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One of the most effective ways for any company to sell their products and to get renowned among people is through discounts on certain items. And many companies are using this trick in order to get students’ attention. Read more Walmart Student Discount.

Walmart is a company which is famous for its low-priced products all around the world and students must have been expecting some more discount for them in this company. But the answer is really heartbreaking because Walmart does not give discounts to students throughout the year but one good news is that Walmart gives a discount to school or college students on the occasion of the new academic year. 

How Students can avail discounts at Walmart?

If you are heading towards the new academic year and in the need of school or college essentials or want some discount on your essentials in your new academic, then here is some must-know information for you. 

Although Walmarts products are affordable, it hosts two ceremonies for students. The first one is for college students “back to college” and the second one is for school students which are “back to school”.

Back to College

This discount is given to college students at the start of the academic year. Students can grab this opportunity to buy their classroom products and useful essentials of colleges. One can avail of this offer at any store of Walmart inside the country.  Each store gives discounts, giveaways, and promotions to students according to their comfort. If you are a college student then you must grab this opportunity and save your money for good.

Back to School

This is a piece of bad news for school students or their parents who are planning to get some discount at Walmart. And the bad news is that you can not avail of any discount although Walmart hosts this event to make school students’ new academic year fun full. To get this offer students and their parents are requested to visit the website of Walmart and book their spot for one-day fun activities at Walmart stores.

What College / School essential does students get at Walmart?

From an electronic gadget such as an i-phone to study materials such as books, Walmart sells every product a student may need. You can get all these products at the nearest shop at reasonable prices. 

For school students, they sell books according to class, you just have to visit their website and select the class then you will be taken to a page from where you can get the books for the required class. Or you may get the books at the nearest shop of Walmart also.

Discounts at Walmart

There are many ways one can get discounts from Walmart such as using their gift cards, paying with credit cards in order to get cashback, choosing the option of slower shipping, earning cashback from, getting a coupon code or a promo code, participating in day to day activities, picking your order from Walmart stores or search for online discounts. 


There are many big companies like Microsoft, Apple, etc., which provide direct discounts to students on their various products and here we are talking about Walmart. 

We have read how we can avail of the discount at Walmart however, there is no direct way to get the discount. As for students, Walmarts host two ceremonies “back to school” and “back to college” in order to help student buy their essentials at the lowest price. Walmart does not give discounts to school students instead they provide them with one-day fun activities. They give discounts to college students on the occasion of the new academic year.

Walmart already sells its product at an affordable and reasonable price. In order to get more discount, you may follow the steps which have been described above. Or you can also visit their store crowded with competition because the stores which have competitors all around tend to give more discount on their products.


Q.1 Are there discounts for school students at Walmart?

ANS. If you want a direct answer then it is clearly no.

Q.2 What students can get at back-to-college events?

ANS. They can get whatever is listed on their website or the store related to college items.

Q.3 Why Walmart does not give much discount to its customers?

ANS. Walmart does not give much discount to its customer because the products available on their website or the store are already cheap and available at reasonable prices.

Q.4 Is it safe to buy items from Walmart stores?

ANS. Yes, it is absolutely safe to buy items from Walmart.

Q.5 Is it cheaper to buy items from the Walmart store than to their website?

ANS. Sometimes it is cheaper or sometimes it is not. Because the stores surrounded with competitors tend to give more discounts to their customer.

Walmart Student Discount

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