Does Sears Install Appliances?-Know more

There’s no relief like buying a new TV and having it installed for you. Offering installation services can set a store apart from another that doesn’t, and even determine its value to the customers’ eyes. Let’s here know ‘Does Sears Install Appliances?’.

Does Sears Install Appliances?

Does Sears Install Appliances?

After being the largest departmental store in the 80s and a drastic reduction of locations, Sears is trying to attract customers with a re-defined interest in customer service, and thus, by offering appliances installation.

Customers are encouraged to buy appliances for every room in their home from Sears in exchange for having them delivered, installed, and tested. Installation services offered by Sears cover basic activities for an established fee. This article will tell you all you need to know before getting your appliance installed!

How do Sears Installations work?

When you buy any home appliance like a water heater, a TV, or a washing machine at Sears you’ll be asked if you want to get it installed or not. If you say yes, the store will provide you the cost of the service based on the distance between the store where your product is available and your home address. This cost will cover the standard delivery of your appliance, its installations, and testing so you can be 100% sure of its functionality. 

Note that installation of appliances is done by professionals hired by Sears. Although they’re not employees of the store, they’re licensed to perform installation and testing of home appliances.

In case you confirm and pay for the installation service at the store, this is how it will go: 

  1. Your appliance will be delivered and unpacked.
  2. It will be inspected for defects or damage. 
  3. The professionals will check the place where the appliance goes before installing and, in case it’s necessary to do an additional process, they will show you an estimate to pay for the extra work. 
  4. The professionals will explain to you basic codes and requirements to follow during installation (like, for example, the rule of connecting your new appliance only to existing utilities).
  5. Your product will be installed, leveled, and secured.
  6. Your product will be tested and you’ll also receive basic instructions to keep it properly working.

After that, professionals are supposed to clean leftovers of the installation work. However, the disposal of old appliances is not part of the standard installation service. If you need this kind of assistance, you’ll be required to purchase the Haul Away service (We’ll get there in a moment).

What Appliances Can be Installed by Sears?

The most popular appliances to get installed by Sears are part of the Kitchen, Garage, Living Room, and Outsides of the house. This means that the following products can apply to the installation service: 

  • Garage doors
  • Water heaters
  • Air conditioners
  • Refrigerators
  • Washers and dryers
  • Microwaves
  • Fans
  • Gas ranges

In case you’re looking to acquire an appliance not listed here and have it installed at your home, contact your local Sears store to ask for availability. You can get the number of any store by using the store locator tool at the website or by accessing

This tool can also be useful considering that the installation fee is calculated based on the distance between your home and the store; thus, by searching for an appliance in the nearest store, the cost for getting it installed will be lower. 

Important things to know

Some important things to consider before purchasing an appliance at Sears are the type of delivery and the process to schedule your installation. This section will lead you through every aspect. 

Types of delivery

Sears offers two types of delivery: Local and Standard delivery. The former includes only the delivery of the product to the entryway of your residence, while the latter includes the installation service. Please ask for this type of delivery upon purchase. 

If you’re buying online, you can also specify the day of delivery (if you choose Standard). Note that delivery service is currently available only to U.S. addresses, except for P.O. boxes.


Since the installation of appliances is done by external professionals, some appliances are not installed on the same day of delivery because the expert needs to be notified of the arrival of the appliance by the store first. Then, he will contact you to schedule the installation service, and, a day before it occurs, he will contact you again to confirm the hour(s). 

Haul Away Service

This is the service you’ll be asked to purchase in case you desire your old appliance to be disposed of after the installation of a new appliance. Before you acquire it, consider that it is limited to similar or equal types of appliances (An old refrigerator, for example, will only be disposed to leave space for a new refrigerator). 

Ask for the Haul Away service at your local Sears store to know the cost, since it may vary per appliance. 

Extra considerations

  • It’s mandatory that there is an adult in-home during the installation process to sign a service confirmation. 
  • Additional accessories to your new appliance will not be provided by the professionals or the store, so you should buy them in advance. Without them, your installation service might be canceled. 

Sears provides expert installation service for multiple types of appliances. The scheduling of this service is done after your appliance is delivered to your home. This process doesn’t include the disposal of old appliances and to do so, you must acquire a Haul Away service directly at the store. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my old appliance in case I don’t purchase the Haul Away service?

It will be removed from its place to get the new one installed and it calls also be placed in an accessible place for you to dispose of it easily. 

What is the timeframe for delivery?

Products are usually delivered between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Does Sears Install Appliances?-Know more

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