Does Walmart own Home Depot?-Know more

Walmart is the World’s largest online retail company operating a chain of hyper centers, sells an infinite variety of products, and spreads worldwide. On the other hand, Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer that supplies construction products, home décor, and tools. Home depot was co-founded in 1978 by four like-minded individuals to build home-improvement superstores that would be the largest of that kind. Let’s know ‘Does Walmart own Home Depot?’.

Does Walmart own Home Depot?

While they share some similarities, Both are not related anyway. Walmart doesn’t own Home Depot. The two giants are not intertwined, though they have just some superficial similarities.

About Home Depot

Since its inception, Home Depot has grown smoothly, maintaining its founders. Of remarkable influence is Marcus, who was the board member till 2002. The board governs and oversees the running of Home Depot and is therefore considered the top-level management. Closely below the board is the CEO, who runs the company on a day-to-day basis while being answerable to the board.  Home Depot has developed and acquired other businesses over time and, as of 2022, owns many smaller entities.

The entities are; Compact Power Equipment Inc, which was acquired on July 6, 2017; the Company Store, which was developed in January 2018; the Home Depot pro, formerly Interline Brands Inc was acquired on July 22, 2015, by The Home Depot, which is a home improvement retailer was acquired by Home Depot on January 23, 2014, Redbeacon which is also a home improvement retailer was acquired by The Home Depot on January 20, 2012, and HD supply which is considered the largest industrial distributors in North America was acquired by The Home Depot in 2020.

Similarities between Walmart and the Home Depot

They must have seen some similarities or rather something that connects the two. Honestly, there is no deep correlation between the two except for   some surface similarities

For instance, both of them are the best in their service lines and are both known Worldwide with their stores spreading across many nations. Both the retailers operate massive stores covering an extensive area. Walmart and Home Depot play a significant role in employing the population members across all the nations. As of 2022, Walmart’s employees stand at 2.2 million while those of Home Depot stand at around 500,000. As was said before, these similarities are just superficial.

Does Walmart work with Home Depot?

On October 06, 2021, Home Depot partnered with Walmart through Walmart’s GoLocal initiative, which aims to extend retailers’ expertise in local delivery businesses of all sizes and those special handling; the small retailers well Walmarts well-established networks. The deal includes deliveries to both urban and suburban within the same day of the order or the next day, all at a competitive price. Home Depot has seen substantial improvements in sales, deliveries, and customer satisfaction through this partnership. 

As of now, despite showing some togetherness through the GoLocal initiative, which has since helped Home Depot efficiently and effectively deliver its products to its customers within a short period. This move may seem like an approach for Walmart to slowly engulf Home Depot, but it doesn’t look that way. According to popular opinions, Home Depot will remain independent and will not sell out to any other company

Is there any competition between Home Depot and Walmart?

Walmart is the World’s largest store, providing an almost infinite array of products while Home Depot is a market leader specializing in home improvement equipment, tools, and decors. While some of their products overlap, the two are not directly competing. Walmart operates its line of discount goods business while Home Depot strives to be always on the edge of the home improvement stores.


Walmart doesn’t own Home Depot; the latter is owned and run by the management board on behalf of many shareholders. Walmart has shared its expansive network for the benefit of Home Depot, which supplies home improvement goods this is not a way to woo Home Depot but purely to enhance its business. As of 2022, Walmart has not shown any motive to acquire the Home Depot business or any of its subsidiaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Home Depot?

Bernie Marcus co-founded Home Depot with Arthur Blank, Ron Brill, and Pat Farrah. Of all them, Marcus has stood above and is considered to be of remarkable consequence to the company.

Who is the Majority Owner of Home Depot?

The Vanguard Group Inc owns a significant percentage of Home Depot with 8.8% of shares.

Where is Home Depots’ Corporate office?

The home Depot’s headquarters are based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

Is Home Depot Public or Private?

Home Depot’s stock has been publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the trading symbol ‘HD’ since 1984.

Does Walmart own Home Depot?-Know more

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