Is Pura Vida Ethical?

Pura Vida Bracelets is a La Jolla, California-established company created by friends and co-founders Paul Goodman and Griffin Thall who got this idea during a trip to Costa Rica in 2010. They were mesmerised by the people’s culture and the beliefs they had.Is Pura Vida Ethical?They saw the handmade art of making bracelets as a potential business and a way to pursue the artisan’s culture.

Is Pura Vida Ethical?

Costa Ricans use the term “Pura Vida” to say goodbye or hello. The company comprises various sources of handcrafted bracelets and accessories from artisans around the world. These are simple, bright, and colourful creations. The founders, amazed by the craftsmanship of the Costa Rican people, got the idea to transform their craft into beautiful products that encourage us to appreciate simple treasures in life. To them, these bracelets were not just some piece of art but rather a symbol of love and affection. Getting to know about this art from the Costa Ricans, Paul and Griffin also had in mind thoughts about performing charity work for the skilled workers of the region.

What does the company bring to the customer?

Pura  Vida brings a business model by the name  Shop Pura Vida as a company that encourages people towards a simple life by bringing them close to their friends and their loved ones. It also brings moral values to its customers that can be reflected in their lives through purity and self-consciousness.

Pura Vida started with artistic handmade bracelets, but the brand now makes various kinds of fashion jewellery including necklaces, chokers, earrings, silver rings, gold rings, and many more. Many of the pieces are crafted using .925 Sterling Silver also available on the Amazon e-commerce website, which is produced in the domain of special editions for a limited number of customers.

Why are Pura Vida bracelets so exorbitant?

The bracelets are an ideogram of the Pura Vida lifestyle, they are handmade and accordingly need to be conscientiously looked upon. The company watches like a hawk on customer demand and works in an itemised manner keeping its customer into thought. 

With time the brand became a way of living that attracted millions of girls and women worldwide furthermore, their high price tag is a result of their durability, elegance, and meaning.

Are Pura Vida bracelets worthwhile?

Pura Vida bracelets are made of high-quality waxed string and are adjustable. They have an assorted sense of style and correspondingly match your choice and personality.They are simple accessories that go with your preferences and can last a lifetime. They are lightweight and fashionable.

About the company’s ethicality 

Pura Vida is indeed an ethical and legitimate company. The company ensures that it stays faithful and verifiable to its cause and purposes to promote pure life among its bracelet wearers.In this modern world of business and trading, competitors do uphold negative questions about the company but the company’s true legitimacy lies in its customers that truly acknowledge the product and its noble cause. 

Pura Vida isn’t just a collection of ordinary bracelets but is a reminder of the best part of life around us. Customers understand the true meaning of originality and ingenuity despite any unusual claims or duplicates. It always stands auditable and empirical to its cause.The company is famed for its charity work that very few businesses carry out, especially operating at a large scale. The company constitutes by its core values of life. The artisans being paramount in the business need to be given back. The company now works with 300 artisans worldwide which began with 2 artisans Jorge and Joaquin

The company is worth over $100 million and has donated over $2 million to more than 175 charity partners. The company donates %5 percent of the purchased price to charity partners after each quarter of a year is ended.


Pura Vida is a company standing on its firm objectives of social beliefs and legitimacy. With the idea of transforming the culture of handmade products of Costa Rica Paul Goodman, and Griffin Thall created a balance between profit and their business mission.The ongoing programs sought to help artisans and charity organizations for a better future and lifestyle. In the era of business, this is rare which showcases them distinctive.They work on moral beliefs and are thrived by life’s true meaning.

Frequently asked questions

1)What is Pura Vida?

A)Pura Vida Bracelets is a La Jolla, California-based company created by friends and co-founders Paul Goodman and Griffin.

2) Is Pura Vida ethical?


3) Which product does the company sell?

A)The products include all kinds of fashion jewelry including necklaces, chokers,earrings, cuffs, silver rings, gold rings, waverings, and more.

4) Where did the idea of this product originate from?

A)Costa Rica in 2010.

5) Does Pura Vida donate to charity?

A)Yes, the company donates %5 percent of the purchased price to charity partners after each quarter of a year is ended.

Is Pura Vida Ethical?

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