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Eloquii is a plus-size online fashion store located in New York and Columbus, at the care of Maria Chase, the Chief Executive Officer- a leading expert in classy fashion, which involves retails and wholesales and even digital commerce, founded on November 15th, 2012, as a digital brand that offers designs specifically in size 14 via its website and online stores. Customers are satisfied with Eloquii because of its exclusive plus-size method. The store came about by John Auerbach, Steve Zawada, Jodi Arnold, and Julie Carnevale.

How To Purchase From Eloquii?

Purchasing from Eloquii is easy. Check the EloquiiOnlineStore to your desired clothing style and size, proceed to payment. Eloquii accepts payments through the following payment gateways;

  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Mastercard
  • Paypal
  • Visa

The days of delivery are about 5-8 business days.

Other Stores Like Eloquii

In the fashion market, there are several plus-size stores aside from Eloquii whose purpose is directed towards making the plus-size individuals comfortable, socially acceptable, and beautiful both mentally and physically. Among them are; 

  • Fabletics
  • Fashion To Figure
  • Dia & Co.
  • Universal Standard
  • Torrid
  • Loud Bodies
  • Girlfriend Collective, etc.

Each of these stores is specifically into exclusive plus-size dresses for women, except Universal Standard store and Loud Bodies whose brand is an all-inclusive body type.


This store offers good quality and stylish workout clothes for women and men. The brand was launched in 2013 by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg as options for workout clothes like Lululemon. The quality of the products here is good as they are durable, soft, and allows air to penetrate for a good exercising routine. For instance, the Fabletics leggings are squat-proof and are not very transparent (see-through).

Customers attested to the durability and non-fading texture of the materials in this store. Without comparing, Fabletics has plus-size sports clothes that make athletics patronize the Fabletics stores frequently. 

Not only do Fabletics sell clothes, but they also sell activewear, which includes footwear and accessories. The store headquarters is in El Segundo, California, the United States. Its revenue is about $500 million

Fashion To Figure

The first fashion to figure store started on October 4th, 2004, at Palisades Center Mall in West Nyack, New York. The store deals in plus-size clothes and accessories. At its founding, this store continued to run a physical base vendor until 2010, when the company launched its online store that serves both national and international customers. The store caters specifically to teenage and adult women whose sizes range between 12 to 26. At Fashion To Figure, some customers are dependent on stylists to select the best colors and styles for their body type. The company had about 26 locations of operation as well as an online presence.

At the Fashion To Figure store, there is a gift package that starts with a three garment plan for about $54.95 a month, exchange is made without having to worry about the shipping fee. The shipping fee is free from the supplier’s store to the buyer’s home.

Another great offer at the Fashion To Figure store is that there is a $10 discount when you sign up with this link FTFClosetMarieDenee There is also a Fashion To Figure (FTF) closet pattern where you can browse your desired clothes and have at least eight items before processing the order. Also, there is the Rent FTF; this allows customers to get three wear at a time, wear them for as long as they want then return them to pick more items. Return FTF closet; customers are allowed to return their items without stress through the USPS Priority mail shipping envelope. Customers can also choose to do the repeat FTF Closet, where you can stay fashionably beautiful through unlimited exchanges of the Fashion To Figure clothing styles. Finally, is the Keep FTF Close; in this closet plan, you can decide on buying their favorite clothes and even save from the price.

Dia & Co.

Dia & Co is another fabulous plus-size store with about 980 people talking about its services and products on Facebook. The store is committed to bringing out the beauty in the plus-size community. In this store, customers have five days to try on what they want at the comfort of their home and then return whatever item they do not desire. The customers get to pay for only what is taken. You must know that Dia & Co offers fashion subscription services where a questionnaire is filled, alongside a styling fee.

This company offers sizes from 14 to 32 in simple fashions like classic T.shirt, patterned jeans, and floral dresses. From customer reviews, it is seen that Dia & Co offers flexible and fashion-focused style boxes for about $20 for a month and also gives helpful tips on each product and how to wear them. There are lots of promotions and deals for customers, free shipping, and returns on Dia activewear boxes and Dia Style. Most importantly, shipping is only available within the United States.

