Does Ferguson Install Appliances?-Know More

Introduction To Ferguson

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There are many companies that supply household facilities, they could be wholesalers or retailers. However, do they assist their customers in making installations or repairs? Here, we are focusing on Ferguson Enterprise, a wholesale distributor of plumbing and household supplies.

Does Ferguson Install Appliances

What Kind Of Company Is Ferguson?

Ferguson is a household enterprise that deals in the supply of plumbing equipment. The company deals in wholesale supplies and offers residential and industrial plumbing tools. Founded in 1953, Ferguson is situated in the United States as the largest distributor of plumbing supplies. 

Not only do they focus on plumbing services, but they also venture into building materials, and household and lighting appliances. Examples of the appliances available are sinks, water heaters, faucets, dishwashers, coffee makers, etc.

Ferguson also partners with plumbing contractors and HVAC companies to grow their businesses. This partnership also helps to provide Ferguson customers with solutions to their plumbing issues.

Ferguson Enterprise has branches in all states in America with over 1000 branches and 28000 business associates.

Does Ferguson Install Appliances For Customers?

Yes. Ferguson assists their customers in installing appliances purchased by them. They also help in making repairs and replacing damaged parts.

This makes it convenient and easy for customers while make purchases. Customers do not have to worry about looking for experts to install or repair appliances they purchase from Ferguson.

Through their online platform, Ferguson enterprise provides an avenue for customers to select and hire from a vast selection of contractors working with the company. Customers can get installation specialists with a single click or call. 

Famous Competitors of Ferguson Enterprise

There are many other companies that are similar to Ferguson. To mention a few, examples of these top competitors are:

  • Kelley Supply is a wholesale company that supplies plumbing, material, valve, and fittings. They also supply and install swimming facilities. Kelley Supply provides job opportunities such as driving, plumbing contracting, sales reps, etc.
  • The Home Depot is plainly a home improvement retailer. The brand deals in providing every material needed for renovating homes, supplying construction tools, lumber, etc. 
  • Johnstone Supply deals in large wholesale distribution of HVAC contractors. They provide an easy and accessible platform for professional HVAC contractors to operate.
  • Hajoca corporations provide heating, industrial and plumbing materials. 

These enterprises are all privately owned and located in the United States. They are widely known just like the Ferguson enterprise. 

Does Ferguson Offer Online Services?

Yes. Ferguson offers online services through Formerly known as Ferguson Online, the company made improvements to its online platform so as to provide easy e-commerce existence to its customers. 

To have access to online shopping, you have to go straight to the official website of Ferguson. You can access it on the website or download the mobile app.

Click on the ‘Get started’ option to create a new account. Proceed to fill in the necessary information and log in to your new account.

There is easy navigation and you have access to varieties of products and services. You can easily place your orders, make payments and get your purchase delivered to you.

Payment Methods For Purchases Made In Ferguson

To make payments on purchases made on Ferguson, you have to make sure you have a functioning Ferguson account. First, you have to apply for Commercial Credit with Ferguson. You fill out the registration form provided to you. Note that you must be the authorized owner of the account.

It takes about 48 hours of working hours to get approved for online payment. After the approval, you proceed to request Online Bill Pay. To make payment after approval, click on the ‘Pay Your Bills’ option.


Ferguson Enterprises is a wholesale distributor for household supplies such as plumbing materials, construction materials, etc.

They also deal in the sales of many electrical appliances.

An outstanding service that Ferguson renders is the availability of plumbing contractors, specialists, etc to cater to their customers’ needs.

Both online and physical stores are available for buying and selling Ferguson products.


How do I find a Ferguson store close to me?

There are Ferguson showrooms all around the United States. Ferguson has a showroom locator on its website. To make your search easier, you can insert your zip code into the locator. This helps you to locate a local branch close to you.

What mode of payment is accepted in Ferguson?

You can pay for your orders with cash in Ferguson walk-in stores. Orders made online are paid with a debit/credit card through the ‘Pay My Bill’ option.

Can I get my appliances installed for me?

Yes. If you purchase plumbing supplies or appliances on Ferguson, you can have specialists install them for you. This also applies to making repairs.

If needed, you can contact the Ferguson support center through the numbers or links available on the website.

Does Ferguson Install Appliances?-Know More

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