LOOKFANTASTIC Student Discount

LOOKFANTASTIC is the biggest beauty website in the UK that gives you fabulous beauty products from popular brands. It provides over 22,000 items related to hair and skincare with worldwide shipping. LOOKFANTASTIC leads the online beauty trends through their website all over the globe. They provide a broad range of discount offers for students and young people through their brand partners. This article explains ‘LOOKFANTASTIC Student Discount’.

LOOKFANTASTIC Student Discount

Does LOOKFANTASTIC provide Student Discount?

LOOKFANTASTIC provides student discount coupons for students to shop online for their make-up, skincare, haircare, and body products. The student discounts are provided through LOOKFANTASTIC brand partners. As a student, you can enjoy extraordinary discounts with LOOKFANTASTIC brand partners like UNiDAYS, StudentBeans, YOUTH DISCOUNT, TOTUM, and VC Students. You can get special discounts on different events, multi-buy offers, and extra gifts from particular brands after spending a specific amount. Many discount offers appear from time to time. You have to keep in touch to enjoy more discount offers on your favorite brands.

Brand partners that offer student discounts


UNiDAYS provides quick and limited deals for students at discount prices. As a student you have to deal with every kind of environment, so, UNiDAYS gives you the best hair, skincare, and no-makeup-looking products.


 You can get a 20% discount if you log in and order any skincare, haircare, and beauty products on StudentBeans. If you log in today, you will get exclusive launches from all the brands, early and exclusive access to discount offers and sales. 


TOTUM is the number one student discount brand that gives you exclusive offers and products. It offers discount prices for popular brands like PIXI for their skincare, beauty, and fragrances. All UK-based students can register for TOTUM.


 If your age is 16 to 26, this site is for you. You can get unlimited discount offers for your favorite brands. You just have to log in and verify that your age is 16 to 26.

VC Students:-

 Sometimes money is the biggest problem for students. If you have money issues and want to buy affordable products, you can visit the VC Students website. However, currently, the student discount is expired. You have to visit the website for their upcoming discount offers.  

Criteria for a student discount:-

  There are some terms and conditions for students’ discount offers.

  • Some brands don’t offer student discounts, like Nars, MAC, Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown, Dermalogica, GHD, NYX, Moroccanoil, Aesop, ESPA.
  • A student discount offer is applicable on a limited URL.
  • Student discount is not applicable in conjunction with other offers.

Student discount activation:-

You have to follow these steps to activate your account.

  1. In the first step, you have to log in by using your student email address.
  2. Next, you have to go on the homepage and visit the student exclusive discount code. These discount offers can be up to 30%.
  3. If you want to experience great discount offers, you have to visit the website occasionally.
  4. Check your mailbox for every new discount offer from LOOKFANTASTIC.

Some recommendations to get a student discount

If you want to avail maximum benefits of your student discount, try to follow these instructions. 

  1. Keep your student ID with you while you go shopping at LOOKFANTASTIC.
  2. Upgrade your ID with TOTUM Digital to avail of all the upcoming discount offers at LOOKFANTASTIC and brand partners.
  3. Buy membership at TOTUM for £14.99 to get a Pass ID.
  4. Use your TOTUM card to buy online nationally or internationally. If you are abroad, you can get a student discount with a TOTUM card, but you have to add an ISIC membership on your card, which is free.
  5. Visit our website regularly to get every opportunity for discount offers.

LOOKFANTASTIC provide student discount through their brand partners. The discount can vary from 20% to 50%, it depends upon brand and time of the year. Sometimes you can get an amazing discount price at the end of the season or on a particular occasion. To avail of these opportunities, you have to visit the online store regularly. 

Can I get a student discount without being a student?

Yes, you can enjoy student discounts without being a student. You have to get a TOTUM Pro card membership, which is basically for part-time or online learners. 

It can be for one, two, or three years. You have to pay £14.99 for a one-year membership, £24.99 for a two-year membership, and £34.99 for a three-year membership.

What is the best student card to get a student discount?

Currently, the TOTUM card and app have become the number one student discount card which is also applicable abroad. It was previously known as the NUS extra card. You can get a 200 or higher discount on deferred brands with this card in the UK.

How to get student discount offers?

You have to register yourself on the website by verifying your student status. Registration on the website is free. To get limited student discount offers unlock a 20% discount and enjoy your shopping.

Is LOOKFANTASTIC Discount Code serve only Students?

The answer is, yes, if you are a student and looking for online discount shopping at LOOKFANTASTIC, you can get a 20% discount on student coupons. However, check the LOOKFANTATIC website regularly to make more savings by full use of the latest discount and promo codes.

LOOKFANTASTIC Student Discount

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