Does Subway Wash Their Vegetable?  


 Subway is very prestigious and world famous food chain company. So it seems to be renowned and has huge responsibility in maintaining smile, satisfaction, and happiness for its customer. Learn about Does Subway Wash Their Vegetable?

Does Subway Wash Their Vegetable?

They need vegetables and other necessary items for preparation of varieties of dishes. Firstly they separate the variety of vegetables and they clean it with water and dry it. In this way, yes they do wash their vegetables before the preparation of dishes as to maintain the standard and quality of its company. Hence, the outcome is in front of us so question of washing vegetables in Subway’s could be also based on trust that its customer places towards them. 

       There vegetables are freshly packed and kept in fridge. Saying for every chain but sticking to Subway itself they do have product and ingredient responsibility which talks in favour of maintaining hygiene, safety, fresh food. We do understand it is a chain of foods which really brings pleasure in the hearts and minds of its customer whenever they visit such kind of outlets. They promise to serve fresh but their food are categorise as junk food not healthier one so this could be one reason for having pleasure while visiting such outlets well to know about Does Subway Wash Their Vegetable? 

This was a very general answer to the main topic. Going into depth it could be that Subway employees maybe careless in maintaining the legacy of the company.

Contents of Does subway wash their vegetables?

  • Cons of not washing vegetable: – They menu does contain healthy foods but all food won’t come under healthy category. But looking in favour of the company yes some of it foods contain nutrition as it has some of healthy food in its menu. If the veggies are not washed then it will contain bacteria and pesticides which will be hazardous for the customer’s heath and this will be enough to make customer ill. So heath is a crucial aspect for any kind of foods that the food chain provides to its people. 
  • Misleading of Subway’s slogan “Eat fresh”:- This is seen as a topic of argument in last past few years all over the social media. Many argued and also interviewed on the misrepresentation of the company products that serve to its customers. There is usage of many chemicals in making the base of sandwiches’ in the firm. Hence it is misleading its customer by their slogan. Another aspect should also be taken under consideration in today’s world that it is hard to find healthy stuffs as we used to get in ancient days. As world has changed and will be changing more in coming days. So this way eat fresh does not apply in changing scenario.
  • Trust is the foundation for every stepping stone: – No doubt it is largest food chain in world – wide. It has its policy for serving hygienic foods. Some customer would have complete trust on the company just because of its reputation and would believe that it washes the vegetables. But in some cases, customer is sharp and critical also they test the standards and promises that the company makes. Also the employees of Subway’s should be responsible in fulfilling the needs. They are even responsible if they don’t take care of hygiene and safety that they promise to its customer.Does Subway Wash Their Vegetable? and other questions discussed below.

What are the causes of criticism in firms of Subway despite of its huge reputation?

Whenever there is popularity so there will be critic or criticism too. So it is a huge responsibility for the company as well its employees’ to maintain it. But Subway has failed to do so and had to face huge criticism which leads to closing of some of its outlets. 

  • Some causes could be: – Use of chemical in preparing breads i.e. azodicarbonamide it is used to strengthen the dough.  
  • They have failed to fulfil their promises in making of 12 inches sizes of sandwiches.
  • They promised to serve fresh food but by 2018 customers found that it lacked in freshness.
  • It was criticised on the smell of bread too.

What is the intake of Subway when public shows such (above mentioned) criticism?

It was in a very good position in 80’s and 90’s but it had faced a lot of criticisms in the past year especially during 2016, 2017, 2018 etc. Due to this they had to close their branches. Their intake on criticism could be heart breaking but they had followed and will be following whatever is needed at that point of time. They are working upon those criticisms. 

So this largest America’s sandwich food chain has potential to comeback despite huge widespread of criticism.

Why do they promise to “Eat fresh” in their slogan?

This is marketing skills that was made by the Subway’s in past it was in trend that people was conscious for the healthy food and they were ready to spent money for it. So Subway made its marketing strategy to sell its food. But later in 2018, some customer said that its vegetables are mushy and less cooked. So the slogan failed in its essence and thus leads to huge criticisms.


In one sense, it is expected from such prestigious company to wash their vegetables as it is necessarily to do so in order to make good, healthy, delicious food for its customer. In another sense, criticism is different from rumour so it could be also rumour about not washing their vegetables. So keep faith with open eyes and enjoy the food of Subway.    

Does Subway Wash Their Vegetable?  

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