Does Macy’s Deliver Mattresses?-Know more

Macy’s is regarded as one of America’s most prestigious stores. When it comes to mattresses, they are good and most customers want their products but don’t know if they can be delivered. Let’s know ‘Does Macy’s Deliver Mattresses?’.

Does Macys Deliver Mattresses?

Does Macy’s Deliver Mattresses?

Yes, Macy’s does deliver mattresses to clients’ houses. They sell different high-quality products at affordable prices. You can either use the internet to place your orders or call the office to speak with a representative.

The Sizes

They offer all six mattress sizes namely:

  • Twin.
  • Twin-XL.
  • Full.
  • Queen.
  • King.
  • California King.

The Brands

Macy’s sells high-quality mattresses. Here are a few examples:

1. Beautyrest: This is one of the most notable luxury mattresses that it’s known for its iconic pillow top and classic rollaway mattresses. It is very soft and costs between $1,149 to $11,169.

2. Stewart Collection: This is a low-cost memory foam bed in a pack. It has two steps of foam and a 2″ layer of ventilated foam. It ranges in price from $299 to $1,099.

3. Macybed is a brand that is only available at Macy’s. They have a mid-range price range for foam padding and springy mattresses. It ranges in price from $299 to $469.

4. Aireloom: This brand offers super accessories using high-end materials such as cashmere and other natural materials. You can get it between $1679 to $7549.

5. Nature’s Spa: It is a rubber bed model that is specifically made for those who prefer the natural feel of latex. It costs between $1556 and $15639.

The Costs of delivery

It depends on the orders. For orders of $1499 or more, delivery is included. Those priced under $1499 can be conveyed with furnishings for an additional $25.

The Time it Takes to ship

If you request before 6 p.m, most goods in your nearby store will be available within two hours. After that, It will take up to 5-8 days to receive your orders.

Is there free Mattress delivery?

This applies if the mattress costs more than $787; else, an $85 service charge applies. For instance, if you want your old mattress replaced, you can do so for $25. Then it will be delivered and arranged by the White Glove Delivery.

Is a signature required for the delivery?

When it comes to orders exceeding $500, a signature is required upon delivery. Those purchased in the stores and earlier purchases are not included in the $99 required total cost with the same deliveries. Therefore, certain items are subject to a signatory based on their size/volume.

The Return Policy

The return policy at Macy’s differs based on the design you choose, so be sure to inquire. You will have 60-120 days to change your bed and will have the option to pick a new model or receive a reimbursement. A pick-up fee of $85 will be charged, and also a 15% surcharge.

Why Should you purchase Macy’s Bed?

Purchasing a high-quality mattress is necessary, and Macy’s is a great place to do so for the followings:

  • They have a guaranteed cheap price.
  • They have more designs to buy.
  • There are options for White-Glove Delivery and Setting.
  • They have trusted brands and also offer 10-year warranties.

NOTE: If you make payments with the store’s credit card, you can get 12 months of value credit. There are amazing sales offers that you can benefit from to get the best rates on new beds. Also during holidays, they offer huge discounts for customers.


Macy’s has put up an outstanding selection of furniture to pick from, and you will be able to discover one that fits your needs. You can place your orders and have them delivered to your homes. Before that, make sure you thoroughly grasp the return policy and charges to avoid any mishaps.


What does white glove delivery mean?

White glove delivery is a technique of sending or receiving products that require more care than standard deliveries. This is due to the size, value, or fragility of the items.

Is it possible to return Macy’s online purchases?

Yes, you can revert your item, along with your receipt, to any Macy’s location. But if you can’t find the invoice, you can just photocopy your email approval. This will help you make the return.

When is the best time to order at Macy’s?

The months of June through September are the most influential for getting mattresses, and this is also when costs are at their peak. So the best time to buy is in the months before the festive seasons.

How can one place an order?

You can use their website to sign in to see the schedule and details of online sales and store transactions or call 1-800-289-6229 to speak with Service Delivery.

Does Macy’s Deliver Mattresses?-Know more

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