Where Does Gousto Meat Come From? – Know more

Today, where time seems to be on no ones’ side, shopping for fresh ingredients every time we want to whip up a portion of delicious yet healthy food, seems practically impossible. To meet this need, recipe companies like Gousto make available fresh ingredients boxes on customers’ orders and chosen recipes. But then comes the question: how well can one vouch for the source of Gousto ingredients? Read further to know where does Gousto meat come from?

Where Does Gousto Meat Come From?

Gousto’s meat is 100% UK-based. According to the company’s website, its meat is solely British based because Britain stands unrivaled in producing the best meat, lamb, chicken, or pork. Gousto’s meat suppliers are farmers who understand its health values and adhere to them.

Tracing the Source of Gousto Meat

When it comes to food, the saying, you are what you take in has been seen to be true time and again. Knowing your food’s source is important for health reasons and because good ingredients equal great food. Hence, doctors, dieticians, and other such experts, advise you to cook your meal, as you can always vouch for the source of your food ingredients.

But as we progress in life, so do our various responsibilities increase, resulting in less time to achieve all we set out to do. In such circumstances, being able to shop for fresh and quality ingredients to whip up a fine yet healthy meal for ourselves and our family is not always feasible. But with recipe companies like Gousto, it is possible to get delivered to your doorstep, all ingredients needed to cook a healthy delicacy. But as we said earlier, with this comes the question, how healthy are these ingredients?

As it pertains to their poultry and other forms of meat, Gousto assures customers that it is 100% healthy and safe. Being a company with its headquarters in London, Britain, Gousto gets its meat, chicken, pork, and lamb solely from UK-based farmers. This makes it possible to trace their meat source, support farming industries in Britain, and reduce carbon emissions.

Gousto Animal Welfare Policies

Apart from being able to trace its meat source, Gousto understands the importance of proper care for the well-being of the animals who provide it with necessary ingredients. This understanding resulted in Gousto’s animal welfare policies which are based on the UK Farm Animal Welfare Council’s five freedoms. These freedoms include:

  1. Freedom to express normal behaviors
  2. Freedom from discomfort
  3. Freedom from pain, injury, or disease
  4. Freedom from hunger and thirst
  5. Freedom from fear and distress

Gousto works closely with its trusted suppliers to monitor how the animals are raised and treated to ensure that its suppliers adhere to its laid down animal welfare policies.

Tracing the Source of Gousto other Ingredients

Apart from meat, poultry, pork or lamb, Gousto also supplies its customers with fish, vegetables, spices, etc. Just like in the case of its meat, Gousto takes care in ensuring that all its ingredients are well-sourced, healthy, and fit to be eaten by customers.

Gousto considers suppliers catching methods, numbers, and sources when picking its fish suppliers. On its website, Gusto states that its codes and haddocks are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. Their crabs are also hand-picked by the Scotland suppliers.

To ensure the freshness of its vegetables, Gousto states that it looks out for three vital factors:

  1. Freshness
  2. Seasonal produce
  3. Variety

Gousto relies on trusted suppliers and experts to provide them with the best spice there is. These suppliers have been around for long periods and know what quality is. For instance, Gousto’s Mediterranean tin tomatoes come from Italian suppliers who have been in the business for over three generations. Its honey comes from a company known simply as Hilltop, founded in 2011.


Gousto understands how sensitive a role it plays in society. It knows how delicate food is to the human system. This is why it takes great care to ensure that its ingredients are healthy and fresh. Gousto offers its customers healthy yet delicious meals at an affordable price by shopping for its ingredients from trustworthy and traceable sources.

Frequently Asked Question
  1. Is Gousto in the US?

Not yet. Currently, Gousto is only in the United Kingdom.

  1. How healthy are Gousto’s meals?

Gousto’s meals are very healthy as it always uses fresh ingredients for its recipes. Also, the company has recipes for different kinds of foods including recipes for foods that are high in calories and those that are low in calories. Ultimately, it all depends on one’s desires.

  1. Is Gousto expensive?

With Gousto, the more portions you order, the lesser the price. Hence, ordering for 3 – 4 servings is cheaper than ordering for a single serving.

Where Does Gousto Meat Come From? – Know more

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