Does Walgreens Have Copy Machines?

Walgreens is the second-largest American company operating pharmacy store chains. It specializes in providing such services as filling prescriptions, providing health and wellness products, photo services, and health information. It is now 2022, and, unfortunately, Walgreens does not have copy machines at any of its stores. Walgreens is a store operating majorly as a pharmacy store chain. However, it has photo services, the only service close to document reproduction. You have probably been wondering where to get a copy machine and services, and whether Walgreens have copy machines or not, and many more, this article got you. Just read on.

 Does Walgreens have copy machines?

Why are there no copy machines at Walgreens?

As was said before, Walgreens has a line of services and products. These services have no direct relationship with copy machines and document reproduction. The standard services offered at Walgreens are:

  1. Virtual Doctor with MDLIVE provides a consultation platform between a customer and certified doctors via a phone, computer, or tablet. Virtual doctors can diagnose a patient based on the history and provide a prescription of medicines for the customer to buy.
  2. Contact lenses; Walgreens website parades all types of contact lenses from trusted brands, including Air Optix, Focus, and Biofinity, in addition to other custom-designed contact lenses to address vision problems and decrease eye discomforts 
  3. Photo and document printing; this service is available online, and for a customer to use it, they need to access the Walgreens website with a personal account. The customer can then upload documents or photos they wish to print and deliver to their location. With $0.25 per page for a copy and a range of $0.39 to $10.99 for photos, customers can enjoy same-day delivery for simple orders or a 3-5 business days delivery for complex orders.

What service do Walgreens offer at their photo lab?

Walgreens has numerous photo labs spread across the US. These labs provide photo services such as developing films, printing photos, and printing from digital forms. All Walgreens photo labs process 35mm film and produce 24 pictures at a competitive rate of $15. In addition, they provide a free photo CD of digital images. These photos are generally ready within 3-5 business days. Some Walgreens photo labs also offer APS, 110 films, 127 films, negatives development, and printing from disposable cameras 

Where does one get a copy machine?

Since Walgreens does not sell copy machines or reproduce documents, the question of where to get a copy machine and copy services is worth pursuing. There are many vendors out there selling copy machines both online and physically. These are E-bay, Amazon, Sam’s Club, Costco, and Walmart. Customers can order their devices here and enjoy deliveries to their places of convenience. 

Printers and Copy machines have of late gained a commendable demand and supply, and thus one can easily find a supplier within one’s locality

What are Walgreens’ pros and cons of not having copy services?

There are two sides to everything, so are there positives and negatives encountered by Walgreens in providing other services, excluding copy services. One is that it loses customers who would have ended up buying other products sold by Walgreens; the obvious additional advantage is that it misses the income it would have reaped from providing that extra service. The positive is that Walgreens will have more time dedicated to the other services and, therefore, can do it to their best. Another possible advantage is that Walgreens avoids dealing with problems such as overcrowding at the premises and extra costs incurred in handling and maintenance of copy machines  

Which stores offer copy services?

Some stores offer copy services as their central line of business or as an added service. These stores are CVS, Staples, and FedEx, to mention a few. These businesses charge their customers depending on the document’s quality, document type, and purpose in some cases. Generally, it costs about $0.15 for simple black a white paper and around $0.35 for colored paper.

How much does a copy machine cost?

Copy machines vary in their prices majorly by their size, brand, and purpose. The most affordable copy machines cost about $180, and a standard commercial machine can be costly too as much as thousands of dollars. Sometimes it is advisable to lease a copy machine instead of buying one. Therefore, one is advised to make a thorough consideration, especially if the cost of hiring one is less than when compared to buying and when the need is one time.

In conclusion, Walgreens does not have copy machines nor offers copying or printing services, and although they have photo labs, they have not included these services in their stores yet. However, one can acquire a copy machine in other stores selling online and physical electronics such as E-bay, Costco, and Walmart. In addition, one can enjoy the printing and copy services offered by Walgreens online and other retail stores such as CVS, FedEx, and Staples. 


Is CVS or Walgreen’s photo better?

Photos ordered online from Walgreens are considered the best quality compared to CVS’s.

Does Walgreens sell copy paper?

Walgreens sells copy papers of all types, including top brands such as Printworks and Wasau papers

Can I make copies at Walgreens?

Walgreens doesn’t have copy machines and doesn’t provide copy services

Does Walgreens Have Copy Machines?

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