OnStar Customer Service – Read to know

OnStar Corporation is an American subsidiary of General Motors, founded in 1996, and its headquarters are based in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. OnStar provides subscription-based communication services, such as emergency services, hands-free calling, in-vehicle security, turn-by-turn navigation, and remote diagnostics communications. Read to know about OnStar Customer Service!

OnStar Customer Service

OnStar is dedicated to ensuring that its customers get quality services and an assurance of solutions in case of problems and emergencies. The company has many ways that a customer can use to reach out for help; these avenues include FAQs, phone calls, mail, live chats, and the OnStar community. 

OnStar Customer Service

Are you an OnStar customer and want to seek help from the company? Read on. This article shall dig into more details on the major customer services and other related information 


Most of the problems customers experience are related. Over time, OnStar has analyzed the most common and the most frequent problems experienced by the customers, compiled them, and provided written answers to these problems. Customers experiencing issues with the service are advised first to check the FAQs page if their issue is among those resolved. FAQs are accessible on the OnStar website under ‘help and support. If you cannot locate a question similar to yours or want more clarifications, don’t panic, there are other ways to get the answer; read on!

OnStar community

At times, FAQs may be too narrow and unreliable. OnStar community is a platform designed to bring customers together to exchange ideas, share solutions, tips, and troubleshooting advice, and get help from the onboard advisors on all topics. This service has proven helpful to many customers as it is easy to use, and solutions are always guaranteed. This service is also available on the OnStar website under  ‘help and support

Live chats

OnStar live chat technology allows its customers to interact with virtual advisors at any time of the day and get solutions to their queries. Using this platform guarantees quick answers as all the answers are in the system. However, this service may not address all the customer issues 

Phone customer service

The customer may not resolve some issues on their side. These problems require the help of a customer service agent. These agents can be found in the dedicated customer services officers or through phone calls. Through phone calls, the customers interact with the agents, explain their problems, and the agents equipped with the technology to resolve the problem follow and provide a solution on the spot. The OnStar customer service number is 1.888.466.7827

Mail customer service

This is an old-fashioned system but still relevant in this technology-dominated era. Customers can write a letter explaining their problems how they want them resolved and mail it to the company through their address (OnStar Member Service, P.O Box 1027, Warren, MI 48090-1027) 

Other services 

When all the other services are unavailable or inconvenient, there are still some ways to get help. The OnStar website provides other services under ‘help and support, more help.’ These services are specific to vehicle types using the OnStar services. These vehicles include CHEVROLET, GMC, CADILLAC, and BUICK. Clicking any of the types takes you to a support page to post a question and get an instant answer. In addition, the page also has lots of other relevant questions and information.

OnStar Social Media handles

Social media platforms in recent times have proven to be of great help in resolving several issues and questions from customers. OnStar has not been left behind. Its social media handles are active and provide useful product information and attend to customer issues. OnStar channel has numerous video tutorials designed to guide the public through many relevant OnStar services customers can follow these guides and solve the problems independently. OnStar is also on Twitter, where a customer can send a direct message and get assistance within a few minutes on the same thing on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


In conclusion, OnStar has several friendly customer service avenues to interact, launch a complaint, and get assistance on time. Customers can make inquiries through phone calls, emails, live chats, and social media handles


Will OnStar unlock your car for free?

OnStar can remotely unlock your car in a situation where you lock it with the keys inside. All you have to do is phone 1.888.467.7827, and an advisor may save your day. You may also use your mobile app to unlock your vehicle.

What other services can OnStar provide remotely?

While on a trip and something unexpected happens, OnStar will be with you in these situations. Breakdowns, Stolen vehicles, Navigation guide for motorists who lost directions, and medical emergency in case of a medical issue

How do you cancel your OnStar subscription?

Canceling an OnStar subscription is a button push away. If you want to do so, push the blue button to speak with an advisor or call 1.888.466.7827, and you will be served accordingly.

OnStar Customer Service – Read to know

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