Does ADP Have A Retirement Or Pension Plan?-Read To Know


Automatic Data Processing, Inc (ADP) was founded in 1949 in Paterson, New Jersey, United States by Henry Taub operating in the business services and software industry with its headquarter in Roseland, New Jersey, United States. ADP provides its customer with payroll, HR services, tax services, etc, and has employed over 50, 000 employees, and its official website is  ADP has a retirement or pension plan for businesses and individuals to choose from for their employees depending on what they prefer and for a self-employed individual.

Does ADP Have A Retirement Or Pension Plan?

ADP helps businesses with the design of the plans and helps them decide on the plan that will maximize the benefits of the business and that of their employees and help their employees as they plan for their future. 

ADP retirement or pension plan 

ADP provides the businesses that work with them a retirement or pension plan and services that help their business manage their pension and benefit their employees. 

  1. How to check for employee eligibility in ADP retirement or pension plan 

For a business that wants to add more employees to their ADP retirement plan or want to check if any of its employees is ineligible, they have to confirm their eligibility or that of their employees in the plan by visiting 

  1. ADP retirement or pension plans 

Below are some types of plans available for businesses in ADP retirement or pension plan.

401 (k) 

Employees of a business can make pension contributions each month from their earnings to their accounts and the employer matches the amount they contribute each month. The employer decides for the employees the investment option to participate in. A business can use the 401 (k) calculate to get the rough estimates of how much they are to pay for the retirement plan. The calculator requires the business to fill in gross pay of an employee and frequency of payment, the state the business operates, employees federal information, state information, 401 (k) information which include the amount the employee and the business contributes, and whether the employee is above 50 years old, any voluntary deductions made, whether they want a report or not, and then click on calculate to get the estimates.  

Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees 

This plan is available for small businesses. Contributions are made by both the employer and the employees with employee contribution tax postponed. In this plan, a business benefit from lesser compliance requirements, has no minimum number of people to be involved in, charges an administration fee of $480, and has less paperwork as compared to 401 (k) plans.


This plan is available for persons who are self-employed and small businesses. This plan provides business or an individual with flexibility in contributions to be made, deductions are made from the employer’s income, no fillings are required for compliance purposes, and one can pay tax later.  

Benefits of ADP retirement or pension plan 

Retirement or pension plans offered to employees by ADP ensure they save for their retirement and they do not end up being a burden to their family, friends, society, or state after their retirement to cater for their basic needs. ADP variety of retirement or pension plans offers businesses affordable plans to choose from enabling businesses to also save in the process. 

  • In case a pensioner loses their lives, their beneficiary gets to receive the pension that they had been contributing in the ADP retirement or pension plan hence the pensioner savings will not be lost even after they are gone. 
  • Saving for a retirement or pension plan with ADP ensures the employee after retirement maintains their dignity and can do the things they used to do or keep up with the lifestyle they were used to when they were employed. 
  • Businesses with ADP retirement or pension plan can preserve and encourage their employees more since the employees feel their employer care for their future with ADP offering them a variety of plans they can choose from depending on their preferences.  

How to get an ADP retirement or pension plan?

A business in need of a pension or retirement plan for their employees from ADP can be able to get a quote for their plan by either calling 844-930-2515 or visiting under the retirement services select Start Quote or at the bottom of the page go to Get Started. An individual will be required to enter their name, email address, phone number, business name, number of employees, their address, click on whether you are an ADP customer or not, and click on Start Quote. 


The ADP retirement or pension plan is a great way for businesses to help their employees plan and save for their future after retirement as they will end up benefiting from monthly pension payments that they will use to live their lives after retirement. The businesses get to benefit too from retaining their employees who are guaranteed future benefits after retirement saving the money they could use to recruit a new workforce. 

Does ADP Have A Retirement Or Pension Plan?-Read To Know

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