Vue student discount-read to know about it

Vue is an international cinema company that is headquartered in London but operates in the UK, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, Netherlands, and Taiwan. It also uses other brand names in different countries. Some may be familiar with it as Cinemax, Showtime Cinema, CineStar, and many other names it is referred to by.Its about Vue student discount.

United Airlines Student discount

Vue student discount

Coincidentally, like many other companies in the UK, Vue is always willing to give discounts to students as a way of encouraging them to use their service. Currently, Vue is giving a 10% discount for students. However, their discount rates change constantly and you might need to check for their updated discounts on their official website.

Vue services

Vue is popular in the UK and Ireland and the totality of their locations, Vue admits about 100 million people in their 226 cinema sites. It is argued that the onset and popularity of social media have given people the chance to watch their favorite movies on their phones and other personal devices without having to go to a cinema. This argument may be true however, in the post-pandemic period; more people are now yearning to have out-of-home experiences like simply going to the cinemas with friends to enjoy a movie. Vue has fully taken advantage of these types of changes in the economic atmosphere, especially in their markets.

Vue student discount

It is advisable to browse through the Vue website where many different discounts are displayed. The student discount is almost always the highest one at 10% which will help to avoid unnecessary expenses at Vue. Students have financial limitations when it comes to living expenses so they have to work with budgets. Vue is well aware of this fact and that is why the student discounts they offer range from 5% off to almost 40% off over some time.

The Vue student discount can be used in very simple steps.

  1. First, you need to have a valid student identification card however the card alone will not verify you for the discount. You have to register an account with a third-party website that students commonly use like Totum, Unidays, or ISIC. To register for any of these accounts you only need a valid university email address
  2. After Vue has verified your student credentials using the third-party website, then you will receive your unique student discount code
  3. Thirdly, visit the Vue website and select the service you would like 
  4. Paste the unique discount code in the suggested box that comes up and the discount will be applied automatically to your purchase
  5. Finally, you can complete your payment.

Vue encourages students to use their exclusive discount while paying online to ensure smooth operations and avoid hold-ups at their sites.

Vue restrictions on the student discount

The company has made it clear that the student discount only applies to students. In addition, they have stipulated additional restrictions that are applied to this discount. They include;

  • This exclusive discount applies to students who are pursuing higher or further education
  • Parents of students are eligible to use this discount
  • Educators can also use this particular discount
  • The application process for the discount must be observed. The application process is the steps to be taken to verify the student
  • The discount does not apply to all services therefore the customer needs to read through its terms and conditions of use
  • Finally, this discount cannot be used together with other discounts that Vue offers on its website

Other discounts at Vue

Even as you peruse through the student discount offers, it is also important to take note of other unique offers they may have to help you save money. Vue often has active discount codes of up to 10% for all its customers and it may increase on special days like weekends and holidays. They also reduce the financial burden on medical staff and emergency personnel by giving them an NHS discount every so often.


Vue is willing to ease the financial burden on students and allow them to enjoy themselves even when they are in school and have limited budgets. The offers they give have the customer in mind and they allow you to choose the offer that helps the customer enjoy their services while saving more money.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Do Vue cinemas offer student discounts?

They offer a student discount of up to 10% and it may even increase after some time.

  1. How can I get the Vue student discount?

All you need is to verify that you are a student using your valid student ID.

  1. How do I buy tickets for the Vue cinema?

You can go to the Vue cinema website and select which ticket you would like to purchase and apply a discount on the purchase at the same time.

  1. What genres can I watch in Vue cinemas?

Vue offers all entertainment genres; operas, musicals, the latest blockbusters, or live concert performances.

Vue student discount-read to know about it

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