Do Six Flags Have Wheelchairs?

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Six Flags is the company with more amusement parks in the world. There are several Six Flags destinations to visit and by doing so guests can be sure of getting the best experience. Nevertheless, planning before visiting this park is mandatory for those who have a disability of any kind. Luckily for them, Six Flags makes great efforts to provide them with all the assistance they need. 

Do Six Flags Have Wheelchairs
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Wheelchairs and ECVs are available for rent at the Rental Center in every Six Flags park. However, to get the right accommodations at attractions, guests are supposed to get an IAC granted by the IBCCES. Keep reading to know all about the rental services at the park and the requirements needed to access the rides. 

Six Flags Overview

Six Flags is an amusement park corporation that manages many theme parks in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Globally speaking, Six Flags has the seventh-highest attendance among amusement parks, which gives a general idea of its popularity. 

The first Six Flags Park was created in 1961. What contributed to its success and generation of more income over the years is its partnership with several brands like D.C. Comics, Coca-Cola, and Johnny Rockets, among others. 

The park is well-known for having some of the most exciting roller coasters in the world. Some of the most thrilling attractions are Kingda Ka (New Jersey), Superman: Scape from Krypton (California), Goliath (California), Titan (Arlington), and Raging Bull (Illinois). 

Wheelchair Rental At Six Flags

Six Flags allows guests to bring in their own wheelchairs and Electrical Convenience Vehicles (ECV), but they can also rent any of these mobility devices at the park. Wheelchair and ECV rental are done on a first-come, first-serve basis, so guests are encouraged to arrive early so they can get the desired service without any problem. 


Renting a manual wheelchair costs $25 a day. Additionally to that, guests must make a $25 deposit with a credit card at the Rental Center.

ECVs can be rented for $50 a day. The mandatory deposit for this service is also $50. 

What is needed 

To rent any mobility device at Six Flags, guests need to provide any of the following documents: A valid driver’s license, military identification, and state identification card. 

Notice that rented ECVs and/or wheelchairs can’t be taken outside of the park. In case that battery re-charging is needed, guests can access this service at the Rental Center too. The Rental Center is located at the entrance of the park. 

Visiting Six Flags With A Wheelchair

Since Six Flags recognizes the importance of providing fair access to all guests, all restrooms are accessible for people with disability. At restaurants, employees will provide the right assistance in the case is needed, like ordering for people who can’t stay in line. 

Attending theaters at Six Flags is also possible for guests with a disability. At these facilities, special seating is provided. The only requirement is to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier to speak to any employee and receive access to the special seating. 

At Attractions

  • All Six Flags’ rides will require guests to transfer from a mobility device to the ride’s seating. 
  • The transfer should be done by the guest or with help of a family member since employees are not properly trained to assist guests in this action. 
  • If a guest is unable to properly use the ride’s safety restraint, they won’t be able to ride. 
  • For further detail, guests can request the Six Flags’ Safety & Accessibility Guide at the park’s Ride Information Center.  

What Do Guests With A Disability Need Before Attending Six Flags

Six Flags manages an Attraction Accessibility Program in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This program means to provide equal access to Six Flag’s attractions and it speaks on behalf of ALL guests. 

To participate, a guest with any type of disability or cognitive disorder has to obtain the IBCCES Individual Accessibility Card (IAC). This is done by registering at Once a guest counts with the IAC, they must fill in a form to request an Attraction Accessibility Pass, which is granted at the Ride Information Center

.You can fill out the form in advance to guarantee your pass is ready upon your arrival. Just visit Six Flag’s website to get the form. 

The Attraction Accessibility Pass is what enables guests to access secure and fair accommodations at every attraction. Without it, employees can’t provide such service even if a guest arrives in a wheelchair. 


Although it might sound tedious that guests need extra documentation to obtain the Attraction Accessibility Pass, it is great news that Six Flags provides them with the right assistance they need at every park. Renting a wheelchair or an ECV is not hard to do at Six Flags, although guests need to arrive early to get the service. Lastly, assisting to theaters and most attractions is also available for people with a disability, which means they can enjoy all the wonders that the park offers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are strollers also for rent at the Rental Center?

Yes, guests can also rent a stroller at Six Flags’ Rental Center.

Can’t a guest get the Attraction Accessibility Pass with a doctor’s note?

No. Six Flags requires guests to first get the IAC before getting their pass. However, doctor’s notes are part of the requirements to obtain the IAC. 

Where is the Ride Information Center located?

The center is located outside the main entrance of Six Flags, on the left side.

Do Six Flags Have Wheelchairs?

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