Telstra Phone Return Policy – Read to know

 Telstra is international telecommunication with Australian heritage; the company has spread Worldwide and has branches in the most notable spheres, including America. This company major in providing services to many businesses and government carriers. In addition, Telstra also has mobile phone products with various plans, and the common ones are prepaid and postpaid phones. Read to know Telstra Phone Return Policy.

Telstra Phone Return Policy

Telstra Phone Return Policy

Like any other customer-centered company, Telstra has several phone return policies to address different situations arising from faulty products. The dead on arrival (DOA) policy allows a customer to return a device that fails to function immediately after the purchase. On the other hand, the early life failure (ELF) policy allows customers to return devices that stop working a little later after the purchase. In addition, there is also the manufacturer’s warranty 

If you would like to learn more about these policies and others, read on, this article has all the answers you need

 Many situations may lead customers to return the products to the company after purchase. Some of these are adequately handled by the policies laid down, while others may not be covered. Aside from the known policies, Telstra also has consumers’ legal rights referred to as Consumer Guarantees

How to submit a malfunctioned device?

If you recently purchased a product from Telstra and have proven it to be defective, the warranty policy has you cushioned. If the fault is purely manufacturer-related, you are eligible for Device Care Express. The steps to returning a faulty device under this policy are outlined below.

  • Book an appointment online to visit your local Telstra store with your device
  • Entrust your device to the Tech Experts to see if they can fix the problem on the spot
  • If the defect cannot be resolved on the spot and the device is within warranty, the experts will initiate an express device replacement request from Telstra Device Care. 
  • If successful, the replacements will arrive at the requesting store within two days from the day of request.
  • Customers with very dysfunctional devices will be given a temporary device to use as they wait for a resolution.

How to submit a defective device through online means?

Before returning any device, customers are encouraged to go through the troubleshooting steps outlined in the manuals. If the troubleshooting process does not change, customers are advised to send the device via the online form available on the Telstra web. According to the policies, if the company finds that your device is genuinely faulty, a replacement will be mailed to your nominated address within one day.

For devices that need repair, customers are reminded to back up both personal and mobile settings data for Telstra will erase anything on the device being repaired 

What comes next after submitting the device?

A solution comes after the device has gone through a series of assessments by the company’s technical experts. The experts will scrutinize the device for faults and their possible causes. A customer returning a faulty device is expected to clearly explain the nature of the defect and the frequency of occurrence. The technical experts will advise on the assessment outcome and give possible solutions.

What are the possible solutions to faulty phones?

 Solutions come in three options, refund, repair, and replacement. If the customer wants the device repaired, its experts will repair the product and deliver it to the customers’ nominated address or the nearest Telstra stores. If the product’s fault is irreparable, the product is replaced with a working device of the same make and price, a process that takes between 4-6 days. If the product has major failures and the customer desires a refund, Telstra will relay processing information to the customer via SMS. Depending on the customers’ preference, the refund equal to the amount paid for the device will be credited to the customer’s account within five days by electronic fund transfer to the customer’s nominated account, cheque, or Telstra billing account. 

What are the eligibility requirements for the return policies?

Each policy has its requirements that must be strictly met for eligibility. The warranty policy requires that the fault be purely manufacturer-related and that it happens within the warranty period as given on the day of purchase. Dead on arrival (DOA) policy, on the other hand, applies only to devices that fail to function right after unpacking, while the early life policy, on the other hand, applies only to those devices that develop defects within a short time from the day of purchase. 


In conclusion, Telstra has designed some return policies to address various issues arising from mobile phone products that are not part of the intended purposes. These policies are the warranty policy, Dead on Arrival policy, and Early Life Failure policy


How long is the claim period?

The claim period depends on the type of the policy. The warranty policy has a period of up to 2 years for mobile phones, while DOA/ELF has a period f 30 days from the day of purchase (3 days for Apple products)

Which policy covers customer-caused damage?

If the customer causes damages such as broken screens, tempered cables, and charging ports, the company will repair them, but the customer bears the cost since there is no policy addressing such issues 

What are the Consumer Guarantees?

These are the legal rights set by Telstra to assure its customer of the best products and services. The rights include that the products will be safe, fit for purpose, durable, of acceptable appearances, and free from faults for a reasonable time.

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Telstra Phone Return Policy – Read to know

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