Is Power On Hulu?-What Is Mean By Power Actually? 

Is Power on Hulu? That’s a regular question from every crime series lovers and Hulu subscribers. Recently this question is grabbing the maximum searches on online platforms. In this article we are here to provide information on the question is Power available on Hulu by giving a small description of “Power” too. 

Is Power On Hulu?

What is mean by Power actually? 

Power, by listening this name, you may think that it’s something that related to Physics or physical strength, if you also think so then you are also slipped into mistake! Now you may change your word like this, “then what about political power or money power, something like that?” Yes, now you are right. POWER is the American television series which shows the power and difficulties of both a drug dealer and a common father. 

If you are a series lover and waiting for a perfect crime genre series based on reality to watch, then it’s the best choice for you. This series is full of powerful story line filled with action crime which scooped with emotions and sensitivities that dipped in love and romance. In this story line, “Ghost” character is taken from two men’s real life story.

“Power” firstly telecasted on June 7, 2014 by STARZ streaming services.  And from the released day, it acquired the most positive reviews and turned the audience into lovers.  Within completion of first season Power gained the power among the crime series by giving the different taste from crime genre to audience which results to explore the drama into six seasons. The season lastly aired on February 9, 2020. Yet it almost completed two anniversaries still the show powerfully gaining in attracting the attention of audience.

What’s the story line actually?

Power is actually the story of James alias “Ghost”. Basically, James is the richest person who owned the night club and spending delightful and luxurious life, on the other hand he is the luckiest to have a elegant wife with killing attitude who shows a bundle of love on him and three children who are young and fierce and reflects his behavior as mirror images of him. 

If we look even closer into the life of James then it reveals that James is none other than “Ghost”, who’s the emperor of the drug empire which serves only the rich and everything in the empire will be under his control. Thus, we get to know that James eventually spending a double life and manages it to hide from everyone but failed in front of his wife, Tasha. Ghost wants to leave the drug empire aside to his lifelong friend Tommy and wants to start a peaceful life. On this way he faced threats from his own empire and everything he loves becomes unknowingly threatened. At last he’s out of the illegal life and announced as Lt. Governor, which gives him a solid win. Anyway he sooner aware of his real enemies but terrifyingly he lasts his last breath in arms of his lifelong friend. His friend Tommy, his wife Tasha, his children, and everyone doomed in sadness. 

Is Power available on Hulu?

After hearing the story we can meet up with the questions, How James able to come out from vast drug empire? How a drug dealer can be announced as Lt. Governor? Why he lasted his breath? Who are his enemies and why they filled with grudges against James? And all this questions can be revealed in the series as six seasons. By the following story line “Power” received a powerful notation as “Cable’s Most Watched Series” as well as “Most Reviewed Series.” Now everyone wants to watch it on online platform too, cause of cable problem or any other issues or wants to stream it on streaming apps. Then here’s the answer.

 “Power” is only available on STARZ streaming app, and there’s no other choice is available right there. However, you have the chance to watch “Power” on other streaming apps which allows the addition of STARZ in their network.

 Hulu and Lionsgate made a deal to allow rights to Hulu to show Lionsgate movies, series for two years that means from 2020 and 2021. After that Lionsgate licensed its movies and series to its own cable STARZ. However, Hulu has access to add STARZ in its app, so Hulu subscribers can watch “Power” directly from Hulu.

 Hulu is an American subscription streaming services with majority owned by “The Walt Disney Company” along with “Comcast’s NBC Universal” holding a minority stake. It offers a library of films and television series, shows from network such as ABC, NBC or FX as well as Hulu original programming.

 “As one of the biggest shows on television “Power” undoubtedly appeals to the Hulu audience” said Lisa Holme (Hulu’s Head of Content Acquisition). In order of this, Hulu is the one which allows us to add STARZ in its network to watch “Power” peacefully. 

How to watch “Power” on Hulu?

In order to watch ‘Power’, you have to add STARZ on Hulu. Alright, Hulu provides seven days free trail to new subscribers, and for add supported subscription it costs $6.99 per month and $69.99 per annum. If you are a student and looking for deals, then here, the Hulu providing you add supported subscription only for $1.99. By this price limits Hulu celebrating one of the most affordable streaming services around. 

If you are habitat with add free then you can watch same shows, movies, series, etc, with no ads at $12.99 per month. 

For adding STARZ network is costs an extra charge of $8.99 per month on Hulu. By this you get both Hulu streaming services as well as STARZ streaming services on Hulu itself. What would be better than having all our favorite streaming services right in one place?

You don’t have to worry about extra bills on Hulu and you don’t need to use different streaming apps to track your favorite shows, series, movies, etc. You just need to go through the Hulu credential to go through the live or on demand content, shows, movies, etc, under STARZ network on Hulu.

                                                                                                                    Article writer : Palika. Sai susmitha.

Is Power On Hulu?-What Is Mean By Power Actually? 

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