Is NVC Jewelry Real? – Read to know

Jewelry is a luxury product usually purchased to portray affluence, value, and importance. When making a choice of brand, uniqueness, and quality tend to be the watchword. NVC jewelry knew this fact and they took advantage of it. Let’s discuss ‘Is NVC Jewelry Real?’.

Is NVC Jewelry Real?

Is NVC Jewelry Real?

Yes, NVC jewelry is real. 

NVC, coined from the initials of the brand owner Nataliya V. Collister, is a jewelry brand known for its unique ability to make anyone wearing it outstand from the crowd.

The products are mostly made from sterling silver and 14k gold-filled wire. These raw materials are widely known for their excellent properties that gave rise to their uniqueness in jewelry production. 

Sterling silver

Sterling silver by chemical composition, consists of silver and copper in the ratio of 92.5% and 7.5% respectively. 

Silver exists in nature as a transition metal, known for its comparative scarcity, brilliant white color, malleability, ductility and resistance to atmospheric oxygen. 

Comparative scarcity:

They are rarely found in nature, and the reason they are referred to as precious stones. They mostly exist as ores with other metals and can be gotten in their pure form using chemical processes. These alloys of silver tend to provide extra qualities that made them much more desirable.


Silver metal is majorly known for its Lustre look which makes them beautiful and attractive. This glossy look, however, can tarnish easily. The metal alloy (sterling silver) made up for this insufficiency, giving the metal a long-lasting glossy look. 


Natural silver are easily beaten into shapes. Jewelries like rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings can therefore be made available in different shapes and sizes. The metal alloy provides extra strength that despite its malleability, it will not fall apart. 

Sterling silver has many advantages that made it a better option for jewelry production than ordinary silver.

Ordinary SilverSterling silver
Very malleable but brittleVery malleable, but not brittle. It does not fall apart.
Has an iconic shine that tarnishes with time. It has an iconic shine that lasts for long. 
High qualityIt has a higher quality due to the extra toughness provided by the alloy. 
It’s not very light and customizableThe alloy made it quite light and customizable. 
It’s not very comfortable on the skinUnlike other alloys of silver, it can stay on the skin for long without causing any form of discomfort.


Sterling silver is stamped 925, a symbol of quality according to US laws. This means it contains 92.5% pure silver with the remaining containing the alloy. Pieces of jewelry without this stamp are generally referred to as fake. NVC jewelry is well stamped. 

The 14k Gold-filled wire

 The 14k gold filled wire is known for its higher quality than the 14k gold plated

Gold, just like silver, has all the transition elements characteristics that made it a better metal for jewelry production.

These characteristics include higher Lustre, desirable yellow color, tarnish resistance, and ability to be cast into shapes. 

The 14k gold is a tube of gold that has been filled with a brass metal in the ratio of 58.3% and 41.7% alloy. 12k and 10k gold filled exists too. The jeweler’s brass (consisting of 90% Copper and 10% Zinc) is wrapped around the 14k gold. This results to a thick layered metal and is responsible for its higher durability. It can survive being worn every day for a lifetime. Unlike the 14k gold-plated which is formed by dipping a specially prepared metal object into a chemical solution. This results in a very thin layer of gold sticking to the surface of that metal. 

The 14k gold-filled, therefore, contains 100x more gold compared to the 14k gold-plated jewelry. This high gold content confers more gold properties to it, making it a better option for jewelry production. 

The following are the difference between a 14k gold plated and a 14k gold filled Jewelry:

14k gold-plated14k gold-filled wire
Contains less amount of goldContains more amount of gold
Are only deposited on the alloy and can tarnish easilyThe two components are strongly bond together with heat and pressure. They can last for a life time. 
Has lesser qualityThey produce higher quality jewelry. 


The 14k gold-filled wire is stamped 14k, a symbol of real quality according to US law. Fake items are generally not stamped.

In addition to these, NVC incorporates beads, faceted gemstones, Venetian glass, freshwater pearls, and semi-precious and precious gemstones in her original designs.


NVC is generally known for its uniqueness. This is because Nataliya designs the pieces of jewelry in her home studio in Kingston, Jamaica. She has a unique creative ability that has a way of making anyone outstand from the crowd with her one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. 

According to her, “my inspiration comes from the color and shape of the semiprecious stones, crystals, glass beads, pearls and shells which I use to make my jewelry”


The pieces of jewelry are quite affordable, not because of inferiority or fakeness, but rather, the fact that she uses her own studio and creates her designs herself. This reflects in the price of her products; it’s her strength over her competitors.


Every brand has its style in business that makes them different from others. NVC jewelry combined the power of both genuineness, uniqueness, and affordability to give their customers the best value for their money.

Is NVC Jewelry Real? – Read to know

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