Loud Bodies

Loud Bodies is another all-inclusive Romanian fashion brand, founded by Patricia Luiza Blaj. The store offers fairytale-Esque dresses in XXS to 10XL, irrespective of your body size and the style in which you desire, this store is ready to produce the kind of fashion style that will elevate and ethically uplift the confidence of the customers. Aside from that, the brand affirms the society that style has no size, this means that whatever style you desire to wear, your size is available and can be customized.

From the Facebook customer review, Loud Bodies rates 5.0 stars, this indicates that customers are greatly satisfied with the items they purchase from the Loud Bodies store. in a situation where a customer is unable to find their desired size in the store, Loud Bodies provides customizing order that is free of charge.

The goal at Loud Bodies is to create ethical and sustainable clothes for women of all sizes and to ensure great confidence in their customer’s fashion styles. To shop at Loud Bodies, visit Not only do this brand provide customized clothing sizes and styles but they also offer a gift card called the “Fairy Godmother” charitable gift card, this card allows customers to purchase items at a significant amount of discount.

Universal Standard

This is a U.S all-inclusive fashion store that provides comfortable wear for all sizes from size 00 to size 40. At Universal standard, it is believed that every woman should be able to find her desired cloth size despite her body size. The journey of Universal Standard started with Polina Veksler and Alex Waldman whose dreams were to make available for all women, clothes of their desire.

They started through 2015 in Peru where they launched the first 8-piece collection and it sold out in six days. The journey continued through 2016 to 2019 when they collaborated with Rodarte on a high fashion collaboration. They succeeded in their goal to close the gap between plus-size ladies and the regular size standard which became a norm in the fashion industry. The brand quality standard of product includes; Luxe Italian Merino wool, premium Peruvian cotton, French satin back crepe. The Universal Standard is customer-centric.

Unique Features Of Universal Standard

  • they are not strictly plus-size brands, rather they are an all-inclusive brand
  • shipping and return is free
  • upscaling clothing for women who wear larger sizes
  • all fabrics are made in the USA, China, and Peru
  • all the factors they work in are vetted to ensure they meet all ethical standards of manufacturing


Taking the fashion industry with the right taste in fashion for the plus size women, Torrid offers in vogue party dresses, denim, and lingerie for the curvy woman. Based in the City of Industry, California, U.S, and founded in April 2001.

Why Choose Torrid?

  • Soft and comfortable denim fabrics that stretch, and fit your shape perfectly
  • Torrid is interested in fitting and not just the outpouring of dresses on the woman’s body.
  • At Torrid, clothes are changed to fit the plus size and not the plus-size changing to fit the cloth sizes

Not only do Torrid own physical stores but they also operate an online store where you can pick your perfect body size clothes from. Shopping at the online store grants you a 50% discount on your first order, alongside daily profits, rewards and bonuses, and other exclusive offers. To buy online visit TorridClothing

Similarities And Differences Between Eloquii And Other Stores Alike

In terms of similarities

  •  they all sell various women’s wear, including sports, swimming suits, dinner gowns, casual wear, etc This allows them to operate moderately in their desired way.
  • At intervals, they all offer price slashes and promotions
  • They all aimed at involving the plus-size community members
  • They have an online presence where customers can easily shop and the products will be delivered accordingly


  • They are not all-inclusive, for instance, Universal Standard and Loud Bodies are not strictly plus-size stores like Eloquii. They sell for women of all sizes
  • Their choices of fabrics differ


Aside from building confidence for all women, especially plus-size women, these stores all stand to elevate the beauty, confidence, and charisma of women through fashion and other related accessories. For instance, Eloquii is exclusively plus size while the Universal Standard and Loud Bodies are all-inclusive. This describes the effort of fashion brands to ensure that all women find their sizes and feel accepted in their sizes and choices of clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Eloquii still operate in physical stores? currently, Eloquii has closed all physical stores and is operating online
  • Did Walmart buy Eloquii?According to Denise Incandela, SVP of Women’s Group and Online Brands at Walmart, Eloquii was bought by Walmart in 2018.
  • Aside from the mentioned Eloquii kind of stores, are there more stores like Eloquii?visit to discover more fashion stores like Eloquii
Stores Like Eloquii-Read More About It

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