Does Sam’s Club Develop Film Disposable Cameras?

If you are looking for a way to take pictures without having to spend a lot on purchasing a camera then, using a disposable camera is your best option. Not only are disposable cameras affordable, but they are also easy to use. The problem with getting a disposable camera, however, is finding the right place to purchase one. This article explains does Sam’s Club develop film disposable cameras or not?

Does Sams Club Develop Film Disposable Cameras?

Sam’s Club does not develop film disposable cameras. What the Club offers is a service that allows customers to use customized/personalized photos through the Sam’s Club Photo Center. The Sam’s Club Photo Center creates customized photos and has them delivered to them. 

About the Sam’s Club Photo Center

Here are some things you should know about this service by Sam’s Club;

The Sam’s Club Photo Center is an online service that allows customers and prospects alike to get customized photo services. Photo designs are ordered via this service and delivered to customers online.

Members of the club are allowed to access different photo templates.

As an alternative to films, the photo center allows transfer services that allow customers to save the film to a DVD or USB.

The cost of photo printing starts as low as $9. Printing photo on professional crystal archive paper starts at $28.

When signing up as a new member of the Club Photo Center, you will be given access to fifty free prints.

Online Stores that Develop Film And Disposable Cameras Services:

Various online stores provide a developed disposable film camera service without you leaving the comfort of your home. Some of them allow you to mail your disposable camera and get it printed back through the mail. They also charge at a low-cost rate of $4, and some of the online companies pay shipping fees. It includes

  • The darkroom
  • Mpix
  • Old school photo lab
  • Process one
  • York photo

Stores that Develop Disposable Film Cameras

Even though Sam’s Club doesn’t develop disposable film cameras, there are still a variety of other retail stores that can help develop disposable film cameras. Some of the retail stores that offer such services include

  • Walgreens
  • Walmart
  • CVS

The photo printing price ranges from $10 to $16 depending on the quality, quantity, and size of the print.

How to upload a photo when using the Sam’s Club Photo Center?

If you are just signing up for the photo center, you can follow the steps listed below to help you navigate through. 

  • Sign in to the photo center through Sam’s club website. 
  • Create an account. After receiving the confirmation of your new account, you can move forward to log in. You will be required to use the username and password used in creating the new account for your log-in. 
  • To add photos, you can use the upload button on the main menu. After uploading photos, you can pick through the different types of photo prints available.
  • Next, select done, make payment, and wait for your photo to be delivered to you. 
  • You can also access the Sam’s Club Photo Center through the mobile app available on IOS and Android devices.

Advantages of using a Disposable Film Camera


The most interesting thing about a disposable film camera is that it is portable. Compared to digital cameras, disposable film cameras are light weighted and can be packaged easily; this makes them easy to carry about to any location. When you consider the portability of a disposable film camera to that of a digital camera, you’ll agree that it is better to purchase a disposable film camera. 


A disposable film camera is affordable. It does not cost as much as a digital camera since the film cannot be used for a long period. Apart from being affordable, the camera can be gotten in any retail store in your location. 


Another reason you should consider getting a disposable film camera is that it is easy to use. Unlike a digital camera which might require a level of professionalism before it can be handled appropriately, a disposable film camera can be used by anyone. You do not have to be a professional videographer or photographer before you can use a disposable film camera. The setups of the camera are easy to navigate. 


The service is known for its online personalizing photo-print service. They offer a variety of photo printing formats such as glossary and matte. Additionally, the online website provides services that enable you to save to USB or DVD. Some of their photo printing services include canvas, photo books that allow photo uploading, and other basic photos online.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Can I get a passport picture service at Sam Clubs?

Yes, you can get a passport picture service at Sam’s Club. To use this service, you can visit any of the Sam’s Club locations near you. 

2. Can I convert my slides to DVD at the Club? 

Yes, Sam’s Club allows customers to convert slides to DVD. Apart from converting slides to DVD, you can also convert movie reels, videotapes, and photographs. 

Does Sam’s Club Develop Film Disposable Cameras?

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