​​Is Nominal Jewelry Real?

Nominal is a Middle East jewelry company that was founded in January 2018. The co-founders known as Akram Abdallah and Lena Sarsour were determined to make jewelry that made people feel good not just jewelry. The couple, therefore, decided to make jewellery that connected to their beautiful Arabic language and culture. To know, ​​Is Nominal Jewelry Real? – read further!

​​Is Nominal Jewelry Real?

The company specializes in necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, earrings, watches and recently Nominal has been specializing in other things like hijabs, clothes, notebooks that come with Arabian designs on the exterior, and neon signs in Arabic to hang on your room.

With their determination to produce jewelry that serves a bigger purpose to people,  the question here is,

​​Is Nominal Jewelry Real?

Absolutely, Nominal assures customers that their jewelry is made of real 18k gold plating and pure nickel-free steel. This means that any product that you purchase from nominal is of good quality. Nominal is super confident in the quality of the jewelery that they can replace your jewelry for free if it ever experiences fading or a tarnish. Customers admit that Nominal has exceeded expectations on the quality of their jewelry.

What we will be discussing further:

  1. What makes Nominal Jewelry Stand Out?
  2. Nominal Jewelry best sellers
  3. Promotions and sales At Nominal Jewelry
  4. Conclusion
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Nominal Jewelry Stand Out?

At Nominal they have something known as the deed of the month. Deed of the month is special because the company offers 25% off its profits to a different charity each month. So they encourage customers to buy the jewelry every month. Once the jewelry has been sold it helps Nominal raise money for different charities every month. 

For instance, Norminal has provided bread for people in Syria, they have also built a water well in Mali as a deed of the month. The company has also donated money to an Academy of Orphans in Africa and Palestine refugee families within May, the initiative helps put smiles on people who need help the most, as well as customers when they purchase the jewelry they like.

This shows how much Nominal is committed to giving back to the community. The companies goal is to help people in need as long as they are in business.An example is in 2020, nominal jewelry raised $90,000 to give to charity while the previous year which was 2019, they raised $30,000 to give to charity.

Nominal Jewelry best sellers

As we had discussed before, all nominal jewelry is made from the finest stainless steel and coated with 18k gold but their best seller is the Arabic name necklace. It’s the best seller because consumers can get their names in Arabic on their necklaces. You can also choose to get your name in English or pick a variety of pendants with Arabic scriptures and calligraphy inscribed on them. 

Another advantage is that when you purchase your jewelry, Nominal will cover you with their lifetime warranty. Further, they sell hijabs which come in different colors, notebooks, t-shirts, crewnecks, gender-neutral hoodies in Arabic text also sell very well. This shows that at Nominal, you can get a variety of things to choose from.

Promotions and Sales

At nominal jewelry, customers are hyped by constant advertisements on their website showing new products coming soon even before they arrive. This helps customers put the products on the wish list, engage with the product, and anticipate before the sale goes live. When the products finally go live, all you need to do is checkout. Nominal advertisements are on Instagram and the Nominal website. 

 If you miss the advertisement about the sale on Instagram, you can always go to the Nominal website. By building hype the launch of a product will most likely be successful that’s why nominal uses this approach. They start building hype 10 days before a sale or the launch of new products.

Additionally, Nominal offers discount Codes and coupons regularly. On average shoppers can save around 13.7% on the discount codes which are available on average every 17days, or the coupons offered by nominal but they can go up to 50% off. You can have access to the discounts at nominalx.com.


As we have discussed you can be confident that the jewelry you purchase at Nominal is real. Additionally, Nominal is not only out to make profits, but it’s also out to make sure their consumers wear something meaningful to them that makes them proud of who they are and where they come from. Further, the company aims to always make a difference in people’s lives by supporting different charities each month through “the deed of the month”. 

Lastly, Akram stated that their goal was to donate $100 000 to different charities, this was back in 2020. It shows that Nominal cares about making a difference in people’s lives. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How long does it take to receive a delivery from Nominal?

Once the shipment has been made you will receive shipping confirmation and tracking details on your email. For regular orders, it takes 3-5 days to deliver the order.

  1. Is it Advisable To Shower With Nominal Gold Jewelry?

Unfortunately no. It’s not advisable to expose Nominal gold jewelry underwater for a long period. The longer your jewelry stays underwater the higher the chances it will start to peel off.

  1. Where was Nominal Founded?

Nominal was founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 2018 at a small spare bedroom in a townhouse. The couple started by selling a few items but their vision was to go global.

​​Is Nominal Jewelry Real?

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