Jeulia Jewelry Return Policy-Learn More About It

Jeulia is one of the current leading jewelry retailers and manufacturers around the world. The Chinese brand hit the jewelry market not long ago, however, already they have quite the customers lined up, waiting for their latest collections and pieces. As with purchasing any valuable item, a customer needs to know about a brand’s policies on returns, exchanges, and refunds. This is in case of any issues one may face with a product after purchasing it, be it directly from a store or online. Let us look into Jeulia jewelry return policy now and all there is to know.

Jeulia Jewelry Return Policy
Jeulia Jewelry Return Policy

Jeulia jewelry return policy states that a customer will have 30 days in which to return an order he/she is not satisfied with. The 30 days starts from the day that the delivery was received by the customer. For a piece of jewelry to be accepted for a return, it must be in the original state it was in when it was delivered. If any alterations were made, the return will not be accepted.

Now that you know more about their return policy, you may want to know more about their exchange and refund procedures. Keep reading to find out more!

Reasons Why A Return Will Not Be Accepted 

To process a return, the item must be in the exact condition you received it. If it isn’t, for any one of the following reasons, it will not be returned.

  • If the item is not in the same condition. 
  • and If there have been any alterations, customization, or additions to a piece of jewelry after you received it.
  • If there are any links, jewels, or pieces missing due to negligence or mishandling.

Reasons For A Return 

One may return a purchase for any reason and the most accepted ones have been listed below. 

  • If your order was misplaced and you received the wrong item.
  • and If the item you received was damaged in any way.
  • If the item you received had some stones missing or if any other parts were missing as well.

Returning an item you are not satisfied with is acceptable, however, it is important to note that not every item can be returned for this reason. 

Some pieces won’t be accepted for a return or exchange even if there are no issues with it and it’s still in the original shape it was in when it was delivered. 

Items That Cannot Be Returned or Exchanged

  • Custom made orders
  • Specifically requested designs, jewels, or crafted items
  • Items that were used or show any signs of wear
  • An item that had been exchanged for another,  previous return

It is important to note that if the item you are returning has any sign to show that it had been worn or if it has been altered in any slight way, the return will no longer be accepted

Now, let us look at the procedure of returning an item to Jeulia. 

The Return Procedure 

  • To return an item, you will first need to contact a Jeulia representative and notify them about your decision to return an order. This can be done by either contacting their customer care line or by logging into your Jeulia account online and then clicking on the Request Return button. 
  • Thereafter, a representative will contact you to provide you with the necessary details to return your order via mail. 
  • After following their steps and you have the item packaged, you must remember to obtain a tracking number on the parcel when mailing it back to Jeulia. 

Note that despite you having to bear the mailing costs, if the item you are returning is due to mishandling or negligence on Jeulia’s part, you will be reimbursed a $10 fee.

You can choose to either be refunded with a store credit or a deposit of the refund amount into the credit card with which the purchase was made.

Otherwise,  you could choose to have the item replaced with another item of the same value.


To return an item purchased from Jeulia, you will need to log in online and alert Jeulia that you wish to return an item. 

The return process must be done within 30 days after the order was delivered to you. For a return, refund, or exchange to be accepted, the item should be in the exact condition when you received it. Otherwise, the return will be not be accepted.

Some FAQs on the Jeulia Brand

  1. Can I purchase items online only?

You may find a representative in certain countries and areas, however, the majority of Jeulia’s sales are done online.

  1. Can I return my item via mail alone?

Yes. There are no other methods to return an item to Jeulia.

  1. What if I miss out and am late on the return time frame?

You will need to report this and why you delayed with the return. It will be up to Jeulia to decide on whether they will accept your return or not.

Jeulia Jewelry Return Policy-Learn More About It

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