USPS Jewelry Shipping- USPS First-Class Package

USPS is one the best postal carriers to ship both nationally and internationally, but is it safe to ship jewelry? Most people are afraid of leaving such valuable packages in hands of any carrier, and not without reason. However, USPS offers more shipping options, usually unknown, that can keep your packages safe. Let’s know about USPS Jewelry Shipping.

USPS Jewelry Shipping

You can safely ship jewelry with USPS, even for an affordable price. You can also get your package extra secured if you purchase additional services from USPS, but these vary depending on the weight of your package. Continue reading to know which service is the best for you!

The Best Way To Ship With USPS

First of all, the price for shipping with USPS is determined based on the dimensions, weight, and destination of your package. The most determinant factor is weight, since packages under 16 ounces apply for shipping with USPS First Class Package, while packages over this weight can opt for Priority Mail Rate Envelope or Box. 

USPS First-Class Package 

  • The maximum weight is 15.999 ounces.
  • Delivery takes 1-3 days (nationally). 
  • You need to provide USPS with the box to send your jewelry. This has to be 22 x 18 x 15”.
  • Doesn’t include insurance, so you are encouraged to buy one for the package. 

Priority Mail Rate Envelope

  • You use an envelope provided by USPS, which does not guarantee a lot of protection for your jewelry, so you should wrap it carefully. 
  • Delivery takes 1-2 days.
  • Comes with shipping insurance (only up to $100).

Priority Mail Rate Box

  • USPS provides a cardboard box to put your jewelry. 
  • Delivery takes 1-2 days.
  • Comes with shipping insurance (only up to $100 too).

To choose one or another shipping method, you can ask yourself when do you need your package to be delivered, since Priority Mail is faster. 

How To Know Your Postage Price?

USPS has a postage price calculator that you can use to make yourself an idea of the cost of your shipment. Here is how it works:

  1. Go to
  2. Write the destination country of your package.
  3. Type your ZIP code.
  4. Type the ZIP code of the destination. 
  5. Write the time and date when you’re planning on sending your package. 
  6. Select if you’re mailing cremated remains, live animals, hazardous materials, or day-old poultry.
  7. Select if you’re package requires ground transportation.
  8. Choose a shipping method to calculate the price. You can choose between a postcard, flat rate envelope, or box.

What To Check Before Shipping Jewelry?

Some valuable tips to ship jewelry are:

  1. Wrap your items very carefully. You can save everything in the original jewelry box and wrap it.
  2. Put an extra layer of tissue or bubble wrap on the shipping box. Thus, your package won’t shift inside de box during transit. 
  3. Wrap the box with high-quality tape (clear, brown, or reinforced tape is recommended). Do not use any other wrapping material like cellophane or cord.
  4. Cover your package’s label with clear tape to prevent it from smearing. 
  5. NEVER write the word “fragile” or “Valuable” on the box. There is a higher chance of your package being stolen if you indicate that it’s expensive. 
  6. Deliver your package personally at your local post office.

Shipping Jewelry Abroad With USPS

USPS ships to almost every country, but if you look forward to shipping jewelry to a different country, consider that you may be subject to customs charges depending on the destination country. You may also face specific limitations. Some materials such as certain gems, for example, might be prohibited to be shipped to the country you wish to, so find this information in advance. 

Also, notice that USPS doesn’t internationally ship jewelry when the items cost more than $400. 

The international shipping services for jewelry, including their shipping time, are the following:

  • First-Class Package International – Takes a different time according to the country of destination and costs approximately $14.85.
  • Priority Mail Express International – takes 3-5 business days and costs $47.95.
  • Priority Mail International  – Takes 6-10 business days and costs $29.60.

All these services include international tracking. 

To learn more about specific requirements for shipping internationally, you may visit:


Shipping jewelry with USPS can be really helpful since there are different services you can choose from to be sure that your package will arrive safely. There’s the First-Class Package for items that weigh less than 16 ounces and the Priority Mail for items that exceed this weight. These services are also available for international shipping, except for items more valuable than $400. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When am I advised to buy insurance? 

When your package is worth more than $100. 

Can I add more insurance to the amount already provided by the shipping method?

In the case of Priority Mail, yes. You can add $10 extra or more through USPS. 

USPS Jewelry Shipping- USPS First-Class Package

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