Why is Verizon down?

Verizon is an American multinational telecommunications company. Formed on 30th June 2000, it is now one of the largest and leading in the field of communication services. The services provided by them are wide-ranging, starting from providing broadband services for everyday use gadgets to smartwatches and connected cars. They have recently added 5G services to the list. Let’s know ‘Why is Verizon down?’.

Why is Verizon down?

Mobile Network Outages

A mobile network outage is an uncertain disruption that averts service to many cell sites at the same time. And when it occurs this would mean that you can’t text, call, or browse the internet, which can be very frustrating. 

We should note that it is different from having a weak coverage or poor signal connection. In contemporary times, where most of the communication with a fellow human being is done through using the phone, data services have become a fundamental requirement to communication. 

For this very reason, we choose the best which the market provides. But we must know that even though solving outages is the utmost priority of every telecommunication company, which can exceed up to forty-eight hours, outages are inevitable. 

Why may you be having a Verizon Outage?

Verizon which provides numerous services makes it difficult for the company to deal with outages. There could be several reasons for an outage. Every time it isn’t because of harsh weather conditions. Several other reasons causing an outage are overloaded networks, adding up of new services, new devices, and misconfigurations. 

A brief description of what these problems are given below:

1. Overloaded Networks:

congestion of too many networks. It is listed as one of the top causes of outages. Though the transition from 4G to 5G is helping somewhat to have a sustained increase in network traffic. Also, as 5G aims for low-latency network connections, it would definitely give a rise in load testing for the telecommunication testers. To solve this, we just need to find ways to relieve the congestion. 

2. New Services:

adaption of new services takes time. Incorrect implementation can lead to it. Upgrading to your roaming partnerships and new interconnections caused can also lead to an outage. Therefore, it becomes very necessary for the companies to make their service pass through extensive testing. 

3. New Devices:

though there are fewer chances of a new device being the cause of an outage, it can still be. For this, the company launching the device should include end-to-end tests and those tests that go beyond it. The service providers also need to add the new devices to their framework.

4. Misconfigurations:

it is similar to human error. There is a lot of manual effort which is required for anything related to the service. To prevent these errors one can monitor these errors, rectify them and solve them. 

5. Physical Failures:

this could be related to anything physical causing an outage. It could be the bad weather or just the wiring of the equipment. As these cannot be controlled, companies can add any infrastructure in different places that would help in identifying the problem quickly. 

Ways to configure an outage: Solving your Problem

  1. Turning on\off Airplane mode. 
  2. Remove any cases or covers covering the device.
  3. Changing Wi-Fi settings to cellular. 
  4. Resetting of network settings. (For some devices only)
  5. Rebooting your router.
  6. Resetting battery of your Optical Network Terminal (ONT). 
  7. Sign in to the Verizon account and check whether an outage is impacting your services. 
  8. Confirm you are in a coverage area.
  9. Make sure you have the most recent device software version installed. 
  10. 10. Check for any scratches on your sim card.   

On 26th January 2021 Verizon accounted for the first major outage of 2021. 

Users ranging from Washington DC to Boston were the target of this outage. Innumerable customers were left without service as the network went down, which caused huge trouble for those working from home. However, later the company cleared it by saying that it was due to a software issue that was triggered during routine network management activities. 

How do you know if a network outage is affecting you?

The best thing is to sign in to your My Verizon account. Where a notification will be sent regarding the same. Or else you can check the “network outage” toggle. 

Will you be able to call or text someone who’s in a network outage area if you have service?

No, you can’t. 

Do you need to manually reconnect your device to the network after a network change?

No, after the service restores your device would have a signal again. If the problem still persists, try restarting your device. 

Will you be getting any bill credit for not having service during a network outage?

No, as these are unexpected. 

Therefore, irrespective of which service provider you choose, maybe the largest one such as Verizon, network outages are inevitable. In the article above, we have discussed various causes for the outage and different methods of configuring this situation.

Why is Verizon down?

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