Las Iguanas student discount-know more

Las Iguanas is a privately owned company that operates a chain of casual dining restaurants in the UK. They started their operations in 1991 and since then they have opened over 57 outlets in the UK. These restaurants are not high-end but rather casual serving food from various regions like Latin America that is Mexico, Brazil, and beyond.Its about Las Iguanas student discount.

Las Iguanas student discount

The student discount at Las Iguanas is 25% off of food and drinks from Sunday to Thursday which excludes Friday and Saturday. The Las Iguanas in Scotland however have excluded drinks from this discount which means that they offer only 25% off on food orders drinks are not discounted. The restaurant also requires that for this discount to apply the student must have at least one of these cards – a valid student identity card, Totum account, NUS, Llama, or a Sloth card every 6 diners.

Las Iguanas Menu 

The restaurant’s menu is very inclusive and they have something for everyone including gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian. They specialize in Latin American cuisine – fajitas, enchiladas, gaucho steaks, Copacabana burgers, Cuban sandwiches, sides, desserts, and drinks. Las Iguanas use locally sourced products from different suppliers to create their unique dishes. Additionally, they always make sure to notify their customers if their food may cause any harm to their customers. For example, the restaurant has highlighted on their official website that the ingredients they use in the food may contain some allergens, and customers are advised to check the menu online before going to the physical locations.

Las Iguanas student discount

Although Las Iguanas already have very competitive prices for the meals they offer, they pride themselves on giving unique and inclusive discounts for students. When it comes to food, the prices include the main dishes and they charge extra for the sides, dessert options, and drinks. However the student discount the offer of 25% off is applied on the total amount spent at the restaurant.

Students can enjoy the flavors of Latin America with their friends and family, while listening to some rhythmic music, and enjoy a laidback lifestyle after attending school all day or week even with their limited budget on living expenses.

The array of menu items from Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, and other countries allows students from Latin America who may be homesick to have a feel of a home by enjoying their native dishes at discounted prices. The availability and flexibility in the price for students also encourage students from other parts of the world to experience the rich culture of Latin America through its food.

Terms of the Las Iguanas student discount

  1. The student discount of 25% covers food and drinks for all Las Iguanas restaurants except in Scotland where the same discount only applies for food and drinks are excluded
  2. Students require at least one student ID card for every 6 dinners they have. However, it is accepted to use more than one student ID when in a large group
  3. Students must have one of the following to use the student discount – Totum, NUS, Llama, or Sloth card.
  4. The student discount is available for full price food and drinks from the a la carte menu only and it applies only from Sunday to Thursday

Restrictions on Las Iguanas student discount

  1. The student must present a valid and dated student ID  to the server before making the order
  2. The discount applies to students who are pursuing further or higher education
  3. The student discount cannot be used together with other offers such as Happy Hour cocktails, and Kids Eat Free offers
  4. Drinks are not included in this offer for Las Iguanas restaurants operating in Scotland
  5. The student discount is not usually available at Las Iguanas Center Parcs or any event days like Valentine’s Day
  6.  The discount does not apply to delivery orders

The company also reserves the right to change the rate of the student discount as well as the terms and conditions that may apply to it.

Other discounts offered

If someone encounters problems with using the student discount like maybe they forgot to carry their student ID, Las Iguanas also have many other good offers that one can choose from.

  • 10% extra food when one have a gift card which one can buy from £10 only
  • 10% extra on the Chicas’ Cocktail Club
  • 10% extra on Bottomless Brunch
  • 10% extra on Bubbly Brunch in Scotland


Las Iguanas is a company that mainly caters to the younger generation which is evident by the decor and ambiance of the restaurants. It is also a great place for students who want to save money for their living expenses and still enjoy great food and drinks with family and friends. The availability of the student discount at Las Iguanas has encouraged many students to visit the restaurants in all their locations which have in turn increased the company’s popularity.

Frequently asked questions

  • Are happy hour cocktails included in the student discount at Las Iguanas?

The discount cannot be used in conjunction with other offers at the restaurant.

  • Does Las Iguanas offer Mother’s Day discounts?

The restaurant offers many discounts for special occasions. They currently do not have a Mother’s Day discount but check their website for more discounts.

  • Is the student discount available on Valentine’s Day?

The Las Iguanas student discount is usually not available on event days like Valentine’s Day.

Las Iguanas student discount-know more

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