Lively phone return policy- Read to Know


Retail stores and companies are coming up with set rules and guidelines that assure their customers of their dedication to ensuring they are satisfied with the products and services they purchase. If unsatisfied, they can return the purchase for a refund, repair, or exchange. This policy is referred to as a Lively phone return policy. 

Lively phone return policy

Lively has set up a phone return policy that dictates how their stores need to handle customers who are not satisfied with their purchased phones and would like to return them for a refund. The phone return policy outlines the reasons for return, the process of return, period of return, refund period, what is to be refunded, and limitations that the company must consider during a return. 

Contents of lively phone return policy 

  • Return period 

Lively allows customers to return the phones they have purchased if they are not satisfied with them. The customers have 30 days from the date of purchase of the phone to return it to the Lively store for them to be eligible for a refund. 

  • Where to return a phone purchased at Lively 

If a customer had purchased a phone at Lively in-store location, they are required to return the phone to that specific store and can either be taken physically or mailed to the store. If customers bought the phone online, it should be returned to the Lively address indicated on the delivery package. 

  • Process off phone return at Lively 

Before a customer returns their phone to Lively, they first have to contact Lively to request a return and receive approval. If approved, Lively sends the customer the Return Authorization Number used as proof of return guarantee. The customer then packages the phone in its original package with all the contents it came and labels it correctly then either takes the package physically to a Lively store where they made the purchase or ship the package to the Lively address indicated in the package.  

  • Lively return refund process and period

Reframing the customer begins once Lively receives the phone package returned. First, lively must confirm the phone and accessories conditions and verify the return authorization number of the package. If the phone and the accessories are in good condition and the return authorization number is verified, Lively processes the customer’s refund less the 10% restocking fee on the phone purchase price. Lively guarantees customers to be refunded within 21 business days from the day the return was received and the funds will be sent to the original method of payment used by the customer to buy the phone. 

  • What is refunded in the Lively phone return policy?

 A customer who has returned her phone to Lively after Lively approves the return will receive a refund of the phone’s original purchase price, taxes applied on the phone, service charge, and phone activation fee the customer had paid.

  • Limitations to Lively phone return policy 

Lively has set up some limitations that apply during the return of a phone. Some of them are outlined below.

  • For a customer to be refunded the phone’s original purchase price less restocking fee, taxes, service charge, and activation fee, they should not go beyond the phone usage limitations in place. The phone must be new or in good condition.
  • Also, for a customer to get refunded the phone’s original purchase price, less restocking fee, taxes, service charge, and activation fee, the customer needs to return the phone in the original packaging with all the accessories and components it came with the delivery.  
  • Lively does not refund customers the shipping cost they incur to ship their phone packages back to Lively to process a refund. 
  • The customer will not receive an activation fee refund if they have not yet paid for the activation fee, they have gone beyond the phone usage limit set by Lively, and the phone returned is not in the good condition the users bought it.
  • Reasons for returning a phone to Lively 

A customer who wants to return the phone they have bought at Lively has to indicate why they need to return it and get refunded. For example, the customer might have received a damaged or defective phone during delivery; the phone might have been in the wrong order in terms of color, model number, or quantity, the phone is not functioning as the customer expected, the phone is missing some parts or accessories, or the customer received an order that they had already canceled due to delivery delay or other reasons. 


Lively phone return policy guarantees customers a refund of their money if they are not pleased with the phone they have purchased for one reason or the other. This enables customers to gain trust with phones sold at Lively and appreciate the customer service. The policy should be adhered to by the customer and Lively for a successful and smooth return and to avoid any inconsistency during phone return. 

Lively phone return policy- Read to Know

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