Buying Gifts From Amazon

Gifting someone we care about enables us to share our appreciation and emotions with them. This reaffirms the receiver and the giver of their special relationship and also demonstrates their connection amongst themselves. Buying gifts from Amazon warrants you to select items from the best collections and also pick them within your targeted budget. It permits you the freedom to select gifts no matter when you want to purchase them or where you are. The topic is ‘Buying Gifts From Amazon’.

Buying Gifts From Amazon

Goods sold by Amazon and other sellers can be marked as giving hence giving the customers a chance to return them if necessary. To buy a gift from Amazon, you first have to sign in to the Amazon shopping app. After inputting all the required details, you then proceed to order your items on the app. And before adding items to your cart, you have to mark them as a gift. When proceeding to checkout, make sure you have selected the ‘This order contains a gift’ option and then place your order. 

This article dives in more on steps to be followed when buying a gift from Amazon and why individuals prefer to buy gifts from Amazon.

How gifts us a gift from Amazon?

You have to specify a gift item and add it to the gift options when selecting an order on Amazon. There are steps to be followed when sending an order as a gift to someone you care about. The steps are as follows;

Once you log in to the Amazon page, pick add to cart option on the page that derives the product detail and then scan the option this order contains a gift box. You then can proceed to check out the item. Pick the shipping address or you can add a new one, the recipient can also supply you with their shipping address. 

There are options that you can include in the add gift options which are;

  • You can wrap the gift item
  • The gift receipt can be emailed to the recipient after delivery
  • You can include a gift message as long as it is not in the delivery process
  • The prices are hidden in the packing slips

Finally, you can click on the save gift options which provide options like;

  • As long as your order is not at the shipping address, you can view or edit it
  • You can share the link with the recipient for them to track their delivery

Reasons for buying gifts from Amazon

There are various reasons why people chose to buy gifts from Amazon ranging from desired collections to the planned budget. Nevertheless, it reduces the worry of finding time to buy a gift. Here are the reasons;

Comparison of prices

The free PriceCheck app from Amazon allows you to look up almost any item and compare the store’s prices to that of other retailers. When you compete are prices of products from various stores, you can determine which store offers the best deals on your favorite gifts. You have an option of scanning the barcode of the product, taking a picture of it, speaking its name, or simply typing its name. In exchange, the app displays prices from both online and offline retailers.

Variety of Gifts

There are thousands of gifts available on Amazon whether you are looking for watches, cakes,s or showpiece gifts. Selecting a gift from Amazon is stress-free because there is no salesperson to show you the gift items. As a result, you can browse the stores for as many gifts as you want. 

Reviews from Amazon users

An estimate of 80% of Amazon customers has swayed by by-products with the highest reviews and ratings. If you are unsure of the product you want to buy, you can post your questions in the review section and engage with other customers or people, or also you can decide to purchase the product after seeing that others have tried it and provided comments on it.

Discounts and offers

Amazon retailers offer discounts on various gifts items throughout festive seasons or other comparable occasions. Aside from that, you can save even more money by employing a variety of strategies. Along with deals and discounts, one of the nicest features is the return policy. If you do not like the product, you can return it and receive a refund without incurring any additional fees.

Saves Time

You do not need to go to a physical gift shop if you want to buy a gift from Amazon. As a result, there are no difficulties in traveling and finding a store in your area. Additionally, you may shop for gifts from Amazon in your leisure time. 


By selecting ‘this order containing a gift’, customers can transform their orders into gifts. They can also personalize their gifts by adding wrapping, gift bags, personal notes, and delivering a gift receipt to their recipients. If a gift needs to be returned, recipients can do so by going to the return center and inputting their orders or shipping to an amazon locker if they want to keep gifts hidden from mutual account users.

Frequently asked questions and answers

  1. How do I figure out who sent me an Amazon gift?

According to Amazon’s data security policy, the sender’s information cannot be disclosed unless the sender expressly requests it. 

  1. How much time do you have to return an Amazon gift?

Within 90 days of delivery, items purchased as a present from your Amazon Custom Gift List can be returned. 

Buying Gifts From Amazon

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