Xfinity TV vs x1 vs Flex review-Check This Out

One of the ways by which individuals relax after a strenuous workday is by enjoying their favorite TV channels. If you are interested in enjoying videos on TV, streaming videos, YouTube videos, and many others, Comcast Xfinity provides you with such a great opportunity. The TV channel comprises Xfinity TV, x1, and Flex. All these TVs have interesting programs that can meet your entertainment need. We are going to review Xfinity TV, x1, Vs Flex TVs, in this article.    

Xfinity TV vs x1 vs Flex review
Xfinity TV vs x1 vs Flex review

Xfinity TV is one of the most enjoyed TVs in the United States. Xfinity TV provides several channels, such as shows, movie series, games and sports, and many other essential channels. On the other hand, Xfinity X1 is a good streaming TV with numerous channels that have been designed to connect smoothly to the internet, with great download speed.  As for Xfinity Flex, it allows you to enjoy Xfinity streaming programs and it is specially designed for individuals who have less preference for cable TV. Read on to see more comparisons of these three TVs. 

Pros of Xfinity TV

  1. Xfinity TV DVR is known to be the best among all other TVs.
  2. Xfinity TV channels are always available as the Xfinity company that provides the TV is effective and efficient in their service delivery.
  3. Xfinity TV and its company are cost-effective since they allow you to enter a one-year contract with them at a much more affordable price.

Cons of Xfinity TV

  1. Xfinity TV does not provide adequate sports programs.
  2. You may encounter some charges for unlocking some of their charges.

Pros of Xfinity X1

  1. It has a high-performance DVR.
  2. It has a voice remote feature that allows you for a quick search.
  3. It allows you to stream all Comcast Xfinity channels on different devices.

Cons of Xfinity X1

  1. A high charge of the Xfinity x1 is a problem
  2. It has low storage space

Pros of Xfinity Flex

  1. It is affordable.
  2. It offers some free premium channels.
  3. It has a voice search feature.
  4. It offers 4k UHD.
  5. Xfinity Flex setup is simple and fast. 

Cons of Xfinity Flex

  1. It is limited in storage and does not allow adding or removing apps.
  2. Unlike X1 Xfinity, it has no DVR.
  3. Several commercial advertisements
  4. Unavailability of local channels.

Customers/Users review of Xfinity TV, X1, Vs Flex

  1. Xfinity TV has been rated 3.75 out of 5 stars by customers according to It has also been reported to provide varieties TV channels and programs
  2. Xfinity X1 has been rated 3.5 out of 5 by customers according to It has also been reported to provide quality video streaming over the internet.
  3. Xfinity Flex has been rated 3.8 out of 5 stars by customers according to Xfinity Flex users prefer it due to its affordability and varieties of channels it offers.  

Popular channels offered by Xfinity TV, X1, and Flex 

Table 1. Showing the different list of popular TV channels offered by Xfinity TV, X1, and Flex  

S/NXfinity TVXfinity X1Xfinity Flex
1Disney Channel, ESPN, Cooking Channel, Paramount Pictures, and local channelsNetflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Videos e.t.cPandora, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, e.t.c

Xfinity TV VS X1 VS Flex features

  1. Xfinity TV offers international channels with several languages plus add-ons, its Choice Double Play bundle feature allows you to save money as well and has a cable package list that provides you the opportunity to enjoy up to 10 free channels.
  2. Xfinity X1 has a voice remote control feature, recording option, 500 Gigabyte storage space, and playback video or rewind video features.
  3. Xfinity Flex has a voice remote control feature, allows for on-demand streaming, and features movies collection and programs.

Xfinity TV VS X1 VS Flex pricing

  1. Xfinity TV bundle prices range from 49.99 US dollars to 109.99 US dollars per month for its Choice, Popular, and Ultimate Double Play.
  2. Xfinity X1 bundle price per month includes First TV box-7.5 US dollars, additional TV box 9.95 US dollars, and DVR- 0- 20 US dollars.
  3. Xfinity Flex bundle price per month is between 5 US dollars – 10 US dollars.

Bottom Line

This article has successfully compared and review the Xfinity TV, X1, and Flex. Overall, all three TVs are great and are being supplied by Comcast Xfinity.According to the review of Xfinity TV vs x1 vs Flex review The obvious difference is that Flex is more affordable, followed by X1 and the Xfinity TV is higher in price, with more channels. From the review, you will get to know the best TV that suits you and select.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Xfinity TV, X1, and Flex good?

Yes, they are, with great channel options and a considerate bundle.

  1. Which among Xfinity TV, X1 and Flex is more superior?

Xfinity TV is more advanced than X1 and Flex TVs.

Xfinity TV vs x1 vs Flex review-Check This Out

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