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Student discounts are offers given to students by different companies for them to be able to purchase their goods and services at a reduced retail price. The company sets up terms and conditions that are to be followed for one to be eligible for the student discount, the percentage of discount to give to the students, any other benefit associated with the student discount, and the marketing strategy to use to ensure the students are aware of the discounts. United Airlines Student discount – let’s know. 

United Airlines Student discount

United Airlines offers students with MileagePlus accounts and United App and are between 18-22 years with student discounts whenever they book flights. The student discount in United Airlines is on promotion available for purchase until 30th June 2022 and the students can book their flights in advance. United Airlines reserves the right to grant or to dismiss the student discount to a student and the student must be able to provide proof of being a student between 18-22 years.  

Overview of United Airlines Student Discount 

Eligibility for United Airlines student account 

For one to be eligible to enroll for the United Airlines student account, one has to be between 18 to 22 years of age and be an active student enrolled in a college or university. The student should also be a MileagePlus member with a mileage plus account and have a United App.

How to benefit? 

For a student to benefit from the United Airlines student discount, they first have to have downloaded the United App from either Google Play or Apple store and install it in their personal computers, then sign into their MileagePlus account if they have one or sign up to create a MileagePlus account. The student then uses their account in the United App, selects Book and selects discounted travel, fills in the relevant travel information required, then searches for the available discounts available for your destination and confirms the flight. 

Benefits of United Airlines student discount 

  • The students benefit from the flights by paying the discounted travel fares with a minimum discount of 5% on United or United Express flights. This enables them to save every time they book their flights with United Airlines. 
  • The student also benefits by earning miles every time they book their flights with United Airlines student discounts that they can redeem for hotel booking, car rentals, purchasing goods on approved retail stores, purchasing e-gift cards, etc. 
  • The students benefit from cheap and affordable flights to various destinations within the USA and select destinations to either enjoy their vacations or visit family and friends. 
  • United Airlines benefits from offering student discounts by increasing the number of passengers booking flights with them increasing their bookings increasing income.
  • United Airlines also manages to get loyal customers who seek to benefit from the student discounts whenever they are traveling to holidays, to or from school and can also refer their family and friends who are students to also travel with United Airlines and enjoy the discounted student fares. 

Limitations to United Airlines student discount

  • The United Airlines student discount cannot be combined with MileagePlus rewards or other discounts to purchase a travel ticket. Hence a student can use the rewards for different ticket purchases or can redeem them for other eligible purchases.
  • Students below 18 years of age and above 22 years are not permitted to benefit from the student discount. Hence it is a requirement for the student to provide proof of age as it is in the MileagePlus Account for them to be allowed to use the ticket purchased using a student discount. 
  • Students cannot book a flight for a friend or a relative using the student discount in their Mileage Plus account. 
  • The students can only access the student discounts when using the United App as it is not available at www.united.com
  • The student discount flights are available for flights within the USA and to and from the selected destination when a student is using United or United Express flights. 
  • The United Airlines student discounts are only available for purchases of United Economy or Basic Economy seats.  


United Airlines student discount on flights offers the airlines an opportunity to increase the number of students booking flights with them and also increase their loyalty to using the airlines whenever they need to travel either to and from school or for holidays. The student discount provides a strategic market strategy for the airlines to benefit and serve the student niche. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How long will the student discount be available for purchase?

Student discount on offer by United Airlines is on offer until June 30, 2022. 

  1. How do I find United Airlines flights with a student discount?

Through the United App, one can search for discounted flights.

  1. Is the student discount applied to the total travel fares?

The United Airlines student discount is applied to travel fares less fees, taxes, or surcharges 

United Airlines Student discount – know more

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