Can I Use My GAP Credit Card Anywhere?

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The gap is a very popular clothing retailer where you can find not only fashion items but accessories while earning points that lead you to even greater rewards. If you just got a Gap Credit Card and now you are thinking about where you can use it besides The Gap stores, this article is just for you! That’s not all: this article will also help you decide whether you should apply for the Gap Credit Card or not if you haven’t already. 

Can I Use My GAP Credit Card Anywhere

Getting a Gap Credit Card does not only guarantee that you will enjoy tons of rewards; it also guarantees that you will be able to pay and accumulate points at any place where Visa is accepted. Keep reading to get the full insight about whether this card is the best for you or not. 

The Gap Inc.

The Gap Company was founded in 1969 as a fashion and accessories retailer. The company comprises the following brands: Gap, Old Navy, Athleta, Intermix, Hill City, and Old Navy. All these brands’ stores sum up to 2,406 locations in the United States, but in the world, there are more than 3,500 Gap and affiliate stores. 

Every brand managed by The Gap Company focuses on selling specialty clothing and accessories, which has led Gap to become the largest specialty retailer in the country.  Additionally, the store has made great efforts to become an ethical brand over time by implementing sustainable initiatives like: 

  • Creating eco-friendly denim by 2030. 
  • Eliminating 100% of plastic shopping bags. 

The GAPCard 

The Gap Credit Card, also known as Gap Card, is available in different versions. The most popular types of Gap Card are the Gap Visa Credit Card and the Gap Store-Only Card. 

Gap Visa Credit Card

Consumers can apply to get a Gap Credit Card affiliated with Visa: the Gap Visa Credit Card. This type of card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Likewise, you get a point for every dollar spent using this card, disregarding where you use it. Moreover, as a cardholder, you have access to special offers and even birthday savings. 

The Gap Visa Credit Card has a $0 annual fee, although its APR is 27.49%, which is relatively high. In addition, you get 20% off on the first purchase you make after getting this card. But there are also fees for every foreign transaction you make. 

Gap Store-Only Card

The Gap Store-Only Card is most commonly known as the GapCard. As the name suggests, this type of card is meant to only be used at Gap and any other affiliated store (Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta). In contrast to the Gap Visa Credit Card, the GapCard gives you five points for every dollar spent plus all of the above-mentioned benefits. 

The annual fee, APR, and signup bonus of the GapCard are the same as those of the Gap Visa Credit Card. 

Is This Card Really For You?

Since the Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) generated by any Gap Card are considerably high, you must consider whether you will be able or not to pay them before applying to get any Gap Card. 

The Gap Card is very appealing for those who already shop at Gap (or affiliated stores) regularly. Most consumers who already have the Gap Visa Credit Card or the GapCard use it to increase their credit scores. This is a great option because applying for these cards doesn’t require a high credit score, as other credit cards do, so you can start nurturing your credit here. 

How To Apply 

The Gap Visa Credit Card is managed by Synchrony Financial, an American Bank founded in 2003. 

Once you visit the link, you must fill in the form with your information, such as your mobile phone number and the last 4 digits of your SSN or ITIN. The page will guide you to complete the form and then see the approval or denial result. 

To manage your Gap Credit Card you must become a Gap Rewards Member, which you can do by creating an account for free at In this case, only your email address, full name, and password are required. Once you’re all signed up, you can keep track of your rewards and pay for your credit card(s). However, you’ll be asked to sign in with your credit card(s) information to follow on with this activity. 


The gap is a world-known company that has managed to offer its customers great benefits through the Gap Credit Card (affiliated with Visa) and the Gap Card. Although it’s clear that the Gap Visa Credit Card may be more useful since you can use it to pay anywhere Visa is accepted, it is still an option meant for Gap enthusiasts. So if you’re not shopping regularly at any of the Gap brands, the best for you would be to consider other credit card options. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Gap Card Holders need a receipt to return an item to any Gap store?

No, they don’t, as long as they´re returning an item to a Gap location or any affiliated store. Items purchased with the Gap Visa Credit Card at other locations must follow indications settled by them.

For how long do I continue earning birthday savings if I don’t longer use my GapCard?

You need to use the GapCard at least once every year to continue accessing all the benefits.

Can I Use My GAP Credit Card Anywhere?

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