Vans Military and Veteran Discount

Vans founded in 1966 was previously known as The Van Doren Rubber Company by Paul Van Doren and Jim Van Doren at Broadway, Anaheim, California as a shoe manufacturing and retail store. Its headquarter is in Costa Mesa, California, United States, and specializes in footwear and clothing items providing customers with options of either shopping at their stores, outlets, or on their website at Let’s know about ‘Vans Military and Veteran Discount’.

Vans Military and Veteran Discount

Vans has set up a military and veteran discount program that awards the military personnel, veteran, reservists, their spouses, and dependants with a 10% off discount when they purchase eligible items at Vans stores or The individuals need to verify their status to be eligible for the discount and must ensure they comply with terms and conditions set under the program as Vans has a right to not grant them the discount if they are proved to be ineligible or non-compliant.  



To be eligible for the Vans military and veteran discount, one has to be active or retired U.S. military personnel, reservist, veteran, their spouse, or their immediate family member and must be ready to provide proof whenever required when shopping at or Vans store and must have received the discount code to be used during shopping that will be applied to the products purchase price.   

How to verify military status for Vans military and veteran discount?

Vans has partnered with the SheerID to offer a verification service where one has to confirm their military status before they are qualified for the Vans military and veteran discount. 

Online verification 

For the online verification, one has to visit where they will get information on the Vans military discount and click on Verify military status where they will be led to a form that they will be required to enter their employment status i.e. Active Duty, Military Family, Military Veteran or Retiree, Reservists, or National Guard,  the branch of service which can be either Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, or Navy, first and last names, Date of birth, and email address. Then finally click on verify my military status. If approved for the discount, an individual will be sent a promotion code to be used once when shopping at to receive this discount. 

In-store verification 

For in-store military status verification, an individual needs to visit the Vans store location near them and present their military ID to the attendant who will verify their eligibility for the discount. If verified, they will be granted the discount applied on eligible products purchased at a Vans store. 

Where to shop using Vans military and veteran discount?

An individual eligible for the Vans military and veteran discount can purchase items at or any of Vans stores where the discounts will be applied to the purchase price of eligible purchased products.   

Limitations or restrictions

Vans has set up some limitations and restrictions that apply to the use of the Vans military and veteran discount whether an individual is shopping at the Vans store or An individual cannot purchase items on clearance sales, gift cards, and pay taxes related to the purchase, or shipping fees using the discount. The discount too cannot be transferred or sold to a third party or redeemed for cash at any Vans store and can only be redeemed in Vans store in the U.S. or 

An individual interested in this discount can only get one Vans promotion code after every 30 days to be used applied to the purchase price of the eligible products at Vans and the code can stay without being applied to any purchase for up to one year after being issued after which it will be rendered expired.  

If an individual has received other rewards at Vans and wants to redeem them for the purchases, they are not allowed to use both the rewards received and the Vans military and veteran discount to an eligible product purchased. 


The military personnel, veterans, their spouses, and immediate family members get to benefit from this discount if their status has been verified by saving while purchasing the eligible products and get to enjoy the quality and affordable products from Vans. 

The military personnel, veterans, their spouses, and immediate family members also get to feel appreciated and thought of by Vans for their service and dedication to the people of the United States.  This enables Vans to increase the number of sales they make online and in-store and in turn increase their income and number of customers. 


The Vans military and veteran discount is an appreciation program to the military, veterans, and their dependents for their service to their country and also enables Vans to be able to share a percentage of the market in the military and veteran community providing them with quality and affordable products and enable them to save with purchase of every eligible item. 

Vans Military and Veteran Discount

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