Vogue Tire Warranty – Know More

Vogue Tire and Rubber Co., or simply Vogue Tire, is a company based in the United States that specializes in custom quality tires, wheels, and auto accessories. Harry Howler founded the company in 1914 in Chicago, Illinois, and it was sold to Lloyd O. Dodson in 1940, who served as chairman until his death in March 1996. In the 1960s, Vogue Tire invented the whitewall tire and patented the gold stripe for added elegance. For almost a century, Vogue Tire has specialized in creating high-end luxury tires. Let’s look into the Vogue tire warranty.

Vogue Tire Warranty

Professional athletes and movie personalities such as Gary Cooper, Marion Davies, Mervyn LeRoy, Dolores del Rio, Paul Whiteman, Kid Rock, and, most recently, Snoop Dogg have all benefited from Vogue Tire’s custom manufactured tires.

Vogue Exclusive Limited Warranty

If you are the original owner of the original vogue tire, then these warranties are applicable to you. These discounts are only valid for tires purchased on or after January 1, 2014, and used in the United States or Canada.

Tire Repair on the Side of the Road

Vogue will replace any Tire that loses air for any reason and cannot be driven to a nearby service center for repair, in addition to any other remedies offered above. To change the tire with a spare, pay for your road service at the next service station; or ($50.00 maximum).

Pay for the cost of repairing the flat tire (up to $10).

Assurance of Craftsmanship

  • Only you are covered by Vogue’s warranty that the Tires are free of material and workmanship faults. 
  • Vogue will replace any Tire that becomes useless due to a breach of this limited warranty with an equivalent new Vogue tire free of charge during the first 4/32″ of the Tire’s original tread life, as defined by the depth of tread remaining. 
  • Any riding complaints or visual flaws caused by a violation of this limited guarantee will be replaced during the first 2/32″ of the Tire’s original tread life. 
  • Suppose a Tire becomes unusable after the first 4/32″ of its original tread life due to a breach of this limited warranty. In that case, Vogue will provide you with a credit toward the purchase price of a similar replacement Vogue tire, based on the percentage of the Tire’s tread depth remaining at the time. 
  • Any additional costs, such as installation or other labor, taxes, and so on, will be your responsibility. 
  • The warranty period begins on the date of manufacturing stamped on the tire and ends 60 months afterward. Vogue’s whole and sole liability for any breach of this limited warranty are outlined in this paragraph. 

The 30-day “Buy and Try” guarantee is in effect

Vogue’s “Buy and Try” Guarantee applies to tires purchased in groups of four or more from an authorized merchant. If a retail client is not totally happy with their qualifying Tires within 30 calendar days of purchase, the tires can be returned to the shop where they were originally purchased for a full refund or exchange. The pricing does not include installation expenses, valves, related service costs, levies, or taxes. It is necessary to have the original purchasing documents. Returns that do not include the entire set of tires will be rejected. This warranty does not apply to tires that have been driven more than 2,000 miles. Tires that have been damaged as a consequence of road danger, abuse, misapplication, technical vehicle problems, misalignment, poor inflation, overloading, or other concerns are not eligible. This “30 Day Buy and Try Guarantee” only applies to the tires that were originally purchased, not to the tires that were provided as part of the guarantee.

Mileage Expectancy of 60,000 Miles

Every new tire is designed to last at least 60,000 miles (until depth indications 2/32 are worn) “(Imaginative+ paraphrase). If a tire wears down to its original tread depth indicators (2/32), it’s time to replace it. “Vogue will provide you with a pro-rated credit against the purchase price of a comparable new Vogue tire based on the mileage not received if the tread wears” evenly across the tread surface before delivering the expected miles if the tread wears evenly across the tread surface before delivering the expected miles if the tread wears evenly across the tread surface before delivering the expected (determined by the odometer reading).

Guarantee of Trip Delay Replacement

Suppose a Vogue Tire becomes unusable and cannot be repaired, and the customer is unable to obtain a replacement Vogue Tire. In that case, Vogue will reimburse the customer for the cost of a non-Vogue brand temporary replacement tire. The consumer will only be compensated if they purchase a Vogue Tire and return the other brand replacement tire to Vogue. The reimbursement is limited to $120 and does not include installation fees, valves, or any other related service fees, expenses, or taxes. This guarantee does not cover other brand replacement tires that have been used for more than 500 kilometers. Non-Vogue brand tires must be purchased with original proof of purchase. A customer must deliver an unusable Vogue tire to a Vogue authorized dealer to be eligible for a refund. Vogue’s overall Exclusive Limited Warranty will determine the replacement Vogue tire charges.


Vogue provides 60,000 miles of mileage expectancy, guarantees on-trip delay replacement, buy and try warranty for 30 days, craftmanship assurance, and roadside tire assistance. These warranties are provided by vouge if you are the original owner of the vogue tire. I hope this article meets your requirements.

Vogue Tire Warranty – Know More

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