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Lowe’s has been in operation since1921. Lucius Smith Lowe’s Started the retail company, which has since grown to be one of the largest hardware companies in the world. 

Its surpassing competitor is Home Depot.

About Lowe's

Does Lowe’s Cut Glass?

Lowe’s has various types of mirrors. It cuts glass mirrors for free for those who purchase them at their stores or online platforms. However, Lowe’s charges $5 for sophisticated cuts. Lowes takes the extra mile to ensure that customers are happy with their products.

Alternate Glass Cutting Companies and Their Contacts

Glass Door1-888-355-9323
Ace Hardware877-397-5144
Atlanta Glass Company770-872-6122
Houston Glass Services832-341-5644
Sterling Cut Glass1-800-543-1317
Warsaw Cut Glass574-267-6581

Steps to Order a Customized Mirror

  1. Buy a mirror at Lowe’s by visiting their store or buying it online. Lowe’s has a variety of mirrors. Ensure to check their website to see if the desired type is in stock. An individual may be unsure of the kind of glass they want. Lowe’s’s assistants will help them to reach a decision. 
  2. Give the exact measurements to a Lowes associate. 

One may have to be patient with their order. Sometimes, the staff may have other prior orders, or the staff may not be present.

NB: Not all Lowe’s offers glass cutting services. First, a customer should confirm with the store near them before buying from them. Also, consult Lowe’s because it has the discretion to determine whether to charge or not to charge. It depends on the complexity of the service.

Lowe’sGlass Replacement

If a client needs to replace glass at their home, Lowe’s staff can come to their home to measure the glass. An individual can then buy a glass and call Lowes for replacement.

Lowe’s also offers services for extensive cuts. One should call Lowe’s in advance on 1-800-444-1408 if there is an extra cost for this service.

Types of Lowe’sGlass Cuts

  • Lowe’sWindow Glass Cut

Lowe’s cuts window glasses that are 3/32 inch or 1/8 inch thick. The cut can either be modern or traditional in style. The glasses are in different measurements, widths, and designs.

  • Lowe’sCustom Made Glasses

Glasses come in different forms, and sometimes Lowes may not have the type one requires. But they have a range of tools to ensure that a customer gets the glass they desire. 

  • Lowe’s glass shelf

Lowe’s can also cut glass shelves. But choose the correct width because the thickness is unchangeable.

  • Lowe’sGlass Tiles

Be precise with the measurements so that Lowes can best assist you.

  • Table Tops Glasses

Lowe’s specializes in tempered or frosted glasses, making it easy to cut tabletops. However, consult the store associate on the thickness of the glass. The width needs to be something Lowes can cut. Their different stores have limits in the width it cuts.

  • Frames for Glasses

Lowe’s has their back if a prospective customer breaks their picture glass. If a customer gives Lowe’s the exact measurement, it will cut their glass frame. But ideally, a customer should take their frames to Lowes to ascertain the dimensions. 

Other Lowe’s Competitors

Ace hardware$2 per cut
At-home kits$12.99-$24.99
Assisted and DIY stations$0-$5
Other local glass cutting companies$2-$25

Please Note: The Lowes Glass cutting company is different from Low e glass or low emission glass. Low e glass is a type of glass that has thermal insulation properties.

Tips from Lowes Glass on Window Replacement

When choosing a window, there are several factors one should consider. Beyond the appearance, look for a functional window that appeals to the eye as well. It should be a window that one can easily preserve and clean. Also, consider the amount of light the window lets in.

Features of the window include the following:

  • Window sill
  • Stile
  • Rail
  • Head jamb
  • Window grills
  • Side jamb
  • Sash

Lowe’s Guide to Clean Windows

  • Ran clean water through the window, starting from its upper side to the Lower side.
  • Then follow this by mixing a few drops of baby shampoo or vinegar in water. Gently clean the window, starting with horizontal strokes then vertical strokes.
  • Avoid letting the solution sit for too long. Immediately rise to avoid stains. 
  • Then dry the window. 
  • Lastly, wipe the frame and the window sill with a dry, lint-free cloth.  


DIY helps an individual save a few coins. But Lowe’s has cheap offers for you. 

One will cut a glass personally and spend more if they temper with the glass, needing replacement services. It is not just about measuring and cutting the glass; it’s also about tact. 


  1. What Other Types of Glasses Does Lowes Cut?
  • Acrylic glass
  • Beveled glass
  • Frosted glass
  • PVC
  • Glass blocks
  1. Does Lowes Cut Plexiglass?

No. Call other glass cutting companies if you need these services.

  1. How many glass-cutting stores does Lowes own?

Lowes owns about 2,719 stores.

About Lowe’s-Read More About It

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