Things to Know Before Visiting Costco Pharmacy

Costco stores are one of the most popular and family-friendly grocery stores due to a large selection of healthy items, lower product prices, and easier bulk purchases. However, you probably didn’t know that Costco also has pharmacy locations that offer good pricing on medications. Let’s discuss here ‘Things to Know Before Visiting Costco Pharmacy’.

Things to Know Before Visiting Costco Pharmacy

Knowing all the services on offer at a Costco Pharmacy is quite good. However, key details about these drug shops and warehouse stores may impact your shopping choices. So you’ll find them handy whether in making orders for an auto-refill of your prescriptions or simply to save money on normally high-priced drugs.

In this article, we’ll give information you’ll find useful when you use any Costco pharmacy near you. This includes tips, less known facts, and notices that will help you have a better drug shopping experience with Costco.

What you should know before visiting a Costco Pharmacy?

Before shopping at a Costco Pharmacy, what should you be aware of?

1. Costco offers really competitive prices

Costco stores are widely known for having goods priced lower than in other competing stores or retail outlets. This is also true for Costco pharmacy locations.

Aside from being cost-effective big-name drug stores, a recent study by Consumer Reports indicates that prescriptions can be gotten at hundreds of dollars less than in places such as Sam’s Club and Walmart.

2. You get better drug prices as a Costco member 

If you thought medication prices at Costco might be low, they also get a whole lot better. All you need is to be a Costco member and join the Costco Membership Prescription Program Discount Card (PPDC) for free.

Even as a Costco membership isn’t certified insurance, this members-only program makes discounts available on prescription drugs, from 2 to 40 percent.

3. Non-members are not left out

Typically, being a Costco member costs around $60 or $120 every year. However, if you cannot afford it or it doesn’t appeal to you to hold a membership slot, you can get your prescription medication at Costco’s competitive pricing.

Even if you do own a Costco membership, you can still purchase certain items in-store. Also, some warehouse locations have non-member entrances to facilitate your movements in and out of the stores.

4. Immunizations and vaccinations are available at any Pharmacy

Similar to standard pharmacy locations or drug stores, you can get immunizations at a Costco pharmacy. These include regular flu shots, meningitis, hepatitis A & B, HPV, and lots more.

In addition, there are vaccinations available against particular viruses. If you plan to travel abroad, you can also update your immunizations in any pharmacy location. 

5. Almost all Pharmacy locations do not accept Medicaid

You should note that most or all pharmacy locations run by Costco do not accept Medicaid. A plausible reason may be that Costco offers quite low prices on drugs.

Also, if you are a member of Medicaid and Medicare, you are ineligible to apply for Costco’s PPDC.

6. Drugs are available In-store and by delivery

In any event of you being unable to access a Costco pharmacy or if you have mobility issues, Costco’s mail order option ensures you can get your prescription delivered to your home.

This delivery service of prescription drugs is available to members and non-members and can be accessed via the Costco website or the mobile app. 

7. Expect long waits at physical locations

One issue with shopping for prescription drugs at physical locations is the possibility of waiting in line for an extended period of time. And this can apply especially in the case of obtaining new prescriptions that require authorization from your doctor.

You could move faster by contacting your doctor’s office to confirm the prescription at the pharmacy or submit your medication order via Costco’s online platforms.

8. Choose to Auto-Refill – or not

Costco pharmacy offers the option of auto-refill when placing prescription orders. And if you no longer desire medication, canceling your medication refill is just a call away.

9. You can transfer prescriptions within stores

You can request to transfer auto refills on your prescription drugs if you move to a different location from your usual store with Costco’s mobile application. Even if your refill is ready, you can pick it up at a different store by calling in.

10. Your pet can benefit too

In a fact, Costco pharmacy locations offer medications for animals.

If you hold a PPDC, eligible pet medications also fall under the member prescription program discount coverage. This is because pets are viewed as dependents at the pharmacy.

11. You can hold your medication pick-up for two weeks

At any time that you place a prescription order and cannot pick it up from the store, the Costco pharmacy can assist in holding your drugs for a maximum period of 2 weeks.

Beyond that time, you can still drop by the store or call in, and you will get the necessary help in retrieving your drugs.


Understanding the Costco Pharmacy is essential to shop for medication the best way. Costco basically offers affordable drug prices. And, by becoming a Costco member, you gain access to even more benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Does Costco Pharmacy Take Insurance?

Costco Pharmacy locations accept most major insurance, with the exception of Medicaid (and Medicare). Accepted insurance plans vary according to region.

  1. What Are Costco Pharmacy’s Opening Hours?

Most pharmacy locations are open from 10 am to 7 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 6 pm on Saturdays.

Things to Know Before Visiting Costco Pharmacy

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