Fanatics’ Veteran And Military Discount

Let’s look into Fanatics’ veteran and military discount in this article. Fanatics is a one-stop-shop for sports fans where they can get all the merchandise they like for their favorite sports team. The store has sports apparel, team jerseys, hats, and other collectibles for almost all the leagues. That is including NFL, NASCAR, NHL, soccer teams, NBA, MLB, NCAA, and many others. With a reaching of over 900 sports worldwide, the store caters to about 80 million global fans, and to increase their sales volumes further they offer mostly-weekly deals on their products and also exclusive fan deals and fan cash offers.

Fanatics’ Veteran And Military Discount

Veterans, first responders, and members of the service together with their spouses and immediate family members, all receive a discount of 15% at Fanatics throughout the year. Although there are a variety of discounts available for the general public at Fanatics, the company came up with veteran and military discounts to help those who have sacrificed and put their lives on the line to shop safely and save some money at the same time. Getting the veteran and military discount can sometimes be tedious and nerve-wracking but Fanatics has made it so much easier with simple steps to follow and a clear verification process.

Veteran and military discount eligibility

This particular discount can be used by a group of select people who are assumed to have put their lives at risk for their country in the past and/or continue to do so currently. They include;

  • Those on active duty
  • Those who are inactive Reserves
  • Those who are or have been in the National Guard, and
  • Veterans and Retirees of any service.

Additionally, this discount also applies to all active or retired first responders because they are equally considered as part of the military community due to the nature of their work. First responders, in this case, are specified as – 

  • All police officers including sheriffs and state troopers
  • Corrections officers
  • All Federal officers 
  • 911 dispatchers
  • Fire fighters both career and volunteer
  • EMT servicemen and women, as well as paramedics

How to use the Fanatics veteran and military discount?

Fanatics Store has simplified the use of this discount and made it easier for the members of the military community that qualifies to make maximum use of it. All you need to do is to do your shopping on the online Fanatics shopping site and verify your details using the option at the checkout page. is an improved form of verification of identity that the Fanatics website uses. It makes it easier for credentials to be verified and authenticated in minimal time and gives you exclusive deals meant only for veterans and military personnel.

To verify military credentials using on the Fanatics site you need to;

  1. Create an account with by simply using your email address and ID
  2. Load your shopping cart with the merchandise you would like to purchase
  3. When you are ready to checkout, click on the ‘Troop ID’ button on the page
  4. The network will verify your credentials and apply the 15% discount to your total immediately
  5. Complete your payment of the discounted price.

General restrictions on the Fanatics veteran and military discount

This discount is listed on the network together with many other discounts that apply to the veterans and military community in general. However, this discount cannot be used together with other promotional codes placed on products in the store and is only limited to 15% off. Gift card purchases also cannot use this discount. Even though this is the case, Fanatics has made the free shipping in the US offer access to the individuals who qualify for the veteran and military discount. The free shipping includes shipping to P.O. boxes, APO, and FPO boxes. Additionally, this discount cannot be used if your military credentials are not up to date or verifiable.

Further, Fanatics restricts the use of this discount to non-military friends of members of the military community or any other people who may not be among the groups listed above. Such people are considered the general public and can use any other coupons or deals offered on the Fanatics page. If a customer is experiencing trouble with either access or use of this particular discount, the Fanatics store is always available and ready to help by contacting the support team.


In conclusion, the veteran and military discount is designed to pay tribute to the service of active members of the military, the retirees, and veterans, but also first responders and other categories of people who work in sacrifice their lives to protect others each day. Rightfully so, their spouses and immediate family members can also enjoy these benefits as they are presumed to have supported the work of these categories of people.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Does Fanatics have 20% discounts?

Yes. They offer many discounts that you might like as well as free shipping within the US for all products purchased at the online store.

  1. Does Fanatics have a student discount?

They offer up to a 20% discount for a student using their verification process. It is one of the highest discounts at the store.

  1. Who qualifies for the Fanatics veteran and military discount?

Active and retired members of the military community including first responders all qualify for the 15% discount at the Fanatics store.

Fanatics’ Veteran And Military Discount

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