Madewell First Responder Discount-Learn More About It

Madewell is an American retail store that sells good-quality jeans to its customers in the country. They serve their consumer market with clothing, shoes, jewelry, beauty and wellness items as well as home goods. The store mainly features labels that are famous in the US like alohas, Laude, super goop, and galamaar. Apart from retail services, the Madewell store also offers its customers the opportunity to showcase their purchases by sharing them online using their hashtag everydaymadewell. The Madewell first responder discount is categorized under a general umbrella of offers at the store called the community heroes discount.

Madewell First Responder Discount

This discount serves all personnel who put their lives at risk to help others who are in trouble. The job categories considered for this heroes discount are first responders, medical professionals, and active or retired military personnel. All these individuals get a standardized discount of 15% off on Madewell purchases both online and in-store.

First responder discount eligibility

This discount requires that those who want to make full use of it be first responders and emergency personnel which include law enforcement agencies, EMTs, paramedics, and firefighters. This discount is available to all of the above-mentioned first responders in the US whether employed by the state or any other organization.

How to get the first responder discount?

First responders and emergency personnel need to follow the following easy and simplified steps to use this specific Madewell discount.

  1. Verify credentials using a third party website, that is, SheerID
  2. Log in to your SheerID account using a valid email address. If you do not have an account yet, create one using a simple but valid email address
  3. Fill in a verification form provided at the Madewell site where you are required to enter details according to your valid identification documents
  4. First responder verification will be done automatically after the third-party website has cleared you.

After verification by SheerID, Madewell provides that you can access the first responder discount for a whole year which means that anytime you carry out your shopping at Madewell the discount will apply automatically as many times as you wish. The dependents of first responders who are 16 and older are also eligible for this discount at Madewell with the same terms and conditions applying to them.

Using the Madewell first responder discount

  1. Sign in or sign up for the Madewell Insider account where you will get the most recent discounts that the store has to offer
  2. Verify your first responder status using valid identification which must not be expired
  3. Shop for a year online or in a store near you for the items you need without using a promo code and the discount will apply automatically.

Conditions for the use of Madewell first responder discount

Although this discount may seem very generous, the store has also highlighted a few instances where it cannot be used and other terms of service regarding it.

  1. The first responder discount cannot be used together with other promotions at the store. If the store has another general discount program running the deeper discount will be applied upon purchase.
  2. Some Madewell products are excluded from the first responder discount. For example, previous purchases, buying gift cards, third-party branded products, or marketplace merchandise.
  3. The discount will not be available for individuals who are unable to verify their first responder identification documents. 
  4. This discount applies to people registered as dependents of the sponsor for the period of the active discount even if the sponsor is deceased.
  5. The 15% discount is only valid for online shopping and in-store visits and not on orders made by phone call.
  6. This discount cannot be redeemed for cash under any circumstances.
  7. The first responder discount is only valid in the US and for those individuals who work in the US.


The community heroes program at Madewell and the first responder discount specifically is dedicated to showing gratitude to the people who are concerned about our safety and health and working towards making sure they look after those who need emergency services. The terms of this discount ensure that all that deserve this discount get to use it to the maximum with fairness and order. This 15% discount is often the highest discount at the store and the management reserves the right to change its rate at any time.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Does the discount apply to all brands at the store?

It does not. There are a few exceptions on the items you can buy using the first responder discount. All the detailed restrictions on this are indicated in the Madewell Insider account.

  1. Does this discount apply to international orders?

The Madewell first responder discount is only valid for US employed personnel who reside in the US only.

  1. If I have problems with my verification process who can I contact?

Visit the official Madewell website where they address the majority of the common mistakes people make while verifying their status. Additionally, use the email for further assistance.

  1. Where does Madewell ship orders to?

The store makes shipments to North America, part of South America, Asia, and the majority of the European countries.

Madewell First Responder Discount-Learn More About It

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