteries are easily accessible for routine maintenance.

Disadvantages of buying a floor scrubber from Walmart

1. When compared to other competitors or models, the equipment is more costly.

2. The power wire entangles and interferes with the floor surface.

3. It is not the most affordable walk-behind floor cleaner on the market.

4 It’s possible that it won’t be available everywhere.


So, based on the findings above, I’d like to infer that Walmart no longer rents floor scrubbers to consumers. We can only buy in-store for $30 to $5999. Because of the increased demand for home items, they no longer hire floor scrubbers.


Does Walmart rent Scrubbers or not?

No, Walmart does not rent scrubbers from the year 2022 beginning. 

Is the quality of the floor scrubber good?

Yes, the quality of the product is extremely in good condition.

What is better, purchasing or renting a floor scrub for ourselves?

It is according to our needs, whether to purchase one for ourselves or to rent one.

Is the price worth renting a floor scrubber?

I guess you have to look at the product quality and condition and about the payment. If the product is damaged you can go for a new one.

Does Walmart Rent Floor Scrubbers?- Price of Floor Scrubbers

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