Lazada Customer Service – Know more

Lazada Group is a leading international company in southeast Asia, developing an online marketplace. Lazada was founded on 27th March 2012, and Its headquarters is in southeast Asia with over 6 branches in different locations. Let’s have a look at ‘Lazada Customer Service’.

Lazada Customer Service

Lazada Customer service

In the bid for Lazada to provide a greater amount of shopping performance for customers, the Lazada group has created various services to enhance the satisfaction of customers. Read on to catch on the amazing services Lazada created in other to improve the delight of their various customers. 

Services Instituted To Enhance Customer Satisfaction


Due to the increase in customer orders, the Lazada group invented the use of ChatBot to efficiently answer general questions about their services that customers may be prone to ask.

Choice of Consumers

Lazada has made it possible for customers and consumers to pick where they shop for products. It has provided them with the choice to choose either to shop on their mobile application or their desktop websites at their convenience.

Payment Systems

For the sole aim of creating a better shopping experience for buyers, the Lazada group opened up to offer many payment systems like,

Cash On Delivery. This enables customers to pay on the arrival of their goods, just to ease the mind of the buyers. 

Lazada Wallet. This payment method allows customers to make payments straight from their lazada wallet without going through cumbersome stress just to make payments. 

Credit And Debit. The card makes it possible for payments to be made internationally with the use of different card options like Visa, Mastercard, JCB, and American Express.

Instalment Payment For Credit And Non-Credit Card Holders. These tool suits buyers who do not have complete cash to make a one-time payment. It helps them to pay parts of the money till they are fully done with their payments. The specific time for the completion of the payment is also flexible, they offer 3-months period, 6-months period, 9-months period, 12-months period, 18-months period, 24-months period and even 36-months period of payments.

Lazada made this available for the sole aim of the satisfaction of their customers. 

Logistics Service

Retailers are limited to focusing on providing the appropriate products and information to their buyers to ensure Customers are careful attended to, while Lazada group handles tasking procedures like shipping, payment methods and refunds.

Refund Policy

This is another innovative tool introduced to promote customer delight and satisfaction. Customers can get refunds based on the various refund types which includes;

Refund from return

This avenue has helped lots of customers return products that do not meet their requirements or other possible reasons and get refunds once the goods get to the warehouse and QC is completed.

Refunds from canceled orders

This service helps customers get their refund process started, once the cancellation of their orders are successful.

Refunds from failed transactions

This process is triggered once the products get to the merchants. Mostly this takes more time, based on the shipping or the shipping address. While at it, there are terms and conditions for this service. 

Establishment Of Lazmall

Considering how common it is to buy inferior products in Southeast Asia, and how increasingly important customers do not want to buy from fake merchants, Lazada initiated Lazmall to retrieve the faith consumers have lost in e-commerce, with the use of their thorough authenticity check for products and merchants alike.

Furthermore, Lazmall was created to ensure the originality of distributor brands and branded goods accordingly.


Lazada group is the largest e-commerce group in southeast Asia, with lots of creative methods to enhance consumer’s e-commerce experience, which has also been workable with their merchants. Having an online shop in Lazada is not as expensive as some other e-commerce platforms.

With the establishments and surveys Lazada group has launched so far, Asia will soon take over e-commerce all over the world as Lazada keeps expanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Lazmall?

Lazmall is an essential marketplace instituted by Lazada to control the sales of inferior products and promote the consumer’s interest and delight.

Who Founded Lazada?

Lazada was originally Instituted by Maximilian Bittner, Mads Faurholt, Stefan Bruun and Raphael Strauch with the support of Rocket Internet. It is a subsidiary of the famous Alibaba group.

How Does Lazada Work?

Firstly, the Lazada group leverages known and emergent technologies to create a great experience in the e-commerce world.

It presents a marketplace version, where retailers put up different kinds of goods and products in their online shop for the consumption of buyers.

What Kind Of Product Is Sold In Lazada?

Lazada deals in electronics, baby clothes, household items, cosmetics, wine and lots of other things.

How Does Lazada Make Money Then?

Lazada gets a commission of 1& to 5% of product purchases.

What Is The Difference Between Lazada and Lazmall?

Lazada group is an international marketplace for sellers and consumers.

While Lazmall is an efficient mall created by the Lazada group to guarantee the originality of international brands and products for the purchase of branded goods by customers.

Lazada Customer Service – Know more

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