Amazon Report Copyright Infringement- Know More

Amazon, being one of the biggest online marketplaces, offers sellers a very good and wide platform to make a fine earning by selling their authorized products around the globe. Several instances reported the infringement of seller’s copyright where either their idea, identity, or products has been unethically sold via the same platform. Amazon has its protocols regulating the same which should be read by any seller attempting to sell their products using this here. Let’s know about Amazon Report Copyright Infringement.

Amazon Report Copyright Infringement

Amazon Report Copyright Infringement

Amazon lets sellers register different kinds of intellectual property, including trademarks, copyright, and patent. 

For selling a product, you are required to use images or information that you have copyrights on. The use of someone else’s data without their permission causes a violation of copyright laws. These copyright data could be text or image on a product or packaging, brand name, ASIN.

What can you do if someone infringes your copyright?

If in case someone infringes your copyright, Amazon automatically deletes the content from the platform. If not, report copyright violation at Amazon Brand Registry using the Report a Violation (RAV) tool or fill in the company’s online report form. 

You may also submit a report in writing which should include your or the plaintiff’s electronic or physical signature description of your affected work, a listing of all the products, address, phone number, and email address, your statement that there has been unauthorized access and that you are the owner of the work in the discussion. 

This notice should be sent to Amazon’s copyright agent at the following address: 

Copyright Agent, Legal Department, 

P.O. Box 81226, Seattle, WA 98108

Alternatively, you can also email at These violations occur at different levels including ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) -level and Seller-level.

How to report copyright infringement?

Once you realize that your copyright has been infringed, follow the procedure suggested by Amazon in which they generally ask you to submit an infringement complaint report using their online form. The steps to do the same are listed below:

• Step 1: Declare whether you are the buyer or seller.

• Step 2: Determine the type of infringement.

• Step 3: Fill up the form listing all the items (up to a maximum of 50) you want to report. Ensure that all items are mentioned by entering their ASIN number.

• Step 4: Submit the form.

What happens after reporting?

On verification of your complaint, the items in the listing you provided will be removed. To ensure the same as at times the items still can be seen along with the other products, though it is displayed as unavailable. 

If so, resubmit the form to remove those. 

This process generally takes about 1 to 3 working days. You will receive a confirmation message from Amazon that the complainant is being reviewed and another message once it is processed. 

If not, file another report. Amazon informs the responsible party about your claim along with your information so that communication is made in case of any related queries.

Besides the company’s initiative to ensure no infringements, if any parties exploit this provision by raising fake reports, they shall be denied the right to submit any further notices.

Best Practices Recommendations

Productive resolution is what benefits both the organization and the plaintiff. Amazon lays down several instructions to help do the same. The notices would work more efficiently if it is similar to the suggestion:

• A notice shall mention a specific type of IP violation.

• Submit different forms for different trademark infringements.

• Complaint retractions are not to be submitted through the Report Infringement Form or the Brand Registry.


 Amazon reports copyright infringement lets sellers both facing and accused of infringement find a peaceful and legal solution to their copyright or trademark issues. These standards stand by both large and small-scale businesses, as well as anyone interacting ethically through the medium. Therefore, making it a safer marketing platform with the least possibility of being exposed to fraud or exploited.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to claim copyright infringement?

In a copyright infringement lawsuit, the plaintiff is required to show that they own a copyright, should be convinced that their product is the original and is subject to legal protection and that the defendant infringed it.

 2. Is Amazon liable for copyright infringement?

Amazon remains an Internet Service Provider, protected from liability under the DMCA for copyright infringement yet required to act reasonably on receiving an alert.

3. Do you need copyright to sell on Amazon?

Product images on Amazon are the original property of a certain individual or company. As a result, you may be charged with intellectual property infringement if you use them for your intended purpose without proper consent.

4. How to remove copyright strikes on Amazon?

  1. Contact the copyright holder using the information from the copyright strike notification.
  2. Ignore any copyright claim letters you receive from sellers other than Amazon.
  3.  Make a counter-notice
Amazon Report Copyright Infringement- Know More

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