Does Amazon own Hulu? – Read to know

Amazon is the World’s largest multinational technology company, founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. The company has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States of America. Amazon has diversified lines of operations and products and focuses on E-Commerce, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Supermarket, entertainment, consumer electronics, and digital distribution, among other industries. Amazon is seen as the World’s most influential economic and cultural force; it owns several businesses and continues to acquire more. To know ‘Does Amazon own Hulu?’ – read further!

Does Amazon own Hulu?

On the other hand, Hulu is an online subscription-based streaming service owned jointly by Walt Disney Company and Comcast’s NBCUniversal holdings, with the former taking the majority stake. Hulu was launched on October 29, 2007, and focuses on providing films and TV series for streaming and downloading from renowned companies such as ABC, NBC, and Hulu original programming. 

Does Amazon own Hulu?

Amazon doesn’t own Hulu; the two companies are separate businesses without any direct relationship. Hulu is owned and operated by Walt Disney Company, while Amazon is owned and chaired by Jeff Bezos and run by a chief executive officer, Andy Jassy. However, the two share some similarities and have remarkable differences

This article shall explore the differences, similarities, and other relevant information about Amazon and Hulu. To get enlightened on these and more, read to the bottom of the article!


To compare the two companies, we have to consider the services they have in common. Both Amazon and Hulu engage in the entertainment business, with the latter fully into it while the former provides entertainment services and an extension to its main line of business. Amazon Prime Video is a subscription video on demand and rental service that primarily supplies films and TV series produced by Amazon Studios and those licensed to Amazon. Hulu, on the other hand, provides subscription-based streaming services with content from ABC, NBC, and Hulu original programming


As hinted in the previous section, the two companies compete against each other in the provision of films and TV series. This comparison shall look at Hulu Plus, a premium subscription plan for Hulu against Amazon prime video. In terms of price, Hulu plus costs about $8 per month for a streaming membership. In addition, it also offers a free version with a limited selection of content. Amazon Prime, on the other hand, charges about $8.25 per month and is tied with 2-day shipping for purchases made on

In terms of plans and trials, Hulu plus offers a one-week trial period that can be canceled before it elapses if one is not interested in the entire service. On the other hand, Amazon Prime offers a 30-day trial period which can and that if a subscriber is not impressed with the service, they are free to cancel the subscription before the end of the 30 days to avoid billing. 

The two-service provider also has an extra unique feature that sets them apart from its competitors. For Hulu Plus, a few limited commercials are played during the shows and movies. It also features new movies and TV show episodes than its competitors. Amazon prime provides commercial-free TV and movies. In addition, Amazon also provides free shipping and exclusive discounts and sales at with the prime membership.

Hulu plus offers compatibility support  for a range of devices that includes PCs, XBOX360, PS3, Nintendo, Wii, Roku, Android, Blu-ray player, and Nook, among other devices. On the other hand, Amazon Prime has a short range of compatible devices and can currently be watched on Roku, Kindle Fire Tablet, and iOS or Android phones. Prime video cannot be streamed on any gaming device as of now 

What businesses does Amazon own?

Amazon owns numerous businesses and has diversified its acquisition portfolio into several markets, with the largest acquisition being that of Whole Foods Market, which cost Amazon around $13.7 B. As of 2022, Amazon owns over 100 businesses in diverse countries and continues to acquire more. The most remarkable of these acquisitions are Zappos which was acquired in 2009 for $1.2B, Metro Goldwyn-Mayer was acquired on May 2021 for $8.45B, and Zoox, a US-based company, was acquired on June 26, 2020, for $1.2B 


Amazon does not own Hulu, and the two do not seem to be in any close relationship. However, the two share some striking similarities and significant differences. Through Prime Video and Hulu, Amazon competes for customers in their respective lines of service provision, movies, and TV series. Amazon prime is relatively new in the market and is thus a little behind Hulu in most respects. 


How many subscribers does Amazon have in 2022?

Since its launch in 2005, Amazon prime has seen a consistent increase in subscribers from a low turn up to over 200 million members across 19 countries.

How many subscribers does Hulu have in 2022?

As of 2022, the number of customers subscribed to and watching Hulu is a little past 43 million

Does Hulu have Spanish content?

Hulu has a wide variety of content available in many languages, including Spanish. Hulu subscribers using mobile hub can access Spanish contents under Latino hub

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Does Amazon own Hulu? – Read to know

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