Do amazon gift cards expire?

Whenever we hear the word “gift”, we feel excited. Gifts are an impressive way to please someone. So when it comes to E-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Gift Cards become a way to make the shopping experience pleasurable for their customers. Let’s see Do amazon gift cards expire?

Do amazon gift cards expire?

What is Amazon Gift Card?

A gift card is a prepaid card (virtual or physical) to purchase items at Amazon or other applicable merchant websites.

For Example, you have a gift card worth $500, then you can use it to make a purchase of $500 on Amazon’s platform or other applicable merchant websites as per the terms and conditions.

Types of Amazon Gift card

Amazon gift cards can be of various types.

Physical Gift Cards

  • These are the physical Gift cards.
  • To use these cards, you need to add the balance to your amazon pay by entering the code printed on the card.

E Gift Card

  • E Gift cards are virtual gift cards.
  • To add the Gift card balance to your amazon pay balance, you need to use this link and add the gift card balance to your account.
  • These are instant gift cards.

Anytime Gift Card

  • These gift cards do not require activation at once they are purchased.
  • The activation of the card can even be done at a later date.

Do amazon gift cards expire?

All beautiful things come to an end, so are these gift cards. Amazon gift cards expire after a particular period. So it is good to use them within the validity. Here’s all about Amazon Gift cards Expiration.

The expiry period for Amazon Gift cards

The gift cars generally are valid for usage for 12 months from purchase or activation.

Let’s make this more clear form here:

Nia has Purchased an Amazon gift card on 07/01/22.

She received the activation link and added the balance to her Amazon Pay on 07/01/22.

Her card will be valid till 07/01/23

After this date, the card will expire.

The expiry period for Scheduled Amazon Gift cards

The Scheduled Amazon Gift cards are valid for 15 months from the date the card was delivered.

Let’s make this more clear form here:

Rio purchased the Gift card on 5/01/22.

The gift card was delivered to him on 08/01/22.

The card will be valid till 08/04/23.

After this, the card would expire.

How to know about the Amazon Gift Cards Expiry date?

Check the Amazon Gift Cards Expiry date on your own:

Remembering the date and calculating the validity of each of your gift cards is not always easy. 

  • The expiry-related information for your gift cards is available in the section named Transactions.
  • You will be able to track the expiry date for your Amazon gift card balance and use it before expiration.

Get reminded before your Amazon Gift Cards Expiry date

Nia loves shopping at Amazon. She purchased an Amazon Gift Card around 11 months ago. Being busy and completely occupied she has forgotten about the balance in her Amazon pay which is about to expire. When she received a notification reminding her of the expiration date of the Amazon Pay Gift card Balance she was delighted and used the balance amount to shop at Amazon.

  • Multiple notifications are sent by Amazon when the Gift card balance expiration day is nearing.
  • It helps you to use the balance before it expires.

Extend the Expiry date of your Gift cards

 There is a scheduled date for gift cards to expire 

You can surely contact customer support and ask them about the possibility of an extension of the expiry date.

Get assistance for all matters of Amazon Gift cards

  • You can know all about the expiry of your Amazon Gift card by contacting their customer support.
  • Whether you are purchasing a gift card or have any queries related to its usage, feel free to reach out to customer support by “Contact us”.
  • Get complete assistance and guidance and stay doubt-free.

Gift cards are beautiful ways to celebrate occasions, festivals, or make someone feel special by gifting them the Gift Card. Amazon offers a huge range of Gift Cards options ranging from birthdays, weddings to corporate gifting. 

Whether you want to say congratulations or Thank You, Sorry, I love you, say it with a gift card.

 It is a way to plan shopping for some later event. Sia is a student, she is not sure whether she would have sufficient funds to shop for her friend’s wedding that is in May so she has purchased Gift cards as she has adequate money now so that she could shop wholeheartedly for her friend’s wedding.

 An essential part is to know about the validity date of these beautiful gifts to use them and gain complete benefits.

  • Check the terms and conditions before purchasing the Gift Card
  • Track the Balance amount by using the transactions section
  • Stay updated with notifications sent to you.
  • Do not hesitate to reach out to customer support for any clarity related to its expiry and other information.

Make your shopping experience more exciting by using gift cards and using them before expiry.             

Do amazon gift cards expire?

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