What is Amazon? – know more

E-commerce platforms have been dominating the purchase habit of people for nearly a decade. E-commerce apps have changed the purchasing habits of people all across the world. Online buying offers discounts and a return facility if the customer is not satisfied with the delivered item. In America, a large segment of people relies on online marketplaces to purchase a product. It is very crucial to prefer a trusted brand for online shopping. Let’s know What is Amazon?

What is Amazon?

Amazon is a giant e-commerce platform that operates all across the world. It sells every single commodity-related domestic requirement or official purpose. Some of the most popular items listed on Amazon include cosmetic products, electronic gadgets, apparel, jewelry items, kitchen items, toys, and several healthcare products. Besides an e-commerce platform, they provides other services too such as OTT platform, cloud computing service, music streaming, artificial intelligence, grocery delivery service, and virtual assistant technology.

What products does Amazon offer?

Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform in terms of market capitalization. It claims to offer every single commodity as per the need of its clients. Numerous offline vendors list their products under any of the below-mentioned categories;

  • Pet supplies
  • Office equipment
  • Cosmetic and healthcare items
  • Gardening and outdoor products
  • Electronic gadgets and appliances
  • Home décor and improvement items
  • Apparel and jewelry
  • Handmade crafts
  • Musical instruments
  • Toys and video games
  • Kitchen items
  • Books and magazines
  • Child care products
  • Travel accessories 

Does Amazon offer any discounts?

Amazon is the largest marketplace and hence there is no limit on discounts. They offers multiple discounts offers to reach out to more clients. They allows discounts via promotional offers, seasonal discounts, sales, discounts, or cashback on making payments via credit cards issued by multiple banks. Discounts can also be availed by using a promotional code. In addition,it allows discounts on the selected products via Today’s Deal offer. On average, clients can enjoy an almost 20% to 30% discount during an ongoing sale. There is not a fixed discount rate, discounts allowed by Amazon keep fluctuating regularly.

What is the Return Policy of Amazon?

Purchased items can be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase. In most cases, clients are required to pay for the return shipment. The product must not get damaged while placing a return request. The item to be returned must be unused and new. Customers are required to hold all the original documents such as warranty papers, original packaging, purchase receipt, and other documents that were delivered along with the product. Movie, TV shows, and Music are not eligible to return. Musical instruments, video games, gaming consoles, books, electronic items, pet products, kitchen products, etc. can’t be returned once purchased. Return can be initiated for apparel, jewelry, etc. can be returned. 

What is the Refund Policy of Amazon?

Both Amazon and listed vendors use Amazon as a marketplace. Below-mentioned the refund mechanism of both party’s;

Refunds against Amazon (FBA) orders: Refunds would be initiated into a bank account or would be via a demand draft. In case of demand draft, the customer support executive will reach out to the client to ask the address on which demand draft would be mailed

Refunds against seller’s orders: The seller will initiate the refund if the product can’t be replaced. Refunds will be issued to the client’s bank account or via NEFT. Customers are highly suggested to update their bank account as per the Amazon account from which the product is to be returned

What are other offered Services by Amazon?

It offers several other products and services to its clients. Below-mentioned the details of some of the businesses offered by them;

Amazon Prime: Users can watch numerous categories of national and international web series, drama, serials, movies, and TV shows. A subscription needs to be paid to have access to it’s Prime

Amazon Alexa: It offers a virtual assistant based on voice commands. Alexa can be used for multiple purposes such as making a call, listening to music, and getting the daily news and weather updates

Amazon Fresh: It is an online marketplace for purchasing varieties of grocery items. Orders made via Amazon Fresh can be delivered within 2 hours 

Amazon Audible: Users can listen to their favorite audiobooks by using it’s audible. Users are required to pay a subscription fee to access Amazon audible

Amazon Web Services: Their Web Services is a cloud computing platform. It can be used to store data. It provides services such as remote computing and storage networking


It has emerged as a leader in the e-commerce sector. It offers varieties of products under multiple categories. It allows various discount offers that keep fluctuating throughout the year. In addition, it offers sales on their products it offers a 30 days return policy. Some of the offered products can’t be returned but are eligible for a replacement. It doesn’t issue cash refunds, instead, it transfers funds via NEFT or via a demand draft. However, shipping charges can’t be refunded until the client is a prime member or the seller had shipped a wrong, damaged, or defective piece. Apart from e-commerce, It offers various other services too such as it’s Prime, Audible, Fresh, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does Amazon Sell authentic items?

Yes, Amazon has maintained a brilliant track record of delivering original and genuine products. However, sometimes delivered products turn out to be a damaged ones which can be returned.

2) How much time does Amazon take to deliver products?

Amazon claims to deliver the order within 5 days from the order date. In case of delay delivery could take up to 8 to 10 days.

3) Does Amazon refund shipping charges?

Amazon Prime members are entitled to get a refund against shipping costs. If the order was processed by a vendor, a refund against shipping charges will only be issued if the customer has received a damaged or incorrect product.

What is Amazon? – know more

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