How to testify is gold jewelry real?

All that glitters is not always gold. However, by following certain tips you can avoid purchasing fake ones. Ideally, certified gold jewelry would be a reliable and authentic way of recognizing its purity. So let’s know ‘How to testify is gold jewelry real?’ in this article.

How to testify is gold jewelry real?

Handmade gold jewelry depicts the best artwork offered to you. Further, you can choose the machined ones but the handmade gold and platinum jewelry have their aristocracy. The use of gold jewelry existed during the ancient ages of kings and queens. Initially, the gold medal was a symbol of status. However, today’s trend doesn’t appreciate gold jewelry. Rather, cheaper and lighter materials are most favored.

How did the new era evolve?

It was not before 1950 the USA introduced Hallmark stamping for its customers to identify the percentage of gold content. However, in earlier days, gold jewelry was not subjected to verification. However, Hallmarking is a more professional way of doing gold business. Hence, before any purchase gold jewelry better to follow a few steps

What are the steps you need to follow?

  • Presence of Hallmark
  • Using a magnet to testify the authenticity
  • Tampering the gold item
  • Using oil method
  • Use water technique

What is Hallmark? Why do you look for its presence?

A Hallmark is referred to as a professional way to signify the percentage of gold in the item. Moreover, it measures the authenticity of the jewelry you are buying, selling, or gifting. Further, The Hallmark requirement has been adopted all over the world. In Europe, you will find numeric embossing. Whereas, in the USA the K scale is used largely. Its presence can be found on the body or interior of the ornaments. Furthermore, it prevents customers from believing what is being sold.

Guess how Hallmark works?

It is a worldwide accepted fact that gold items below 10 carats or 41.7 % gold are considered fake. Further, in the US system, 24 carats contain 99.9% gold identified as pure gold. Further, 75% gold is present in 18 carats, 58.5% in 17K. Moreover, 41.7% or less do not hold Hallmarks and are considered fake. Further, in Hallmarks you come across the terms GP stands for gold plated, GF for gold-filled, and GEP for gold electroplate.

What do the words karat and carat mean?

The words sound similar, doesn’t it? However, they are quite different in meaning. The legal standard of stamping your gold jewelry for instance 24k, 14k, etc. However, in earlier days, precious gems, stones, or diamonds were measured with carob seeds. Which earned it the name. However, in course of time, it was termed as carat.

How to testify is gold jewelry real in minutes?

Before you approach professionals to testify authenticity of the gold jewelry consider a few tips

  • The presence of Hallmarks gives a proper benchmark to begin the inspection
  • Gold is non-magnetic using a magnet can testify 
  • Using oil methods can be used, real gold will never react to oil
  • To testify to the authenticity of gold, use the water technique. Real gold wound sink. However, adulterated gold would float
  • Real gold won’t fade to wear and tear, or tempering

How do pure gold and white gold differ?

Gold is generally shiny and yellowish. However, because of nickel and other alloys like 75% gold and 25% zinc and nickel, the white variety is more durable. When stamped 18 karats it signifies 75% gold quantity. Further, white gold is an alloy, combining yellow gold, silver, and palladium which makes it silver-white.


Gold jewelry is a woman’s pride because of its eye-catching designs. Moreover, because it is pricey and not trendy, people buy less costly jewelry. However, if you opt you must be aware of its authenticity. Some simple random checking methods are stated above. Further, you know by now how Hallmark could benefit you. Comparatively, the price of gold jewelry is less in the USA. Further, India and China charge more for pure gold. The price is sometimes even lower than Hong Kong deals. The U.S people prefer storing gold coins worth $1948. Furthermore, you have been intimated about how insurance can accommodate your loss of valuables. Wedding rings would be a dazzling memento to commemorate the special day. But beware of breach of the sanctity of the material used.

Frequently asked question
  • If 585 is mentioned it is equivalent to 14K gold containing 58.5 % real gold mixed with other materials.
  • If gold content is less than10 Karat it would be fake
  • Yes, it is possible if you want to exchange your old gold, but in return, it would be measured based on gold content 
  • If you have costly jewelry in your possession, it would be wise to get insurance. In case of theft or unforeseen circumstances, you can acquire legal reimbursement to a certain extent with help of insurance companies. 
How to testify is gold jewelry real?

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