Stores Like Goodwill Outlet

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Thrift shopping is a common activity in the United States as in other countries. Several reasons exist why people thrift shop, with the most common being that thrift stores offer the opportunity to spend less while shopping for quality goods. Stores like the Goodwill store are thrift stores popular in the US and beyond for their low-priced items. With the Goodwill outlets opened in select locations in the US, clothing items, books, and household furniture can be purchased for cheap with most of these items being sold by how much they weigh. 

Stores Like Goodwill Outlet

However, you might be wondering if there are thrift stores other than the Goodwill outlet that offer for sale clothing items and other goods at extremely low prices. Here is what we know about thrift stores that operate similarly to the Goodwill outlet.

Thrift stores like; Buy the Pound, Savers, Silver Key Flamingo, and Salvation Army by the Pound sell items like reusable clothes, clothing accessories, toys, and other goods at bargain prices. Like the Goodwill outlets, these stores also offer most of their thrift items for sale by the pound. 

List of Thrift Stores Similar to Goodwill Outlets

Here is a list of stores that sell thrift items in a similar way to the Goodwill outlets:

 1. Savers

As the name suggests, Savers helps customers save on cost while not compromising quality. With outlets all over the United States, Australia, and Canada, the purpose of Savers is to champion the reuse of items and save the planet by keeping reusable outfits from ending up in landfills.

At Savers, you do not need to fear stacking up clothes because the store sells its clothing items by the pound. The store also offers for sale electronics and household wares at affordable prices. 

Customers at Savers who are part of the Super Savers Club enjoy discounts and birthday coupons on a single purchase on their birthdays. The thrift store also offers a 50% discount on select items every 1/2 month plus a 30% discount for the elderly on Tuesdays.

Unlike in the Goodwill outlet, Savers displays its items on racks. The store also allows for an exchange of the purchased items within seven days from purchase. Note that the receipt of the purchased item is necessary for a successful swap.

Savers has multiple stores in the US, including California, Texas, Arizona, Utah, and Virginia, to name but a few. It is best to call a nearby Saver store ahead to confirm their operating hours before stopping by.

2. The Garment District  

Shopping for thrift items at the Garment District by-the-pound department is similar to a treasure hunt. Various styles of men, women, and children’s clothes are mixed up, juggled together, and deposited in a large space requiring a shopper patient and dedicated enough to unearth the treasures that have been discovered time and again to be under the seemingly endless heaps of clothes. 

Items purchased from the Garment District by-the-pound department are sold at $2 per lb. If you are not someone who loves to dig in heaps and pits of clothes for great finds or that special item, you might want to reconsider shopping for items sold by the pound at the Garment District.

3. Flamingos Vintage Pound

If you are looking to own vintage clothes and have been on the lookout for that store that sells unique vintage pieces for cheap, then the Flamingos Vintage pound is the place to go. The Vintage pound store sells everything a vintage lover could want; Hawaiian shirts worn in the 90s, denim, and many other chic vintage clothing.  

With its slogan: what it weighs is worth its worth, the thrift store has a vision of making genuine vintage clothes available to everyone while encouraging clothes repurposing and recycling. 

Apart from its walk-in stores, Flamingo Vintage Pound also has an online platform where vintage lovers can purchase vintage pieces. Note that Flamingos Vintage Pound does not accept the return or exchange of purchased items.

Some Flamingos Vintage Pound stores are in Miami, Florida; Houston, Texas; and Manhattan, New York.

4. Buy the Pound Thrift Store

Buy the Pound Thrift Store is one of the cheapest stores in the US, with thrift items sold for as low as $.39 – $.50 per pound.

By shopping here, you get a good deal on your purchase and a chance to give back to society by supporting the owners of the store who are disabled American veterans.

Like the Goodwill outlet, clothes, toys, and other items being offered for sale by the pound are put in large bins for customers to make their pick. 

Currently, the Buy the Pound Thrift store is situated in Kansas City, Missouri.

5. Salvation Army  

With over 106 outlets in the US alone, Salvation Army is another store popular among thrift shoppers within and beyond the US. The store also runs a pay-by-the-pound program in some select locations where it offers clothes, shoes, purses, and more for sale at a slashed price.

At the pay-by-the-pound program, clothing items are poured on large tables, with new items added every 15 minutes. Once unloaded, enthusiastic and dedicated shoppers are allowed to waddle through and make their choice. With the constant addition of new items to the table, shoppers never get tired of shopping.

Currently, Salvation Army by the pound outlets is in Clinton Township, Michigan, and Chicago, Illinois.

6. Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift store

Run by a Christian organization that raises funds through its thrift stores and by-the-pound sales to carry out good deeds in society, the Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift store is another store that made our list.

The thrift store has several branches in the US and Canada, with over 10 outlets located in Missouri, St Louis. During its by-the-pound sale, items such as clothes, electronics, toys, and even mattresses are sold by what they weigh. 

Asides from these listed above, other thrift stores like Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store and Found By the Pound are further examples of stores similar to the Goodwill outlet.

Steps for Effective Thrift Shopping

As we said earlier, thrifting is like treasure hunting; to be successful, you must know how and where to look. Shoppers new to thrift shopping may find thrifting a mind-boggling and overwhelming experience. But, with the right tips, you can come out of each thrift shopping experience with great finds at ridiculously low prices. 

Make a mental note of what you want. Making a mental note or having a picture of the item you intend to purchase before going thrifting keeps you focused and on budget. With a picture or clear description, it is easy to solicit the help of the thrift store staff to help you locate the item

Arrive before the thrift store opens for business. When going thrift shopping ensure to arrive early to get to the goodies before other thrifters. 

Be friendly with the store’s staff. Being friendly with the staff in a thrift store you frequently visit will ease your shopping in many ways. For one, they can provide you with information on when next the store will be restocking its goods. They can also help you keep items you want to purchase.

Scan and do not hesitate. Thrift shopping involves a bit of competition. Like you, countless thrift shoppers are looking to lay their hands on the best items. Hence, learning how to quickly scan the racks or bins where the items are placed, is a skill every successful thrift shopper should have.

Use cash. With thrifting comes the common phrase “but it is cheap” which lures many unsuspecting thrifters into buying what they do not need. Using cash when thrift shopping helps you stay focused on your needs and stay on budget.

Dress accordingly. Most thrift stores do not accept exchanges or returns. This means that your only chance of knowing if a cloth fits is before paying for it. So when going thrift shopping, dress up in clothes that makes it easy to try on other items before purchase.

Have fun. Done the right way and with the right people, the hunt and competition involved in thrift shopping is a fun experience for any thrift shopper.


As someone said, thrift shopping is giving preloved clothes or items a second chance to be loved. It is a form of shopping beneficial to all the parties involved; the seller, the buyer, the buyer’s wallet, and the environment. With thrift stores like Goodwill, St Vincent de Paul thrift store, Salvation Army, and many more that sell items to raise funds for a good cause, thrift shoppers can give back to society while purchasing needed items at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Question
  1. What is the difference between the Goodwill store and the Goodwill outlet?

Items sold at the Goodwill outlets are the items not sold at the Goodwill store

  1. Can I purchase thrift online?

Thrift stores like Thredup, Depop, and Hewi are classic examples of thrift stores that operate online.

Stores Like Goodwill Outlet

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