Can I Use My Discover Credit Card Anywhere?

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Discover Credit Card is a very versatile way to pay for almost everything while earning rewards to save for a brighter financial future. Discover offers its cardholders many benefits that have led the card to be one of the largest brands in the United States. Nevertheless, there may be people still reluctant to recognize its presence. This article will show how useful the card is by answering where can it be used or not but also how to apply to get it.

Can I Use My Discover Credit Card Anywhere

The Discover Credit Card is accepted at 99% of the places in the country. Overseas, it may not be as accepted as other cards. However, it remains a very attractive payment option because it has no annual fees or foreign transaction fees. Keep reading to know how to apply for this card in minutes!

Discover Financial

Discover Credit Card is issued by Discover Bank, an American company that provides all kinds of financial services like credit cards, savings and checking accounts, and loans. Nowadays, Discover Credit Card is the third-largest brand in the country due to its nearly 50 million cardholders and over 20 Network Alliance Partnerships. 

The first payment ever made with a Discover Credit Card was in 1985, although the card was nationally launched in 1986. At the present, it offers several types of credit cards from which applicants can choose, including cards for students and cards for specific purchases like gas charging.

Finally, Discover’s mission is to help people spend their money smarter and manage their debt better, so they can save more for the future. 

Where Is Discover Credit Card Accepted

Discover Credit Card is accepted almost everywhere that takes credit cards in the United States. Internationally speaking, 200 countries accept this credit card. For further detail on which countries accept it, Discover counts with a tool called “Discover Card International Acceptance” which card-holders can use anytime. 

This card can be used to pay for any kind of purchase. It works at the supermarket, at the gas station, when paying bills, streaming services, online shopping, and more. 

Where Is Discover Credit Card Denied?

A major retailer that does not accept Discover is Costco, which only accepts Visa. Besides that specific business, other places that might not take Discover as a valid payment are small convenience and car-repair stores, or fast-food restaurants. The reason why some businesses do not accept Discover is that fees for merchants are pretty high. 

By placing higher fees than its competitors upon businesses, Discover manages to pay for one of its main advantages: the cash-back program. 

Additionally, there may be more places reluctant to accept Discover overseas. Regions, where the card is poorly accepted, are a few Middle East countries and most of Africa. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Discover Credit Card

Advantages of using the Discover Credit Card

  • Card-holders earn rewards with every purchase.
  • There is no foreign transaction fee when making an international purchase. 
  • The card can be added to digital wallets like Samsung Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Apple Pay.
  • Discover has no annual fees for users. 
  • Cardholders can freeze the card very easily and fast.
  • Discover’s cash-back never expires.

Disadvantages of using the Discover Credit Card

  • The card is not as widely accepted as MasterCard and Visa. 
  • Discover is not the best credit card for travel. 
  • A person must have a good credit history to apply for the card.
  • The card does not offer air miles.

How To Apply 

You can apply to get a Discover Credit Card right here: When visiting the site, you can also check the assortment of cards offered by Discover and choose the one that beneficiates you the most. Some of the best choices are:

  • Student Cash Back Credit Card
  • Cash Back Credit Card
  • Gas & Restaurants Credit Card
  • Secured Credit Card
  • Travel Credit Card

The basic application form for the Cash Back Credit Card comprises two steps:

Step 1 

*The following information can help the site fill in a part of the form for the applicant, but this step can also be skipped. 

  1. Applicant enters their ZIP code.
  2. Applicant enters the last 4 numbers of Social Security Number.
  3. Date of birth is requested.

Step 2

  1. The applicant chooses the card’s design.
  2. Basic information is requested, such as full name, home address, employment status, housing/rent payment per month, total gross income, and email address. 
  3. The applicant needs to accept the terms and conditions, and also review once again the information of the selected credit card. 
  4. In this step the form’s submission takes place. 


Not only the advantages of Discover Credit Card are huge; it is also easy to apply for it! This card is a great option for those who rely on a credit card for most of their daily activities. Although it might not be the best card to take on an overseas trip, card-holders can always consult the international acceptance tool to find out where is the card accepted or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Discover is not as accepted as Visa and/or MasterCard?

It might have something to do with Discover not being associated with any bank such as MasterCard and Visa. By doing so, these cards are more promoted by the banks themselves. 

Do franchisees of fast-food restaurants accept Discover?

If the restaurant has franchises, every location is free to select which payments to accept, so there is no guarantee that all locations of, let’s say, Burger King, will accept Discover.

Can I Use My Discover Credit Card Anywhere?

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