Does Patagonia do Alterations?

Patagonia incorporation is an American-based outdoor clothing retailer founded in 1973 by Yvon Chouinard. It is headquartered in Ventura, California, and operates stores and factories in several countries spread across the planet. To know does Patagonia do Alterations, read further!

Does Patagonia do Alterations?

Does Patagonia do Alterations?

Alteration is the process of changing the form, outlook, shape, and size of a given object. This article shall discuss alterations concerning clothing and related items. Unfortunately, Patagonia doesn’t provide alterations to its products. For alteration services, please visit your local tailor and make your inquiries

In its mission to save the earth from the ever-increasing cloth dumping, Patagonia strives to produce clothing products that fit the target market perfectly and last a reasonable time. The company provides repairs, fixation, returns, trade-ins, and recycling services to keep the mission further going. These services are, in a way, alternative solutions to alteration needs.

If you want to learn about the services offered by Patagonia and other related information, please read this article to the last sentence.


Small damages may sometimes occur to clothing; if the owner isn’t aware of the repair services, that may mean the end of life for that particular cloth, and the next place it will belong in the dumpsite. Dumping stuff into the landfill is against the company’s sustainable development programs. To reduce the cloth dumping incidences, Patagonia provides repairs to all the deserving cases free of charge. All customers have to do is send their garments to the repair point and expect feedback. To send an item to be repaired, the following information must first be sent to the Patagonian email

  • Contact details (full names, clear address, and telephone number)
  • Items details (type, style, color, and size)
  • Description and location of the damage 
  • A clear picture of the damaged area 
  • A clear picture of the care label (both sides)
  • A copy of the receipt

Once all this information has been received, the Patagonia customer care department will evaluate possible solutions for the case according to existing warranty policies. If the item is deemed repairable, the customer will be notified to send the product to be repaired. On the other hand, if the product is deemed irreparable, Patagonia may organize for another solution if possible. In addition, Patagonia encourages its customers to make simple repairs on their own by providing video tutorials on their web that is easy to follow.


When you purchase stuff from Patagonia and find that it is too loose for your style, two options are available for you; applying alteration or returning the stuff. Since alteration is not available with the company, returning the stuff is the only option. Patagonia accepts a return of genuinely purchased items for a refund; if the customer is interested in other products, they will first be refunded and guided to place a new order. To return an item, the following steps essential

  • Login Patagonia’s return portal with the order number and email
  • Select the item to be returned, ensure you select the exact type that you had bought
  • Please print a copy of the return label and pack it together with the original order packaging 
  • Send the item via post

Once the above details have been received, the return request will be processed within 3-15 business days.

When is an alteration appropriate?

Some scenarios may necessitate an alteration; this process usually makes the garments more fit and thus more presentable. Here below are some situations that may call for garment alteration.

  • Special event clothing: special events such as weddings, in most cases, requires a perfectly fitting outfit; such outfits are not generally available in the markets as they require a great deal of customization. Therefore, alteration is the only way to attain the desired style
  • New clothes: new clothes come in estimated sizes with some allowances for varying body sizes; most of them may fit loosely. Alteration is the only answer to such a loose outfit, especially if it is impressive
  • best outfit: if you have an outfit that you deem the best, it might be helpful to do some alterations on it to make it more appealing and to the point
  • modern style: if you are into fashion and would like to keep up with the trends, the alteration will serve you better. You can customize any clothing to even the smallest description you desire with an alteration.

In conclusion, Patagonia does not offer product alteration as of now; customers desiring to have the process done on their clothes are advised to visit their local tailors and fix the issue with them. Instead, Patagonia offers services that may, in a way, quench the need for an alteration. Such as repairs, returns and exchange, and champions for reuse and recycling of their products

How much is the cost of alteration?

The cost of clothing alteration is not fixed as it is influenced by several factors, including the type of clothing, nature of the cloth, and tailors own standards

How long does a cloth alteration take?

There is no straightforward answer to this question as the time to complete an alteration depends on various factors, including how busy the tailor is, the nature of the garment, and at times the type and conditions of the machines used. Generally, it takes 1-2 weeks to complete an alteration.

Is alteration a better option?

Alteration can be the best option depending on the prevailing circumstances. If a customer loves the cloth much, the best option is to alter. Otherwise, a return may be a good option.

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Does Patagonia do Alterations?

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