Subway Break Policy – Read to know

Subway is a fast-food restaurant franchise that majors on wraps, submarine sandwiches, beverages, and salads. The franchise was founded by a seventeen-year-old in 1965 in Connecticut. The franchise has its headquarters in Connecticut. Let’s know about the ‘Subway Break Policy’.

Subway Break Policy

Subway has more than 44000 locations covered and nearly 5000 employees as of 2021. The company has three subsidiary companies namely; subway franchise systems of Canada limited, subway international B.V, and subway development of northern Michigan, Inc. 

What is it with the Subway break policy?

The regulations governing Subway break policies are determined by the states. Different subway stores have different break policies. 

Depending on the needs of the stores’ workers are briefed on different times when they need to have breaks and their lunches. Additionally, the subway pays its workers for breaks; however, the lunches are unpaid. Usually, the workers enjoy typical 15 minutes break every 4 hours.

Are subway employees allowed to have breaks during their shifts?

According to the current subway working routine, employees working in the sandwich sector (sandwich artists) are expected to work for around four hours a shift. 

The subway break policies will vary from store to store and are dependent on the laws enacted by that state concerning breaks.

At what time should I expect a break in a subway store?

Every subway franchise, manager, or supervisor overseeing the day’s shifts gives allocations concerning breaks.

Implies that every franchise store might have different times on when to take a break from work and have a sip of water and gulp of fresh air after hours of work. 

Furthermore, one should expect a break at the subway to be during the less busy hours before and after the lunch services when the number of customers has reduced.

 In Subway, break requests and preferences are handled by the relevant authorities (the manager in charge or the supervisors in charge). However, the final decisions are wholly decided by the authorities. 

Subway break pays, do they pay for the breaks?

Going by the federal statutes of America, breaks that do not last for more than twenty minutes are to be paid for by the employer. Therefore, a fifteen-minute break at the subway is paid for.

In recent cases, some employees have reported that their breaks go unpaid likely due to different times.

How long do the breaks at the subway last?

Compared with other franchises, at subwayan employee qualifies for a fifteen-minute break after working for a total of four hours in a shift. Another break after an eight-hour work also lasted for fifteen minutes. 

Additionally, the franchise will give breaks based on the individual needs of the store and the guidelines enacted by the given state. Lately, the subway has been under scrutiny for not giving regular breaks to its employees.

Either presented a case petitioning the franchise to reform its break policies. This is because according to the petition subway workers only receive a five-minute break after working for four hours.

To ensure fair treatment at your workplace in a franchise, it is advisable to undertake extensive research on the rules and guidelines governing breaks. 

Does one get lunch breaks?

Lunchtime breaks at the subway last for thirty minutes after working for six hours. The lunchtime break at the subway, however, is unpaid. 

Are employees allowed to get off-site during the lunch breaks?

 During this thirty-minute break, employees are allowed to leave the premises and can have a stretch of their feet. Meal breaks may only apply to those stores located within the 20 states that require franchises to do so.  

During the breaks, subway employees do receive free sandwiches, however, the subway is a franchise therefore rules and food policies may differ from one franchise to another.

 Some chains may however charge using the employee’s discount or deduct the amounts from the employees’ salaries.

Averagely, a worker will be given a 6-inch submarine sandwich of their preference and a free fountain drink. However, to avoid issues with the authorities regarding the food policies it is better to inquire and do research on the same.


Different subway stores may have different policies regarding breaks because the breaks are dependent on the stores’ needs like the rush hours, and other needs that the store may need. Regardless, there are two breaks, a fifteen-minute paid break, and a thirty-minute break, the latter of which is unpaid.  


Q: Are breaks guaranteed in Subway?

A: employees are guaranteed a 30-minutes break after working for six hours.

Q: Do the subway pay for the breaks?

A: Employers are obligated to pay employees for any breaks less than 20 minutes.

Subway Break Policy – Read to know

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