Can you buy a Mcdonald’s toy?

The McDonald’s toys are a unique attraction for the children, promoting the Happy meal offer since it was started. McDonald’s has started the Happy Meal in the year 1979. When we were children, the only motive behind buying this Happy meal was to get those cool cartoon character toys. But can customers purchase the toys without having a Happy meal? The article explains ‘Can you buy a Mcdonald’s toy?’.

Can you buy a Mcdonalds toy?

How can buy a Mcdonald’s toy?

Along with the Happy Meal only, it had started giving the meal toys. The meal toys are not sold exclusively in the stores without the meal. However, there are various ways by which one can avail of the toy without buying the Happy meal. 

The cost of the toys without the Happy meal goes a little up, but with the Happy meal, it’s usually less. The price of the toys without a happy meal is generally two dollars approximately.

Online purchasing options:

Nowadays, online retailing websites have made people’s lives easier for having any item they want. Just one click helps us have our essential items delivered to our doorsteps quickly and in a short time. The McDonald’s meal toys are available on various online retailing websites such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook marketplace. 

So, people can directly buy them from these websites. The toys available on these websites now are generally of an old edition. The new ones may not be available, but if you look into the websites at the right time, then you might get the new toys as well or if any person sells them on specific other websites.

There are various other websites from which one can purchase these toys, but one needs to search for them online. These websites sometimes give various discounts for these toys if your timing is right. 

Purchasing options directly from the stores:

Customers still go to the stores to have those cool toys. There are several types of toys for both boys and girls. Only a specific number of toys are sold without the meals. A customer can’t go to the store and ask for the entire meal toys available. There is no specific policy for the sale of these toys.

From the stores directly also one can purchase. Customers can request the store managers to buy these toys in the local stores without buying the Happy Meal. But it’s totally up to the managers, and they can often deny the exclusive purchase of these toys. Sometimes, if the toy is from the limited edition collection, they would not purchase it.

One can also request for the exchange of the specific toy they want with the  Happy meal, which the store worker may deny based on the product’s availability. But if there is enough stock of all the toys, then the store worker won’t deny it. However, again only certain toys can only be exchanged as it is not allowed to purchase the toys from the stores. But by requesting the managers, also. Customers can exchange specific toys.

Purchase of the entire Mcdonald’s meal set:

The entire set of Happy Meals can not be purchased from the stores because of the limitation in the stocks. However, some of the collections can definitely be availed by requesting the managers.  From the websites, some of the toys can be purchased. The toys are exclusively made with very limited editions. Hence, it is great to have them on your toy shelve, and they are worth having.                          

The future of McDonald’s toys:

As the entire world is approaching a more green and sustainable environment, McDonald’s has also started adopting the ways. It has decided that it would be manufacturing more sustainable toys. Also, it would be changing its packaging style; it will be using the package items from plant-based materials. Along with this, it would also start making the various movie characters with 3-D cut-out parts instead of making the toys with plastic.

Hence, it has decided to drop the idea of making plastic-made toys and thus has stepped towards making the world safe and green.


McDonald’s toys are the main ingredient of Happy meal, and it has promoted the meal very successfully from the day it was launched among children especially. And yes, MacDonald’s toys can definitely be purchased without the Happy meal. There are various ways by which it can be done, as mentioned below. From the online websites, the toys can be purchased. Like Amazon, eBay, Facebook marketplace, etc. It can be purchased from the stores directly, requesting the store worker or the store manager. Exchange of the toys from the Happy meal can also be done by requesting the store manager, but only certain toys can be exchanged.

Mcdonald’s has decided to adopt a sustainable and green method. It has decided to drop the idea of plastic-made toys.

Can you buy a Mcdonald’s toy?

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