Return Policy of Denver Mattress

In this article, we are going to see the return policy of the Denver Mattress.


Denver Mattress Company was founded in 1995 by Barney Visser with its headquarters in Denver, Colorado with over 90 store locations in 30 states in the United States. Denver Mattress specializes in manufacturing, distributing, and retailing mattresses to their customers. Ensuring customers of quality and comfort as they sleep and offering competition to other competitors.

Return Policy of Denver Mattress

 The Denver Mattress return policy assures the customer of good sleep using the Denver Mattress and in case the mattress does not meet their comfort they are allowed to return it for a refund or exchange. The customer must adhere to the set return period by Denver Mattress which guarantees the customer exchange or refund percentage as it is set in the return policy. The customer must also make sure the mattress is in a good condition before requesting any return either to the Denver Mattress store or to Denver Mattress Processing Center. 

Content of Denver Mattress return policy

Denver Mattress return period 

The customer is guaranteed by Denver Mattress a one-year return period for the mattress from the date they bought the mattress from Denver Mattress if they are not happy with the quality of the mattress or any other factor that might lead to their dissatisfaction. 

Refund percentage in Denver Mattress return policy 

Denver Mattress has set up the refund percentage for the mattresses returned by customers based on the time taken to return the purchase.

  • If the customer returns the mattress to Denver Mattress within four months of buying the mattress and has stayed with it for a minimum of 30 days, the customer gets 100% refunded or exchanged.
  •  For a customer who returns the mattress to Denver Mattress after four months to eight months of buying it, Denver Mattress will not refund the customer. The customer will be granted 75% credit towards the exchange of the mattress and will have to cater for the remaining 25%. 
  • The mattress is returned to Denver mattress after eight months to twelve months, the customer will not receive any refund for it but will be given 50% credit for the exchange and will have to facilitate the other 50% for full exchange to take place.  

Return process to Denver Mattress

The return process and location for Denver Mattress depends on where the customer had previously bought the mattress as outlined below. 

  • Online purchases 

To return a mattress bought online at an individual has to ensure it is in good condition and get in touch with Denver Mattress to request a return. After the approval of the return, the customer takes the package to a carrier and pays the shipment fee to be shipped to Denver Mattress Processing Center. 

  • In-store purchases 

For mattresses bought from Denver Mattress stores, the customer must first make sure the mattress is in good condition then get in contact with the store where they bought it to request a return. The customer then returns the mattress to the Denver Mattress store for the refund or exchange to take place.  

Refund process and period 

The refund process begins once the mattress has been received at the Denver Mattress Processing Center or taken to the Denver Mattress store will confirm its state. If in a good state, the customer should expect to get their refund within 30 days from the date Denver Mattress received their return package.  

Limitations to Denver Mattress return policy 

The limitations put in place by the Denver Mattress return policy ensures the customers understand what they should do or not whenever they require a refund or exchange of their mattress. 

  • The customer who bought Split King, Split Cal King, Full XL, and Twin XL mattresses are not eligible for returns hence cannot receive any form of an exchange or refund from Denver Mattress. 
  • The mattress bought from Denver Mattress can only be exchanged or refunded once. Hence if a customer had already received a refund or exchange they cannot receive it again if they are not satisfied with their mattress purchase. 
  • The customers who bought their mattress in Denver Mattress during a clearance sale are allowed 100% credit to exchange their mattress within 90 days from the day of purchase but no refund will be granted after which no exchange will be accepted. 
  • The customer is required to pay for shipping costs of returning the mattress to Denver mattress which is not refundable unless the reason for returning the mattress is due to the wrong mattress order sent to the customer or the mattress having some manufacturer’s defect. 


Denver Mattress’s return policy ensures the customers’ comfort is met by the mattress they have purchased. The policy also increases the customer trust in Denver Mattress brand quality ensuring return purchases are achieved and referrals to their families and friends increasing Denver Mattress sales hence increasing income. 

Return Policy of Denver Mattress

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