Jeep First Responder Discount

Loyalty and reward programs are marketing strategies that various stores are now embracing to attract various groups of people to their stores to buy their products and services and save. The program is either applied to all products and services offered or select products and services. The beneficiaries in the program can be any customer or a select group of customers as determined by the store. To know about ‘Jeep First Responder Discount – read here!

Jeep First Responder Discount

Jeep First Responder Discount

Jeep offers a $500 first responder discount to eligible persons to be applied on the purchase or lease price of select eligible 2021 and 2022 Jeep vehicles models sold by Jeep qualified dealers. The discount is provided as a show of gratitude and honor to the services that these persons offer to the United States. The program terms and conditions are set by Jeep and it is at Jeep’s discretion to change or alter any part. 


Individuals eligible for this discount

To be considered eligible and benefit from the Jeep first responder discount, one has to be either a police officer, Sherriff, officers in correctional facilities, federal law enforcement officers, state troopers, firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, and their spouses categorized under law enforcement, EMTs and Fire. One needs to provide proof of their membership when shopping to qualify for the discount. 

Verifying eligibility for this discount

To verify individual eligibility to participate in the Jeep first responder discount, Jeep partnered with the SheerID and uses the SheerID verification tool. 

An eligible individual has to first visit under the program information. Then select Get Authorization Number which will direct the person to Here a form will be presented for the person to fill out their first responder type i.e. law enforcement, EMT, or firefighter, the organization they are working with, their name, date of birth, valid email address, then finally click on Verify You’re an active first responder. SheerID will then send the Authorization number to the persons’ email address that will be used when one is making purchases at Jeep authorized dealer to be applied to the purchase price of eligible Jeep brands. 

Jeep brands eligible for first responder discount 

This discount has outlined the Jeep vehicle brands that an eligible individual can apply the discount. The discount is limited to purchases and leases of 2022 brands of Jeep Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer, Compass, Grand Cherokee (excluding 4xe), Grand Cherokee L, Gladiator, and Wrangler, and 2021 brands of Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Grand Cherokee L, Gladiator, and Wrangler. 

How to apply the Jeep first responder discount?

If an individual has been verified and has received the Authorization number in their email addresses, they need to visit the nearest Jeep participating dealer in the U.S. The person then shops and selects the vehicle they would like to buy or lease and ensure it is among the eligible vehicles in the discount program, and then present the code and any other documentation required to confirm their eligibility status when making payment for the vehicle. The discount will then be deducted from the purchase or lease price of the vehicle. 

Terms and Conditions

To qualify for the discount program, an individual must verify their first responder status and receive an Authorization number that will be applied to the eligible Jeep vehicle during checkout at authorized Jeep dealers. 

Qualified individuals must be members of the law enforcement, EMTs, and Firefighters to be qualified for the Jeep first responder discount and must provide proof of their status. 


The discount does not apply to the purchase or lease price of all Jeep vehicles but for select eligible Jeep vehicle brands participating in the first responder discount program. 

The discount can only be used for Jeep vehicles bought or leased from Jeep authorized dealers in the United States. 

The Jeep first responder discount Authorization number cannot be used by an eligible individual who wants to lease or buy 2021 brand Jeep Gladiator Rubicon, Gladiator Mojave, Wrangler Rubicon, and Wrangler 4xe.


The eligible verified individual gets to purchase or lease their preferred Jeep vehicle while saving on the purchase price when they use the discount code. 

Making available the Jeep first responder discount enables Jeep to attract more customers classified as first responders increasing their sales and hence increasing income. This also helps to increase the brand visibility of Jeep and be able to compete. 

The Jeep first responder discount enables the qualified persons to feel the care that Jeep provides as they offer their services to their country and get to also enjoy driving in Jeep vehicles.   O IS CONSIDERED A FIRST R


Setting up a discount program for the first responder individuals to buy or lease Jeep vehicles helps Jeep penetrate this market and increase its presence. As the program gets to be known by more people, more referrals are made increasing the number of customers that Jeep serves. Such a program is a great initiative for Jeep as it gets to give back to the community enabling eligible members to enjoy their purchases or leases while saving their hard-earned money. 

Jeep First Responder Discount

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